Albato and Ringostat integration

Integrate Ringostat with 80+ services without involving a developer.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Set up your own integration in 5 minutes. There is no need to involve programmers and have technical skills to do so.
  • 2
    An opportunity to connect Ringostat with other services in a few clicks. There are CRM systems, analytical platforms, website designers, newsletter services, and many others. Moreover, this list is constantly growing.
  • 3
    Transferring data on calls to the required system. Use them for analytics, business process automation, many other things. Select the data you need only.

Albato and Ringostat integration allows to:

Quickly create Ringostat integration with another service and start using it right now

Albato is a single integration service that allows you to quickly and easily configure the connection with the desired system. It's a link or connector between different platforms. That makes it easy to create your own integration using clear instructions. To do so, simply connect Ringostat and Albato and set what data you want to transfer. It won't take more than 5 minutes.

Use data on calls to automate business processes

Select any service with which you can integrate Ringostat into Albato, and send call data there. Events will be transferred:
  • before the call;
  • after the call;
  • at the moment of the answer;
  • before the outbound call;
  • after the outbound call.
For example, when there is an integration with the CRM system at the moment of a call, Albato can create contacts, leads, and deals. You can choose what will happen in the CRM after the conversation by phone. This will help the sales department get rid of the routine and focus on closing deals.

How Albato and Ringostat integration works

Copy the domain from Albato and paste it to Ringostat

Enable the integration

Transfer data on calls to another service

How to set up integration

  • Go to the Albato account — Connected apps and select Ringostat in the drop-down list. Click on the "Add credentials".
  • Enter the integration title and copy its domain.
  • Go to Ringostat account and paste the copied domain to the Integration section — Ready-to-use integrations — Albato.
  • Activate the integration.
  • Set in My bundles of Albato the actions that will be made by the fact of the call from Ringostat.
  • Choose the needed parameters to send to the service with which the integration is configured.
  • Activate it after setting up the bundle. To do so, go to My bundles and click on Play.

Any questions?

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