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Ringostat Business Telephony and Call tracking for your website on different platforms


Ringostat for Prom

Construct a web analytics on the Evo group platform.

Key features

Automate the sales department workflow. and are marketplaces of EVO group. Websites of different companies are placed there. Ringostat automatically collects detailed data on calls from websites (call status, ad source, phone number of caller etc). It simplifies the tasks of managers, because they don’t need to manually fill the spreadsheets with this data.

Determine advertising effectiveness.

Call log shows advertising channels, sources and even keywords bringing customers to call. All information is transferred to Google Analytics where you can easily analyze it with other conversions. Compare the number of calls with number of online applications and measure the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Use free cloud PBX and callback widget.

Leverage the opportunities of cloud PBX. Turn the voicemail on in your off hours. Activate automatic call forwarding. Get instant notifications about missed calls.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Prom/Satu integration

  • Enable Ringostat call tracking if you have the website on platforms Prom/Satu.
  • Ringostat is the only call tracking service that works on the platforms of the EVO group.

Ringostat for Horoshop

Easily connect call tracking for your online store.

Key features

Sales department automation.

Horoshop is a platform for creating online stores, which already employs over 1,700 Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Due to Ringostat, all these online stores can automatically collect data on incoming calls, determine their advertising source, status, see the customer's number, and name of the sales rep who received the call. The recording of the conversation is attached to all calls. The employee doesn't need to manually enter the fact of the call, so this will save his time for priorities.

Analysis of the effectiveness of advertising channels.

In the Ringostat call log, the owner of the online store will be able to see which advertising source, channel, campaign, or keyword led to an incoming call. Also, all data is automatically transferred to Google Analytics, which allows you to analyze all conversions and understand how to effectively allocate the advertising budget in the future. If it is needed, Ringostat data can be transferred to 30+ services with ready-made integrations.

Usage of virtual PBX and callback form.

You can set up a voicemail and automatic call forwarding for your online store and receive instant notifications about missed calls. Users also have access to the voice menu, call queue, and other features of the Ringostat virtual PBX. If you wish, you can connect a callback form that can be easily adjusted to the design and color scheme of the site.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Horoshop integration

  • Quick connection of call tracking to an online store on the Horoshop platform without the help of programmers.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of ad channels based on data advertising sources.
  • Control the work of the sales department by listening to calls.