AI-Assisted Call Transcription and Summary

Transform selective listening to hundreds of customer conversations into actionable analytics. Receive instant text transcriptions in your preferred language for every call.

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Time optimization

Save time by reading conversation transcripts instead of spending hours listening to customer audio dialogues.

Analyze and control 100% of conversations

No more selective call evaluations — process all calls without exception.

Language barrier-free

AI understands 50+ languages, transcribing every conversation into the language of communication or translating it into English.

Valuable insights

Uncover potential issues or identify promising deals by reviewing communication summaries with clients.


Say goodbye to endless call-listening

Call transcription allows you to quickly review the conversation text instead of listening to the whole conversation. You can click on any phrase to instantly hear it in the recording, making it easier to analyze more conversations in less time. This will also help you write high-quality follow-ups for your employees. Focus on the critical tasks, not the tedious routine.


Control and analyze the quality of every call without exception.

Listening-based call analysis overlooks 90% of calls and their insights. Utilise transcription and call summaries to quickly extract critical information without delving into the specifics. Efficiently compile a list of calls needing attention and listen solely to these conversations.

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Control communication with customers from different countries

Eliminate blind spots in call analysis and processing control. AI transcribes each conversation in the language of communication or translates it into English. This makes it easy for supervisors to understand the essence and quality of the call without speaking all the languages used by the company's customers.


Get the most out of your calls

Skimming call summaries can help you gain quick insights and spot trends, uncovering valuable information that might go unnoticed in mere listening. Leverage AI to extract hidden insights and growth opportunities for informed decision-making automatically.

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What is AI assisted call transcription?


AI-Assisted Call Transcription is an automated call transcription process powered by artificial intelligence. The solution converts audio recordings of phone calls into text, helping managers and employees analyse communications in a convenient way.

What are the benefits of using AI-Assisted Call Transcription?


The benefits of using artificial intelligence to analyse phone calls are speed, accuracy and efficiency. Managers receive text transcripts of conversations instantly, saving time and effort. There is no need to spend hours listening to calls. 

How else does AI help humans in the call analysis process?


Ringostat's artificial intelligence understands more than 50 languages. AI transcribes calls in the original language or translates them into English. This solution greatly simplifies service and sales analysis when managers communicate with foreign customers. Managers can control communication even in languages they do not understand.

Do I need special training to use AI assisted call transcription?


No, no training is required as the Ringostat interface is intuitive and easy to use. For example, you can search the conversation for keywords. If a certain part of the conversation requires attention, simply click on the phrase to play it back in the recording.

What industries can benefit from using AI-powered call transcription?


Call transcription is a useful service for online shops, law firms, medical and educational institutions, real estate agencies and other businesses where communication is important.The accuracy and speed of transcription makes the solution particularly valuable for analysing the work of sales departments, customer support services and call centers.