Cookie Policy


This policy is an integral part of our general Privacy Policy. However, this policy will provide you, as a user, with a more detailed description of our use of the cookie technologies which we use on our site.


This is a technology that ensures the exchange of small files between your browser and our server on which our site is located. The generation of such a file is carried out automatically by your browser at our request and a script hosted on our server or such a file is generated on the side of our server and sent to your system. Such files contain text information about your operating system, IP address, country of your location, time spent on our site pages, selection of our site settings. We use these technologies for the security and correct operation of our site, marketing, optimization and improving the user experience of using the site.

By technical nature, cookies are divided into two types:

  • Primary cookies are cookies that we collect and leave on our server
  • Third-party cookies - we transfer them to third-party services that provide us with certain functions (for example: a cookie named __cf_bm - is a third-party cookie that we transfer to the CloudFlare service and which monitors whether our site is used by bots). We will refer to such services within the scope of this policy as Providers.

And according to the functions performed by cookies, we divide them into three categories:

1. Technical cookies are those cookies without the use of which the normal and safe functioning of our site is not possible (for example: choosing the language of the site). This category of cookies doesn`t use personal data.

2. Marketing - necessary for our marketing activities (for example: marketing mailings and calls), such as: IP, email, phone number, full name, location.

3. Preferences and Analytical - we use them to collect information about how you use our site (for example: which pages you view the most) or to understand your preferences, such as: device id, type of OS, device and browser type, language preferences, website interaction information, preferences and settings, session information. Based on the received analytical information, we improve the design of our site and do other cool things with it to make it more convenient for you.

We assure that certain cookies utilized on this platform may contain your personal information, and as such, we commit to handling and processing them in accordance with the stipulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation and the provisions outlined in the ePrivacy Directive. You maintain equivalent rights concerning these cookies as you possess in relation to any other personal data concerning your person.

For more detailed information about cookie technology, you can read some pretty good articles here and here.


Of course. There is only one exception - technical cookies, they do not require your consent and do not contain personal information about you, and therefore do not require the user's consent.

We collect and process marketing and analytical cookies only on the basis of and after receiving your consent.

We receive and store your consent in two ways:

First. You can check the relevant settings in our cookie box, which is displayed at the bottom of the screen when you first visit our site.

Second. Your profile settings. After authorization on our site, we will automatically transfer all cookie settings that you have chosen in the cookie box to your user profile settings (they are located in the upper right part of the site). At any time, you can change the selected cookie settings and from that moment we will process cookies in accordance with the updated settings.

If you limit our use of Marketing cookies, you will not participate in our marketing activities, and if you limit Analytical cookies, we will not take into account your experience of using our site in the course of our work with it.


Each cookie has its own unique storage period (lifetime). Some we store sessionally (that is, while one session of visiting and using our site is active), some we store for a shorter period, some longer, depending on the functions they perform. We describe the lifetime of each cookie in detail below.

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