Selling video surveillance systems:

call volume growth reached 107% in 6 months

Video surveillance EU is a trademark of Bulgarian company KASSABA SYSTEMS LTD with stores in Sofia, Varna and Plovdiv. The organization provides all necessary equipment for installation of video surveillance systems.


KASSABA SYSTEMS LTD contacted us in early 2015. Our then still future client experienced difficulties with sales over the Internet while the volume of incoming traffic was high.


  1. Call tracking and callback from Ringostat were implemented into company’s website.
  2. Ringostat determined the level of missed calls. They represented 12% of direct calls and 29% of calls ordered via callback. This problem appeared with the increasing number of phone requests.
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After 6 months of using our service the client achieved the following successes:

  • the number of calls was increased by 107%;
  • conversion rate grew from 0,68% to 2,04%.

The conversion rate growth is due to the fact that company managers had the opportunity to analyze the busiest days and hours of their sales department when the level of missed calls was the highest. With this data they optimized the schedule of company sales-managers. This became possible thanks to Ringostat cloud-based PBX.

Implementation of call tracking together with callback and proper allocation of advertising budget resulted in 20% monthly growth of calls volume.


During 6 months callback requests represented 19% of all inbound calls, and in June their number was almost equal to the number of direct calls.