Ringostat AI Supervisor

Analyse 100% of customer conversations using artificial intelligence. Enhance service quality and drive sales growth while significantly cutting costs.

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Analyzing and managing every conversation

AI analyzes large data sets without missing any customer communication. Save precious time by viewing only the conversations that require attention.

Cost savings

Ringostat AI Supervisor tool is a cost-effective solution that replaces the need for an extensive quality control team. Depending on your call volume, it reduces costs by 3-7 times and improves the quality of conversation analysis.

No language barrier

AI excels at comprehending over 50 languages, transcribing each conversation into the native tongue while seamlessly translating it into English. This unparalleled functionality empowers managers to analyze any conversation effortlessly.

AI tailored for businesses

Ringostat AI Supervisor are tailored to adapt to your business's unique requirements through custom scripts and checklists. Explore real-life success stories through our customer case studies.

Who uses Ringostat AI

Which department in your company needs Ringostat AI Supervisor and why?

Equip your team with a tool that enhances customer service efficiency and drives substantial revenue growth.

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Sales Team
Sales Team
Leverage Ringostat AI Supervisor to monitor your team's performance, analyze conversations, pinpoint customer needs, and identify areas for improvement. Convert conversations into successful sales opportunities and enhance conversion rates.
телефонія для відділу підтримки
Support Team
Support Team
Effortlessly track customer sentiment and identify real-time issues to address concerns proactively. Harness the power of AI-driven scripts to monitor agent performance and ensure adherence to service standards, empowering your team to deliver exceptional support experiences.
телефонія для відділу підтримки
Marketing Team
Marketing Team
Unlock valuable insights into lead generation from your advertising efforts. Gather data on trends and audience preferences to refine and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact and effectiveness.

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ringostat ai supervisor

Take full charge of every customer conversation

Previously, heads of departments had to manually and selectively analyze random chat interactions between sales representatives and customers, which resulted in 90% of customer communications remaining unchecked. With Ringostat AI, you can now accurately monitor every conversation without exception.

Conversation assessment

AI assesses every customer interaction and assigns a score of 1 to 10. A score of 1 indicates that the conversation can be dealt with automatically, while a score of 10 means that supervisor involvement is vital. This tool allows you to easily monitor the quality of employee communication with clients and identify any potential issues before they become more significant problems.

Issue resolution

Easily track unresolved customer issues. Ringostat AI Supervisor highlights the overall sentiment of each conversation and summarizes critical takeaways. This ensures customer satisfaction and maximizes sales opportunities by preventing lost revenue.

ringostat ai supervisor

Revolutionize Training

Unlock the power of Ringostat AI Supervisor to analyze performance metrics and deliver personalized training, elevating your staff to peak efficiency and expertise.


The primary goal of Ringostat AI Supervisor is to streamline the team's performance and workflow. Use AI-powered insights to turn your following customer conversation into a successful deal.


Utilize AI-powered error detection to identify areas for improvement in communication and increase sales.

Success indicators

Gain insights from AI on effective strategies used during successful customer calls that ended up with deals to arm new hires with the best practices.

ringostat ai supervisor

Maximize Every Conversation

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to automatically extract hidden insights and growth opportunities. Make informed decisions that drive success and propel your business forward.

Condensed Summary

From tedious call audits to effortless insights: with Ringostat, identifying employee performance, potential issues, and successful outcomes is now as easy as reviewing a concise summary of customer communications.

Sentiment Analysis

Unlock real-time insights into customer and employee sentiment within each conversation. Utilize AI to identify the primary factors driving customer satisfaction and mitigate any potential risks that could impact your customer experience. You can protect and nurture your customer relationships by identifying and addressing potential issues at critical moments.

Conversation Keywords

By identifying conversation keywords, AI helps you quickly grasp the customer's query and pinpoint their primary concerns.

ringostat ai supervisor

Improve results and increase your revenue

Use Ringostat AI Supervisor's features to increase your company's sales.

Sales probability assessment

After each interaction with a customer, an AI-powered system assesses the likelihood of a sale. This allows you to focus on potential leads or intervene in conversations that are unlikely to result in a sale, maximizing your opportunities.

Checklist for successful sales

Create a custom checklist to track productivity and ensure customers receive critical information. Monitor employee performance to boost team productivity.

Custom features

Ringostat AI Supervisor can be customized according to your business needs.

Check out how it has helped our clients with their unique necessities, leading to improved customer service and increased sales.

Case study #1: Sheriff security company

Key information for a security company

What chips were used to achieve the goals?
  • The AI captures pivotal moments in conversations, including the customer's request, the employee's proposal, and the outcome of the discussion.
  • The AI furnishes essential details such as recommended next steps for the company, resolution status of the issue, employee errors, and successful actions taken.
What problems needed to be solved?
  • In safeguarding customers and their assets, swift comprehension of issues is paramount. This entails receiving critical information in a concise, summarized format.
  • The company needed an analysis of how employees present specific services or products to both potential and existing customers.
Case study #2. Andrey Krupkin's sales bureau

Assessment of 3 call scenarios using 90 criteria

What chips were used to achieve the goals?
  • The AI now applies appropriate evaluation criteria by understanding the context of the conversation.
  • The AI assessed whether the employee asked necessary questions and provided important information at each stage of the dialogue.
  • Based on the answers, the AI instantly generated a client company profile.
What problems needed to be solved?
  • The task is to analyze customer communication for three services with 3 conversation scenarios.
  • Each scenario needs to be evaluated based on multiple criteria.
  • A sales representative needs to ask the other party numerous questions and present a solution based on their answers while highlighting certain key points.
Case study #3: GoITeens online IT courses for children

Analysis of customer communication for 3 departments

What chips were used to achieve the goals?
  • The AI swiftly identifies the department involved and selects the suitable dialogue scenario.
  • AI monitors essential questions.
  • AI records both the operator's and customer's sentiments, collectively and individually.
What problems needed to be solved?
  • In the context of the conversation, it was important for the AI to understand the customer's inquiry related to a specific department, as different departments manage distinct queries.
  • It is essential for employees to consider a student's strengths and weaknesses when selecting a study program and to communicate the tuition cost and payment methods clearly.
  • Employees need to remain patient and positive while interacting with customers. They should avoid interruptions and calmly redirect the conversation if necessary.
Case study #4: Hillel IT School

Assessment in points for each type of conversation

What chips were used to achieve the goals?
  • The AI analyzes every action employees take to determine its impact on fulfilling customer needs.
  • It recognizes the type of conversation and summarizes essential details such as the topics discussed, whether an invoice was created or a deal was made, the following steps to be taken, and their deadlines.
  • The AI calculates each employee's average score and other relevant performance metrics.
What problems needed to be solved?
  • The client required a well-designed framework to accurately assess the sales representatives' performance.
  • Understanding the nature of each conversation — whether closing a deal, seeking more information, or clarifying payment details — was imperative.
  • It was critical to identify employees who were proficient in handling requests and those who required additional support and training.
How to connect

How to connect Ringostat AI Supervisor

01. Collecting information to set up AI
02. Payment for the service
03. Setting up a standard or customized script

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What is Ringostat AI Supervisor?


Ringostat AI Supervisor is a smart analytics service from Ringostat that allows you to monitor 100% of all communications from your sales, support, or even entire call centers.

What are the benefits of using Ringostat AI Supervisor?


Quality control has never been easier. You will be able to get transcription, conclusions and recommendations on the conversation in real time. 

How can Ringostat AI Supervisor help my business?


Processing all communications with AI reduces the cost of quality control by 3-7 times (depending on the number of conversations) and increases efficiency to 100% of all conversations.

Can I use Ringostat AI Supervisor to analyze conversations in different languages?


Ringostat AI removes the language barrier. The artificial intelligence analyzes all conversations, recognizes 50+ languages (including Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, etc.), and makes a human-like analysis of each dialog.

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