Ringostat Callback

Callback or a callback form is a website widget that connects a customer with a sales rep of your company in 30 seconds. The callback widget fully matches with your site design and appears at the appropriate time, inviting the visitor to make a call.

What business tasks does the callback widget solve?

Increases the number of requests

Callback motivates your site visitors to communicate with the company and increases the number of requests by an average of 48%, which is proven by our clients' study cases.

Increases customer loyalty

You instantly wow a customer and create trust in the company as you promised to call back in 30 seconds, and you did it.

Speeds up the processing of requests

Sales reps do not need to waste time processing requests via the form and call back each customer — in this case, the connection is automatic.

How does the callback widget work?

30 seconds later, he talks to the sales rep

And he immediately finds out the answers to his questions, and in many cases, makes an order

The customer visits the site

He has questions about the characteristics of the product, price, delivery terms, etc.

He enters the phone number in the widget

The form doesn't disturb the user as it appears at the appropriate time, offering to order a call

The customer visits the site

He has questions about the characteristics of the product, price, delivery terms, etc.

He enters the phone number in the widget

The form doesn't disturb the user as it appears at the appropriate time, offering to order a call

30 seconds later, he talks to the sales rep

And he immediately finds out the answers to his questions, and in many cases, makes an order
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Callback opportunities for work with calls

Calls via callback are the ones made by users interested in purchasing. Ringostat feature allows you to manage these calls and keep everything under control flexibly.

Recording and listening to calls

All calls made via the callback widget are recorded in the Ringostat system. You can listen to them at any time to control how sales reps process requests.

Calls tagging

Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your call categories and tag them manually.

Voice notification of the sales rep

Set up a special voice notification to alert a sales rep that a call is made via the callback.

Configuring logic of the call

You customize the logic of the callback work. In other words, whether you need to immediately call the sales rep and then after he picks up the phone, call the customer, or do this vice versa.

Configuration of the display time

You set the time for displaying the widget on your site. For example, to show it only on business hours. This way the customer will not wait in vain for a call from a sales rep who is not working at the moment.

Integration with the CRM

Customize the integration of the callback widget with your CRM system. Thus, you can send information on calls made via the widget to the CRM.

Callback opportunities for a business

The callback widget works for business as it allows converting a larger percentage of traffic into real customers. At the same time, there is no need to change anything in attracting customers and investing additional funds in the advertising budget.

Reports on calls via callback

Analyze statistics on calls made via callback using the call log or a special report. You will see both the general picture of calls and the advertising channels that brought these requests.

Sending UTM marks on calls

Send UTM marks on calls made via callback to your CRM system, so you will know the channel, campaign, and keyword that lead to deals.

Customize the appearance of your form

The appearance of the callback form can be flexibly adapted to the design of your site. In just a few clicks, you can completely customize the following:
    • Callback form.
      Choose the style, size, placement of the callback form, and write your custom text for it;

    • Widget icon of the callback. Choose the style, shape, size, placement, and color scheme of the widget icon
    You can also choose from 15 ready-made appearances of the callback form and button created by our designers.


    Unlike the usual CAPTCHA, this one does not require the user to select all traffic lights or fire hydrants on the photo. The system itself assigns a rating to the user from 0 to 1, based on his previous actions on the site. Based on that, it decides whether to allow or deny the call.

    Protection from the SPAM calls

    A callback widget can be a weak point of your site if it is not protected from spam. For example, detractors can generate hundreds of calls per minute. Thus, you can waste your funds for the call forwarding and the time of your sales reps trying to answer such calls.

    To prevent you from this, Ringostat has developed secure callback protection against spam.

    Blacklist of phone numbers

    You can add to the blacklist numbers that make not relevant requests, for example, if someone is trying to sell you something, prank you, etc. Before blocking a number, you can check how many times and what kind of calls you have received from it.

    Callback order confirmation

    Enable this feature to make sure that the user really ordered a callback and did not enter someone else's number into the form.

    The delayed callback is a feature that allows ordering a call for a specific time

    Let your customers choose the time for a call from the company. After all, not all of your users can talk here and now. For example, the person can be on the road or at work.

    Using the Ringostat delayed callback, your customers can choose the time for the manager to call them back. To do so, they will need to simply select the date and time from the drop-down list. When there is the right date and time, Ringostat will automatically dial the employee and connect him with the customer.
    Вызов формы обратного звонка по событию на сайте

    Ordering a callback form after a specific event made on the site

    You can configure that a callback form will appear when you click on any button on the site. For example, websites often put a form to order a consultation or ask a sales rep a question.

    In this case, the callback can be triggered immediately after the customer has filled out the form and pressed the "Submit" button.


    Ringostat Callback integrates with popular CRM systems in just a few clicks. There are some additional opportunities for you: it will allow you to automate routine processes and precisely understand what kind of ad brings customers ready to make a purchase.
    The cost of Ringostat Callback — from $ 39*

    Telephony and numbers connection


    Numbers connection

    Connect business telephony.
    Ringostat will provide the company with a connection in one day. Telephony flexibly configures for a specific business.
    • Notifications on missed calls
    • Call forwarding schemes
    • Voice menu and mail
    • Calls processing scenarios
    Choose and connect numbers.
    You can connect to Ringostat any numbers that are familiar and suitable for your business:
    • phone numbers
    • any numbers in the SIP format
    • numbers of any cities and regions
    • toll free numbers

    Client stories

    Vera Novikova
    marketer at the First Cambridge Education Center and Grade Education Center
    "Сallback form worked for us as people are actively using it. Over the past month, we received three more requests from the callback form than direct calls on the Grade website, and on Cambridge.ua, almost half of the calls were made via callback. That's why we made sure once again that we need to provide users with various channels of communication with us"

    Anzhelika Elina
    CEO of the WAM Project advertising agency

    "Our client Aqualand Group used Ringostat callback form. It turned out to be especially convenient for them as the company works throughout the country. Due to callback, buyers save on the cost of the connection. They click on the ad to visit the site, then they order a call, and after that, the sales rep from the nearest regional office calls them back. The service determines the location of the caller through the IP of the region. This simplifies communication and increases customer loyalty"
    Igor Navrotsky
    digital marketer of the "FUNDAMENT" company
    "The advantage of the callback is that the call takes 30 seconds, and the customer does not have to wait in the line while spending his money. He knows that in half a minute he will start a conversation with the sales rep. The search of the real estate usually takes place during business hours, and the callback is always quick and convenient"

    1. Why should I install a callback widget on my site?
    First of all, the callback widget is needed for the convenience of users. They don't have to search for your company's phone number on the site and pay for a call if they want to ask a question. The callback allows contacting you much easier and faster. From a business perspective, the callback can significantly increase conversion and persuade even the most hesitant users to contact you.

    The callback advantages for the company:

    • It increases the number of requests from 10 to 50%. This is proven by our own case studies. Here is an example of how a company that manufactures reinforced plastic windows began to receive 48% more calls due to the callback widget.
    • Callback becomes an additional channel of communication with the most interested site visitors. According to statistics, from 9 to 10 cases, the call is ordered by warm leads.
    • It motivates users who would not dare to be the first one to call.
    • Callback reduces the bounce rate. If the buyer is confused about something, he will order a call rather than leave the site.
    • The widget gives the visitor a wow effect from an instant call and increases loyalty to your company. Especially if you promise that the sales rep will contact the customer within a short time, this proves that your company keeps its word and provides the right customer service. You promised to call back in 30 seconds and you did it.
    • It is an additional statistics tool. This is especially true for the callback form provided by call tracking services. In this case, you will be able to track the advertising source that brought the customer who ordered the callback. Thus, you can make a conclusion about the effectiveness of specific advertising channels.
    • Callback helps to persuade users to make a purchase if they decided to do it "later". Without a callback form, they most likely won't order the call but only bookmark your site and forget about it.
    2. What do I need to connect and configure Ringostat callback?
    To connect the callback widget, you need to register in Ringostat, then get and install a special script on the site (our technical support specialists can do this). After that, completely customize the widget in your Ringostat account:

    • set the appearance;
    • conditions and time of display;
    • dialing logic (who is the first one to be called, a sales rep or a customer);
    • the phone number for calls via callback;
    • security settings (spam protection, list of blocked numbers, etc.)
    Please note that you will need a multichannel SIP number to use the callback widget. You can rent it from us or connect your own if you already use cloud telephony, and you already have such a number.
    3. How does the callback widget work?
    The scheme of the callback work is quite simple:

    • the widget displays on the site only during business hours — you set the needed time in the settings;
    • by clicking on the widget button or after a certain time spent on the site (you can also set these conditions in the settings), the user sees a callback form with a field for entering a number and an offer to call back in 30 seconds;
    • the user enters his number and clicks on the "Waiting for a call" button;
    • depending on the settings that you have specified, the system first calls the sales rep or customer, and after connecting the first one, it makes a call back;
    • 30 seconds after, the customer who ordered a call back is already talking to the sales rep.
      4. Is it possible to configure a callback for forms on social networks?
      Yes, the automatic callback can be configured for any links, buttons, and forms, including social network forms. You can read more about this in the article on our blog. Or contact our technical support specialists and they will help you set up everything.
      5. Is it possible to disable callback on some website pages?
      Yes, you can disable the display of the widget or auto-display of the callback form on the pages that you select. Contact our technical support to do so.
      6. What if a customer requests a callback, and the sales rep is busy, or his workday is over?
      Callback uses multichannel numbers for its work. It means that any of the sales reps who are free at the moment can answer the call. You can avoid a situation when a customer ordered a call after hours and waited in vain for a sales rep whose workday is already over. Simply set the time for displaying the widget by specifying your company's working hours in the settings.
      7. There was no answer to my question :(
      We are sorry, but it also happens :( Send your question to any of the chats on the right, and our specialist will answer it as soon as possible.
      Try callback widget 14 days for free
      * The price is for a one-time license purchase for 360 days. While paying for a shorter period, the price must be recalculated and it will differ from the previous one. The final cost of the license will depend on the custom settings of the project.