Integrate with Ringostat call tracking

Track phone calls with Ringostat and see the real-time call activity of each customer in Woopra

The only call tracking integrated with Woopra

Ringostat & Woopra integration allows you to easily track your business key events such as phone calls, gather call tracking data and sync it with users in Woopra.

Your Woopra reports become more powerful.

Ringostat & Woopra integration will let you

1. Сreate customized reports with your call tracking data in Woopra.

You can create the report based on all visitors made the call to your company last month.

Example data we will send:

  • Helen Garcia started a call
  • Called from +1-800-555-0101
  • Сall status: answered
  • Call duration: 3m 20 seconds
  • Waiting time: 5 seconds
2. Track call activity of each customer in their personal profiles.

Learn your clients` call frequency, amount and status of calls, geolocation and much more.

Form data and user identity. Segment customers based on their behavior.

3. Pin call reports to your Woopra dashboard.

You can choose the key metrics for calls and always have them in one place, presented in a simple, bright and user-friendly way.

How Ringostat & Woopra integration works

Start your free trial in Ringostat
Start gathering valuable call tracking data
Enable Ringostat & Woopra integration in one click
Automatically push your data to Woopra
Get real-time call activity of each customer in Woopra

Do not wait for your developers to write custom solution. Request demo to see how our ready-made integration works.