CRM Systems

Connect Ringostat with your CRM — Improve sales team’s performance. Automatically log all call activities, recordings, and voicemails under your contacts and deals.


Ringostat for Pipedrive

Automate the sales department and control the performance of each sales manager. The system creates deals and contacts when receiving the phone call.

Key features

Automate and optimize the work of sales department.

Pipedrive is a sales management tool for work with complicated or long-term sales process. Ringostat transfers to Pipedrive the call recordings, data about duration, status and advertising source of each call etc. Pipedrive automatically creates contacts and deals when receiving the phone call.

Track the advertising sources of each phone call down to the keyword.

You can track in a CRM which advertising generates calls and sales. The data on advertising source, campaign and keywords of calls are attached to deals.

Work with missed calls and lost deals.

If your company missed a call, the task "Connect a client" is automatically created in a CRM. In this way, you won’t lose any prospects. Listen to call recordings and analyze the reasons for losing deals. Determine which scripts lead to sales.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Pipedrive integration

  • Automate the sales department and control the performance of each sales manager. The system creates deals and contacts when receiving the phone call.
  • Transfer data on advertising sources of calls to CRM. You may include calls to sales funnel and reports.
  • Track the advertising source of call which is automatically attached to the deal card.

Ringostat for OneBox

Automate sales department and reduce the number of missed calls.

Key features

Automate workflow.

OneBox is a platform that helps companies better understand needs of customers. When receiving a phone call from a client, you can set up pop-up message with the opportunity to create a contact. That allows to save managers’ time and reduce human errors. Thus, you may avoid the situations when managers make mistakes or forget to save contacts. After the conversation the phone number of the caller, call destination, call length, call recording and call identifier are transferred from call tracking service to CRM system.

Increase the performance of sales department.

Call history and call recording are transferred to OneBox. Evaluate the managers’ performance by listening to calls in CRM interface. Analyze call history and status (answered, missed etc). Call back clients who didn’t get the answer on time.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and OneBox integration

  • Display call history. Ringostat automatically transfers data on calls such as call status, call length, call recording to “Events” in OneBox.
  • Transfer data on calls to CRM. When receiving a phone call from a client, you can set up pop-up message with the opportunity to create a contact.
  • Track sales department and improve the level of service. Listen to call recording in the CRM interface.

Ringostat for Brainify

Sales department automation for developers. Track sales department and improve the level of service.

Key features

Automate sales department.

Brainify is the solution for automation of developers’ sales departments. Data on call status (answered/missed/targeted), call length, time of waiting on line, phone number of caller etc. Thus, integration saves managers’ time and lets them focus on sales.

Track sales department.

Call recordings are transferred to CRM system. You can listen to them in Brainify account. That allows to evaluate the work of managers and improve customer service.

Analyze advertising sources of calls in CRM.

The information on advertising source which brought client is transferred to Brainify. That allows to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and understand which ones waste budget.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Brainify integration

  • Transfer call data to CRM. After receiving a phone call from the customer, call data such as call length, waiting time on line, phone number of the caller are transferred to CRM system.
  • Track sales department and improve the level of service. Listen to call recording in the CRM interface and increase managers’ performance.
  • Track the advertising source of each phone call.

Ringostat for Hubspot

Automate the sales department due to CRM and call tracking connection.

Key features

Automate the sales department work

HubSpot is the sales and marketing automation system. Ringostat transfers the client’s calls data to HubSpot, so the sales rep doesn’t have to enter it on his own. Deals, contacts, and tasks are automatically created for responsible sales reps based on this data. Information about the client: phone number, advertising source, etc. is also attached to the contact.

Improve service quality

Integration “smart” logic ensures that sales reps processed requests in time and don’t lose leads. In the case of the missed call, the system automatically creates the task “Call the client back” with a deadline. The system connects clients that already have an opened deal with the responsible sales rep. It’s not a secret that clients are usually wowed by this feature. A sales manager can always listen to calls recordings attached to each deal.

Understand the advertising budget allocation

Marketers can see the sources, ad campaigns, and keywords that are converted to calls and sales. This data is attached to each deal. Having this information, you can optimize advertising costs, reallocate the budget, and increase the efficacy.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Hubspot integration

  • Work with requests and deals automation. Employees are going to have more time to close deals.
  • Service quality improvement. The call is directly transferred to the responsible for the deal or contact sales rep.
  • Requests processing control. The sales rep’s conversation recording is automatically attached to the deal.

Ringostat for RetailCRM

Optimize workflow and improve the sales department effectiveness.

Key features

Automate workflow.

RetailCRM is a specialized eCommerce management system. When receiving a phone call from client, deals, tasks, and contacts are automatically created. Also, call tracking transfers to CRM detailed call data such as a phone number of the client, call recording etc. It allows to reduce the manual efforts and minimize errors.

Track sales department.

CRM displays entire communication history between sales rep and client by each order. Listen to call recordings to understand how call operators communicate with buyers. Analyze the reasons for lost deals. Evaluate the number of missed calls and set up notifications about them. It allows to increase service quality.

Find out what advertising generates phone calls.

Call tracking transfers detailed info about advertising sources of calls to CRM. By comparing data on closed deals, you can see how well your marketing efforts are (or aren’t) paying off.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and RetailCRM integration

  • Transfer data on calls to CRM. When receiving a phone call from a client, you can automatically create deals, tasks, and contacts.
  • Track sales department and improve the service quality. Listen to call recordings.
  • Analyze advertising sources of calls which are automatically attached to the deal card.

Ringostat for Salesforce

Upgrade the sales department work due to routine actions optimization.

Key features

Automate the sales department work.

Salesforce is one of the CRM market leaders. CRM users will be able to streamline requests processing due to the integration with Ringostat. Furthermore, call data is automatically transferred to the system. Different tasks, deals, and contacts are created based on the “smart” integration logic.

Increase the sales reps level of professionalism.

Ringostat record calls and automatically attach them to deals. Listening to the recordings shows constant mistakes in sales reps work as well as reasons for the loss and win. Discussing them, you will increase your employees' qualifications. Sales reps won’t forget about missed calls. Right after the missed call the task “Call the client back” with a deadline is created.

Receive data on advertising sources that lead to sales.

Data on call sources that led to closed deals will complement the analytics for the marketing department. Understanding where the customers that have made a purchase coming from, you can wisely allocate the promotion budget. It is also possible to opt-out of the advertising that doesn’t bring sales and waste the money.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Salesforce integration

  • Calls data is automatically transferred to CRM. Сontacts, deal, and tasks are created in the system after the call.
  • Service level increases due to sales department control. Listen to calls recordings attached to deals.
  • Advertising sources that lead to the website visit and calls are displayed in CRM.

Ringostat for Zoho CRM

Optimize the work of the sales department to free up time for closing deals.

Key features

Automate the work of the sales department.

Zoho CRM is an online platform that brings together management of sales, marketing, and tech support. Due to the integration with Ringostat, data on calls are transferred to the CRM, and events that you set automatically occur. For example, when there is a missed call the task to “Call back” with a deadline will be created for the responsible sales rep. Smart integration logic is flexibly configured in a special matrix.

Increase the effectiveness of sales reps.

After each conversation with the customer, an audio recording is automatically attached to the deal or related tasks. That's how the manager can control how sales reps process the leads and understand the reasons for the lost deals. Beginners can be trained using audio recordings of conversations from those deals that were successfully closed.

Find out ads that bring sales.

Ringostat automatically transfers the advertising source of the call to Zoho CRM. This information is shown in the corresponding field of the deal card. Thus, you can see which source, channel, campaign, and keyword brought the lead. This gives an understanding of advertising activities that most often drive to the closure of the deal. By having this information, we can make conclusions on what to invest the budget in, so that it pays off.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Zoho CRM integration

  • Transfer of the data on calls to Zoho CRM. After the request from a customer, the system will automatically create leads, tasks, and deals.
  • Improving the service level, due to the control of the sales department. Audio recordings of all conversations with the customer are attached to the deal.
  • Understanding of ads that drive leads. The information on the advertising source of the phone call displays in the CRM.

Ringostat for SalesDrive

Automate a sales department of the online store.

Key features

Optimize the workflow of sales reps.

SalesDrive is the CRM for online stores and goods sales. Due to the integration with Ringostat, the call is immediately transferred to the responsible employee. The sales rep can also make calls from the CRM in one click. At the moment of the inbound call, the employee sees a pop-up call card. Thus, he can fill it out during a conversation, create a request, and contact, see all requests of a contact, leave a comment. If it's a junk call, the employee can simply leave a comment and not create a contact.

Increase the effectiveness of the sales department.

Control the work of sales reps in real-time. For each order and contact, CRM displays the history of inbound and outbound calls. You can listen to audio recordings of conversations with customers directly in the CRM from the request or contact card. A summary of the work of each sales rep is displayed in reports on calls. See the number of requests by users, days, times of the day.

Control the sales funnel from the ad to the revenue.

SalesDrive displays the sales funnel. Due to the integration, it considers calls with sources that drove leads. Analyze how customers move from advertisement to payment. The integration will allow you to approach end-to-end analytics and consolidate all data: costs from advertising accounts — the number of calls and requests — the number of closed deals — the amount of revenue.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and SalesDrive integration

  • Automatic transfer of data on calls to SalesDrive. CRM stores call history for all deals.
  • Sales department control and service quality improvement. The system records information about calls that accepted and missed a sales rep.
  • Understanding of the ad that drove the lead. Data on the source, channel, campaign, and the keyword are located in the SalesDrive call database and transferred to requests.

Ringostat for Odoo

Simplify the work of your sales department and customize the flow of processing customer requests.

Key features

Automate sales department and work with deals.

Odoo is a set of software tools for business management. It includes, for example, ERP, CRM, modules for e-commerce, invoicing, accounting, warehouse, etc. Integration will save managers from manual work — because in CRM Odoo leads and/or deals (opportunities) will be created without their intervention.

Improve the quality of service and productivity of the sales department.

Integration allows you to understand how sales managers work and communicate with customers. The head of the department can listen to the audio recording of the deal call to track how the lead moves through the sales funnel. It will also help to understand the reasons for lost deals and whether the manager is to blame. Based on audio recordings of calls, you can find mistakes in the work of employees, improve their professionalism and train new employees.

Analyze whether advertising brings sales.

On request, Ringostat technical support can set up the transfer of utm tags to CRM Odoo. So you will understand whether the effect of investing in a particular advertisement — up to the keyword in contextual advertising. With this information, you can assess how investments in each promotion channel pay off and make an informed choice — what is worth allocating a budget for. Also, the marketer will be able to track how the sales department processes applications received from a specific advertisement.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Odoo integration

  • Transfer of call data to the CRM system. Integration takes over routine actions so that managers can focus on sales.
  • Tracking the quality of the sales department. The entire history of communication with customers by phone is transferred to CRM — including audio recordings of calls and missed calls.
  • Information about which advertisement the buyer came from. From Ringostat, the source, channel, campaign and keyword are pulled into the CRM deal card.

Ringostat for Creatio

Take the manual work out of your sales department and free up more time for closing deals.

Key features

Optimize and simplify deal handling.

Creatio is a complex SaaS platform, which integrates business process management and customer relationship management systems. It allows you to speed up deal closing, optimize marketing and service. By linking with Ringostat, Creatio creates a deal, lead, contact, company, etc. after a call. This way, employees will have less manual chores and more time directly spent on sales.

Get the perfect lead handling system.

With integration, your sales department will have no room for chaos and customers lost due to employee forgetfulness. If a call is missed, a "Call Back" task with a deadline will be created on the employee in charge of the transaction. If the call is accepted, a contact will be created just for the responsible manager, etc. You can also choose at what status or stage of the funnel a deal or lead will be created after the call.

Analyze if there are sales from launched ads.

In Creatio, you can transmit the advertising source, channel, campaign and keyword for each call. If you wish, you may not use this option. In the first case, utm tags are automatically transmitted in a note to the contact. This allows the marketer or manager to assess which ads are more likely to generate a profit, and which only waste the promotion budget.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Creatio integration

  • Automate workflows and negate the human factor. After the call the information about the call and the leaver is automatically fixed in Creatio — to avoid mistakes.
  • Increase of the service quality due to the sales department control. Audio record of the call is automatically sent to the CRM and can be listened to.
  • Display the history of all calls and their advertising sources. You can see how many calls there were on a deal and which ads brought in a lead.

Ringostat for Uspacy

Uspacy is an online service, a single digital workspace for organizing the daily processes of SMBs. It's communication, collaboration, and sales. All-in-one.

Key features

Uspacy is a set of tools that includes chat and internal communications, integration with external communication channels like messengers and social networks, collaboration and tasks, and a fully functional CRM system. The product has tools for automating company processes — from sales to working with documents.

The mobile application allows you to organize communication and work with tasks anywhere.

The open API gives up vast possibilities for expanding product functions and integrating other solutions.


Uspacy is an excellent solution for small and medium businesses, allowing them to organize daily company processes and save on online subscriptions.

Advantages of Uspacy:

  • Many online working tools in one workspace.
  • User proximity due to full localization in target markets.
  • Developed partner network, whose members can implement Uspacy.
  • Modern API-based platform.

Ringostat for Livespace

Livespace is a CRM for B2B sales that increases team efficiency. It structures the work, clearly outlines the next steps for each employee to successfully complete the deal.

Key features

Automate the creation of contacts.

Our custom solution automatically generates contacts in CRM based on the phone number from the call, adding an audio recording of the conversation. This saves your team time and makes customer service more efficient. The system automatically creates a "Callback" with a turnaround time of 4 hours if the call is received after hours or remains unanswered.

Calls from CRM in one click.

The integration allows you to dial a number from a customer's card in CRM and automatically fill in the data about this call in the system. Ringostat features allow you to make calls from any website where there is a specified phone number, while transferring call data to Livespace.

Tracking customer activity.

The Ringostat interface has a separate tab that shows which of the customers who called earlier are currently on the site. You can call them right away because if they are currently visiting the website, they are potentially interested in the company's services.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Livespace integration

  • Automate routine tasks: automatically transfer call data to CRM, create transactions, tasks, and contact records, saving your team time.
  • Increase control and improve service: listen to audio recordings of calls in CRM, track customer activity on the website in real time, and have full control over the sales process.
  • Increase productivity: Automation, detailed analytics, and access to key customer information will help you significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of your team.

Ringostat for KeepinCRM

Optimize business processes and simplify the work of the sales department.

Key features

Put call processing on stream.

KeepinCRM — a Ukrainian system specifically designed for small and medium businesses. In addition to CRM, it includes solutions for managing a warehouse, documents, finances, documents, SMS-mailing, etc. The integration of Ringostat and KeepinCRM saves the department from routine processes that can be easily automated. After an incoming call from a client, a deal and lead are created in the system immediately. And when the call ends, a push notification will appear, allowing you to quickly move to a lead/deal.

Analyze and store customer communication history.

Each deal has all the calls on it attached to it. If a manager missed a call - this will also be recorded in the CRM. Thus the sales manager can easily understand how the work on the deal is progressing, and whether the employee ignores the customer calls. If you listen to audio recordings of calls that are transmitted to the CRM, you can understand how the manager communicates with the client. It will also help to establish the true reason for losing a deal, and whether the employee is at fault.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and KeepinCRM integration

  • Saves time for the sales department and automates call handling. The integration relieves employees by automatically generating deals and leads after calls from customers.
  • Increased service quality. The integration transfers the history of calls and their audio recordings from Ringostat to Keeping CRM, by which it is easy to control managers.

Ringostat for Nethunt CRM

Control the sales department and analyze the history of communication with customers.

Key features

Automate and streamline the process of communication with customers.

NethuntCRM is a system for managing customer relations for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines the features of CRM with the functions of Gmail and G Suite applications, leading the customer through the sales funnel directly from email. Thanks to the integration with Ringostat, all calls made and received are automatically sent to NethuntCRM. This allows you to record the full picture of communication with customers, not just correspondence.

Control how managers handle calls and requests.

A sales manager or business owner will easily understand how salespeople handle leads that come in by phone. The call report will show on what date and time the call was made, to what number and from what number. You can analyze its status — for example, whether the manager missed the call or was busy. You can also listen to the audio record of each call, in order to understand in detail, how successfully the sale is progressing.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Nethunt CRM integration

  • Automation of work with calls. All calls are recorded in NethuntCRM — a separate report is created for them, where you can listen to audio recordings of calls.
  • Clear understanding of which employees and with which customers communicated. This simplifies the work with leads and protects from confusion in the sales department.

Ringostat for KeyCRM

Automate the work with calls and deals of your business.

Key features

Increase the productivity of the sales department.

KeyCRM automatically transfers data about each call: phone number, time, status, etc. Based on a new call, you can immediately create a "Customer" and "Order". This frees sales reps from manual work, avoids mistakes, and saves 2-3 hours daily.

Optimize communication with customers.

The built-in module for communication via Ringostat allows you to work with phone calls inside KeyCRM. You can make outgoing calls directly from CRM. Employees do not miss incoming calls. A noticeable call window is deployed on top of the working interface.

Monitor the progress of transactions and quality of service.

The manager can listen to calls directly in CRM to assess the professional level of the sales rep or analyze the movement of deals in the funnel. The sales rep can also use audio recordings to recall the details of agreements with the client.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and KeyCRM integration

  • Automatic transfer of call data to KeyCRM. For each new request in the system, you can immediately create a profile and order.
  • The convenience of communication with customers. An incoming call from a regular customer at once goes to the sales rep who already works with this deal.
  • Analysis of the sales department work. All call history and call records for each order are stored in the system indefinitely.

Ringostat for iClinic

iClinic is a secure medical information system aimed at both dental clinics and clinics of other specialities.

Key features


The high level of security is confirmed by a valid certificate of conformity.


iClinic has all the necessary modules for working with patients: registry, card index, treatment plans, finances, reminders, etc.

Admin module.

For managers, the following components are available: storage, salary, reports, statistics, online appointment from the site.


The integration between Ringostat and iClinic MIS provides the following opportunities:

  • Calling a patient in one click through the MIS interface, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of dialing errors.
  • Showing the administrator information about the incoming call (patient's name, important notes, debt) allows him to immediately build a correct personalized dialog with the patient.

Ringostat for Firmao

Firmao CRM is contact center software that allows small and medium-sized companies to easily manage their customer contacts.

Key features


Allows you to make a call by clicking on the phone number entered in the details of a customer, task, deal, etc.

Checking a call.

Allows you to redirect to a customer card or create a new company/contact/deal.

Save calls in the system.

Allows you to create call reports for users or verify if a customer has been called.

Automatically created task/company.

In the case of a missed call, a task or company can be automatically created, which allows you to quickly get back to customers who did not get through.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Firmao integration

  • The system allows you to create companies, contacts and deals based on phone calls
  • Full log of incoming/outgoing calls
  • Visibility of phone calls in customer/company card
  • Serial call making
  • Ability to see who is calling before the call is answered in Firmao

Ringostat for Planfix

Automate your calls in your control system.

Key features

Optimize and streamline contact handling.

Planfix is a company management center from which a business can build whatever system it needs. Allows you to collaborate on tasks, set and execute tasks, manage projects, etc. By integrating with Ringostat in Planfix, contacts are created after incoming and outgoing calls. The call is recorded in the contact card or the last active task with an indication of which manager took or made the call. This allows you to clearly understand which manager is working with specific customers and is responsible for closing the deal.

Keeping track of how managers work with potential customers.

After each call, the system is pulled into the audio recording of the call, which can be listened to. This way a manager can easily notice if an employee is rude or unprofessional when communicating with customers. If the manager missed the call, the contact card will create a missed call. This allows you to immediately see that the client did not get through, for example, if the manager was away from the office for some time. And return the potential customer in time before he leaves for a competitor.

Analyze how advertising is converted into closing deals.

Due to the integration with CRM, UTM tags can be sent to the client card. This allows you to understand from which source, channel, campaign and keyword the customer called. Tags can be sent to any field in the system that you need. This allows you to see which ads are most likely to make a purchase, and which campaigns only bring spam. And which campaigns bring only spam, or bring users who consult but do not buy. This will help you allocate your marketing budget wisely.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Planfix integration

  • Automatic call recording in any system created based on Planfix. A manager does not need to be distracted after each call to record the customer number in the system and create a task for the call.
  • Understanding which employee is communicating with a particular customer and how. This will bring order to the handling of leads and hedge against the influence of human error.
  • Knowing whether a particular ad is bringing in sales. Information about which campaign each customer called from will be sent from Ringostat to Planfix.

Ringostat for AmoCRM

Automate your sales department using call tracking.

Key features

Optimize working process.

AmoCRM is a a popular CRM system designed to simplify business relations with customers and automate sales department. When a customer calls, the system automatically creates contacts, leads and tasks. It saves managers’ time and provides comprehensive data. This integration helps avoid duplication of tasks and contacts. Owing to this, you can easily distribute call center volume.

Improve the performance of sales managers.

Control how fast managers answer calls and process them. Stop losing clients. When you miss a call, the task "Call back" with deadline is automatically added to CRM. Listen to calls not leaving a deal card. Test sales scripts and analyze the reasons behind lost deals using call recordings.

Analyze advertising sources in CRM.

Ringostat transfers call data about advertising sources up to keyword to amoCRM. Received information is attached to deal. Determine which advertising brings more calls and sales. Track conversions of calls to closed deals. Add calls to the sales funnel. Create reports with call data in a CRM.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and AmoCRM integration

  • Synchronise call data with amoCRM. When a customer calls, the CRM system automatically creates deals, tasks and contacts.
  • Control sales department and improve the quality of customer service. All calls are recorded, so you can freely listen to them.
  • See the advertising source of each call in deal card.

Ringostat for Bitrix24

Automate a sales department, improve the performance of managers and avoid routine.

Key features

Automate working process.

Bitrix24.CRM is a CRM system designed to keep a record of prospects and manage sales. With this integration, you can save managers’ time and help them focus on sales. The leads are automatically created and the tasks are automatically assigned to responsible managers. Thus, the managers don’t have any chances to forget about calling back to clients.

Track a sales department.

The integration shows how many calls were missed and if a sales representative called back to the client who didn’t get the answer. You can analyze the reasons for lost deals by listening to call recordings within the system.

Allocate a marketing budget.

The detailed data on lead acquisition sources is transferred to the deal card in CRM system. Thus, you can see which advertising sources, channels, campaigns and keywords bring in orders. So you may conclude which advertising is effective and which is not.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Bitrix24 CRM integration

  • Synchronize call data with Bitrix24.CRM. When a customer calls, the CRM system automatically creates contacts, leads, tasks and deals.
  • Control sales department and improve the quality of customer service. You can freely listen to all call recordings within CRM.
  • See the advertising source of each call in the deal card.