Horoshop and Ringostat integration

Easily connect call tracking for your online store.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Quick connection of call tracking to an online store on the Horoshop platform without the help of programmers.
  • 2
    Analyze the effectiveness of ad channels based on data advertising sources.
  • 3
    Control the work of the sales department by listening to calls.

Horoshop and Ringostat integration allows to:

Sales department automation

Horoshop is a platform for creating online stores, which already employs over 1,700 Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Due to Ringostat, all these online stores can automatically collect data on incoming calls, determine their advertising source, status, see the customer's number, and name of the sales rep who received the call. The recording of the conversation is attached to all calls. The employee doesn't need to manually enter the fact of the call, so this will save his time for priorities.

Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels

In the Ringostat call log, the owner of the online store will be able to see which advertising source, channel, campaign, or keyword led to an incoming call. Also, all data is automatically transferred to Google Analytics, which allows you to analyze all conversions and understand how to effectively allocate the advertising budget in the future. If it is needed, Ringostat data can be transferred to 30+ services with ready-made integrations.

Usage of virtual PBX and callback form

You can set up a voicemail and automatic call forwarding for your online store and receive instant notifications about missed calls. Users also have access to the voice menu, call queue, and other features of the Ringostat virtual PBX. If you wish, you can connect a callback form that can be easily adjusted to the design and color scheme of the site.

How Horoshop and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Track calls

Analyze the effectiveness of ads and the quality of the sales department work

How to set up integration

  • Connect your Ringostat account on your own or with the help of technical support. After that, you will receive a script to place on the site.
  • In the admin panel of the store on Horoshop in the Marketing → Marketing systems section, enter the received script code into the predefined Google Analytics or Global Site Tag (gtag) codes.
  • If you are using GTM, enter the script code into the tag manager container.

Any questions?

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