Data processing agreement

what is it about?
  • Context 1: When you provide us with information about you and your own representatives.
  • Context 2: When you provide us with information about your clients.
  • Data subjects (e.g., if your user is an individual);
  • Processors (e.g., if your client provides you with data about data subjects but is not the controller of such transmitted data and has received the data from the respective controller as a third party);
  • Controller/Joint controller (if your client provides you with data about data subjects under predefined conditions regarding the purposes and means of processing such data, and the controller directly received the data from the data subject).
  • Account registration in the Service;
  • marketing and communication with you;
  • fulfilling our obligations under the Agreement and Contract and providing support and/or ensuring the functionality of the Service for you as a client;
  • accounting, taxation, invoicing, auditing, and compliance with legal requirements;
  • ensuring and/or enhancing the level of security of the Service;
  • investigating fraud, spam, improper or illegal use of the Service;
  • improvement of the Service as a product;
  • other purposes expressly provided for by current legislation or a requirement of a governmental authority.
  • we may disclose any information about your information to third parties and government authorities (including data that forms part of the project, account, personal cabinet, and our communication with you);
  • our actions (and any consequences thereof) shall not be considered a violation of your rights and/or interests.
  • Identity Data: includes name, surname, middle name or patronymic, salutation.
  • Contact Data: includes email address, phone number.
  • Financial Data: includes information about financial transactions, such as bank account details, credit card information, and payment history.
  • Biometric Data: includes voice recordings.
  • Technical Data: includes information collected through automated means, such as IP addresses, device information, browsing history, and cookies.
  • Employment Data: includes job title and employer information;
  • Personal Preferences: this category encompasses personal preferences, interests, and characteristics, such as language preferences and marketing preferences.
  • Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency: We process information about you based on your consent (Clause 4.1 of the Agreement), and this process is open and transparent. You (or your representatives) provide us with consent by ticking the appropriate banner next to the statement "I accept the terms of the SaaS Agreement and Privacy Policy" when registering and logging into your Account. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us a corresponding message to Our email;
  • Purpose limitation: We receive and process data solely for the purposes stated in Clause 3.1 of the Agreement.
  • Data minimization: We receive and process only the amount of data (Clause 5.1 of the Agreement) necessary to achieve our defined purposes;
  • Accuracy: We enable you to maintain the accuracy of your personal data and will update them when necessary. You can do this yourself in your Account or provide us with instructions by sending them to Our email;
  • Storage limitation: We retain the received personal data only for the necessary period to achieve the defined purposes. Data retention periods are established in Clause 6.9 of the Agreement;
  • Integrity and confidentiality: We ensure an appropriate level of protection for the personal data we receive, safeguarding them against unauthorized access, loss, or damage (Section 8 of the Agreement).
  • Accountability: We are responsible for complying with the terms of the Agreement, ensuring proper processing of personal data, and ensuring our activities align with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • is based on the consent obtained by you from the data subject whose data we receive from you;
  • does not infringe upon your rights/interests or the rights of the data subjects whose personal information you have provided to us; and that you have obtained consent from each data subject.
  • The last calendar day of the fifth year from the day you last used our Service.
  • The day you withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data.