Yagla and Ringostat integration

Personalize a website content according to users’ requests and measure conversion rate considering calls.

Benefits of integration:

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    Automatic testing of landing pages considering which content brings more calls.

Yagla and Ringostat integration allows to:

Track goal completion including phone calls.

Yagla is a service of dynamic substitution of website content. When user searches, Yagla takes his request into consideration and shows the website content accordingly. This service helps compare two versions of web pages by conversion rate. However, it doesn’t analyze how content substitution contributes to the number of inbound calls. Through integration, calls from Ringostat are transferred to Yagla as goal completions.

Set up A/B test based on conversion rate data.

Choose the version of landing page which performs better and brings the highest number of calls. Data on calls is collected in convenient and simple spreadsheets together with other conversions. Analyze the number of calls by all substitution options.

How Yagla and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically transfer data on calls from Ringostat

Analyze your calls in Yagla

How to set up integration

Go to Integrations — Yagla in your Ringostat account. Click on Enable integration. Push the Save button.

Any questions?

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