Ringostat affiliate program

Коллтрекинг Ringostat
Earn money by just recommending tools for marketing and sales growth to your colleagues.
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just email us at [email protected]

What are your next steps?

Just email us at [email protected] and we will tell you about the following steps.
Join the affiliate program
Get your referral link
It will be assigned to you. It is through the referral link that the system will connect you and the client you referred.
With colleagues, clients, subscribers in social networks - in general, with everyone who will find Ringostat useful.

Share your referral link

15% or 20% of each payment of all customers who came through your referral link.

Get a reward

What does Ringostat affiliate partner get?

Recommend Ringostat and get recurring income throughout the year. It is convenient to track payments for affiliates in your personal account. And you can withdrawn funds from the balance.


You will receive 15% from the payments of all affiliates during the year. And you can get extra 5% if the amount of payments for Ringostat products for the first 30 days of use exceeds the equivalent of 1 000 USD.

Marketing support

Assistance in preparing messages for social networks, private messages or emails.

Prompt support


Convenient accounting of referrals, their payments and your reward.
Technical support for your affiliate's project and complete information about Ringostat and its functionality.

Flexible terms

Recurring income

Commission from each payment made by affiliated users during the year.
An opportunity to join the Ringostat agency program and switch to other terms of cooperation.
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Ready to start making money with Ringostat?

What is prohibited for members of the affiliate program?

Register a project in Ringostat using your own link.

It's better to ask the managers about the available discounts :) We offer clear and transparent terms of cooperation and expect the same from you — honesty towards us.

Try to attract affiliates using spam.

It's prohibited to spam with a link in various communities in social networks, mass mailings and where it is inappropriate. Recommend Ringostat to those who will really find it useful, whose needs and tasks will be covered.

Launch contextual advertising by "ringostat" and "рингостат" brand requests.

The same thing is about your link in any other paid ad. It is also forbidden to register domains and pages on social networks that are consonant with Ringostat in any variants and spellings.

Register projects using a link, being a partner in the Ringostat agency program.

Spread false information about Ringostat.

Endow the service with functionality and properties that are not inherent in it and mislead users. Give out Ringostat promotions and discounts for yours.
You can receive rewards either as an affiliate partner or as an agency partner. But not both.
Please note: violation of any of these terms will result in the termination of payments and of the partnership agreement unilaterally.
1. How to become a member of the Ringostat affiliate program?
It's very easy. Email us at a[email protected] In a response letter, we will tell you about your next steps and how our cooperation will continue.
2. Who can be a member of the affiliate program? Do you need Ringostat customers?
No, anyone who believes that he has someone to share information about Ringostat with can be a member of the affiliate program and his recommendation will be appropriate and useful. Those can be both Ringostat customers and those who are not - Internet marketing schools, contextual advertising specialists, web analysts, the media, or opinion makers in a relevant niche.
3. Who can't be an affiliate partner?
Affiliate partners cannot be those who already work with us and receive remuneration under the agency program.
4. At what fees will I receive a commission and for how long?
You will receive a percentage of payments made by your Ringostat product affiliates. The reward is accrued throughout the year (of course, if your affiliate remains our client throughout the year).
5. What percentage of the commission will I receive?
All Ringostat affiliate partners receive 15% from all payments of their affiliates during the year.
6. How can I increase my commission percentage?
You have the opportunity to receive extra 5% of the affiliate reward. In total that is 20% of the commission. To do this, your affiliates must make the first payments for the Ringostat service for an amount exceeding the equivalent of 1 000 USD per month.
7. How can I convince colleagues / acquaintances / subscribers to become Ringostat customers?
Just tell them about our service and its capabilities. You will find detailed information on our website, blog or knowledge base. If you have any additional questions, just write to Ringostat customer care service or chat on our website.

Also, as an additional argument, you can use a 10% discount on the first payment that we provide to your affiliates.