Connect with Ringostat call tracking

Ringostat tracks inbound phone calls from your website up to keyword level and automatically pushes call data to Kissmetrics

Make your Kissmetrics reports more powerful with Ringostat

From now on, you can bring together phones calls, web and mobile activity, track email opens and see how your paid advertising, organic searches and referrals perform.

Your Kissmetrics reports become more powerful.

This integration will be useful for those who:

Use both Kissmetrics and Ringostat
Use Kissmetrics and search for a call tracking service that integrates with it easily
Use Ringostat and wants to combine online and offline user activities in Kissmetrics, update its reports with call tracking data

Ringostat & Kissmetrics integration will let you:

1. Send call tracking data from Ringostat and gather insights in Kissmetrics reports.

When Alice calls your company and asks for an advice, Ringostat will ping Kissmetrics and send the following information:

  • Phone number +1-800-555-0101
  • Call status: Answered
  • Waiting time: 10 seconds
  • Duration: 3 minutes 20 seconds
  • Disposition: A unique call
2. Analyze different groups of customers - callers and clients, who rarely call your company.

Сreate a segment composed of users who calls your company and compare their behavior with other users.

3. Pin call events to your Kissmetrics dashboard.

Сheck your KPIs at a glance. You can choose the key metrics for calls and always have them in one place, presented in a simple, bright and user-friendly way.

How Ringostat & Kissmetrics integration works

Enable Ringostat & Kissmetrics integration in one click
Automatically push your call data to Kissmetrics
Include call events in your Kissmetrics reports
Your reports become more insightful

With Ringostat & Kissmetrics integration you can easily answer the following questions:

How your callers interact with your website before and after the call?
If your deals aren’t closed over the phone, does the person eventually buy through your website, without contacting your sales team?
What is an LTV (life-time value) of callers vs. those clients, who have never called your company?

Do not wait for your developers to write custom solution. Request demo to see how our ready-made integration works.