Yandex.Direct and Ringostat integration

Control the efficacy of ad campaigns.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Opportunity to analyze information on the cost of calls at Ringostat reports.
  • 2
    Understanding how the paid ads are converted to calls. For example: target/non-target calls.
  • 3
    End-to-end analytics data right in Ringostat reports.

Yandex.Direct and Ringostat integration allows to:

Automatically transfer data on costs of ad campaigns from Yandex.Direct to Ringostat

Yandex.Direct is an advertising service for placing contextual ads. It includes tools for creation, targeting, and analysis of advertisements. Using integration, you can see costs on paid ads in Yandex as well as calls that it brought, right in Ringostat.

Analyze the success of paid ads

Find out the spending on Yandex.Direct campaigns and how these investments were converted to requests from customers. The information will be shown in the “Analytics” section. This will help to draw conclusions about the cost-effectiveness of investments to a certain ad campaign as well as allocate the budget based on this information.

Customize end-to-end analytics considering data on calls and their cost

Use data on the cost of ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct as one aspect of end-to-end analytics. You can also transfer data on revenue to Ringostat from the CRM system or costs from other advertising accounts. Work in one window and evaluate the cost recovery of your investments in certain ad campaigns.

How Yandex.Direct and Ringostat integration works

Enable the integration

Automatically send expenses to Ringostat

Yandex.Direct data is shown in Ringostat

How to set up integration

  • Go to the Integration section in Ringostat account and find Yandex.Direct Beta category.
  • Click on the “Enable integration” switch, whereupon a window with Yandex will open asking for permission to access data.
  • Choose the appropriate profile and accept agreements for access to Yandex.Direct data.
  • In the integration Settings section, choose the required Yandex.Direct account in the drop-down list to import expenses, then click on “Save”.
  • Two new columns “Cost” and “CPPC” (cost per proper call) — the cost to target calls ratio will appear in the Analytics section reports after the successful integration.

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