Alytics and Ringostat integration

Manage PPC campaigns based on call data.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Sync the information about ad campaigns with call data. It provides more understanding about call-generating ad sources and time when calls are coming.
  • 2
    Track which ad sources bring the most valuable calls to your company.

Alytics and Ringostat integration allows to:

Transfer call data to Alytics.

Alytics is a smart platform which automates contextual advertising. It helps advertisers optimize the efficiency of PPC investments. Thanks to the integration, call data from Ringostat is transferred to Alytics.

Optimize advertising campaigns based on calls.

Track the efficiency of keywords in terms of calls. The system analyzes how different advertising campaigns generate calls and changes the PPC bids accordingly.

Send to Alytics the specific call categories.

Use only the meaningful conversions for bid management. For example, you can transfer only the proper calls to Alytics. If a specific advertising campaign generates lots of target calls, the PPC bids for it will be automatically increased.

How Alytics and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Analyze calls in Alytics!

How to set up integration

  • Enable integration in your Ringostat account.
  • Choose call categories you want to transfer.
  • Copy login, password and API key from Alytics.
  • Go to Project Settings in Alytics and click Goals — CRM data — Enable.
  • Alytics will make a test to check the accuracy of entered data.
  • If the enabling is successful, you’ll see the goal Calls via Ringostat in project settings.
  • Move this goal to Show in Alytics.

Any questions?

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