Facebook and Ringostat integration

Find out the cost recovery of advertisements in the social network.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Data on the cost of calls is shown right in Ringostat reports.
  • 2
    Understanding how the paid ads are converted to calls as well as their status. E.g.: target/non-target calls.
  • 3
    Opportunity to create end-to-end analytics in Ringostat reports.

Facebook and Ringostat integration allows to:

Transfer data on cost from Facebook to Ringostat

Facebook is one of the biggest social networks in the world that also includes tools for online promotion. The integration will allow you to see right in Ringostat how much you have spent on advertising on Facebook. Data is shown in the Analytics section classified by different campaigns.

Analyze how the advertising in the social network is converted to requests

Find out the cost-effectiveness of investments to different advertisings on Facebook. Due to the integration, the number of calls that were brought from each ad campaign in the social network is shown in Ringostat. Calls from relevant customers who have made a targeted call are also presented there.

Understand the cost-effectiveness of advertising investments using end-to-end analytics

Data on the cost of advertising from Facebook can become a part of end-to-end analytics. In Ringostat, you can also see a profit from CRM for each ad campaign. This will help you to see the ad campaign cost recovery and invest the budget in the effective promotions.

How Facebook and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Automatically send costs to Ringostat

Costs from Facebook are shown in Ringostat

How to set up integration

  • Open the Integration section in Ringostat account and choose Facebook Beta.
  • Click on the “Enable integration”, a window with Facebook confirmation will open then. Allow the app to access the data.
  • Choose the profile to import the advertising cost and press “Save”.
  • Two new columns “Cost” and “CPPC” — the cost to the proper call ratio will appear in the Analytics section reports after the successful integration.
  • Data updates once a day that’s why data on costs will appear in the Analytics section the next day.

Any questions?

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