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Unleash the power of conversations with AI: your ultimate personal assistant in winning deals.

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Get all your conversations transcribed to text.
Call summary
Fetch a clear vision of the call without listening to it.
See how good or bad the conversation went through.
Know your next steps to close the deal successfully.
Users and reasons

Which of your teams need AI and why?

Today, possessing AI skills is advantageous. However, tomorrow AI will become an indispensable requirement for professional functionality. Empower your teams today with a tool that will elevate their efficiency and significantly amplify sales for your company.

Sales Team
To enhance communication modules to drive sales more effectively.
Support team
To control the quality of customer service.
Marketing team
To know better which leads they generate and how to optimise campaigns.

Get all your calls in text

Ringostat AI understands all languages and converts them into text. Clicking on any phrase, you will immediately hear it in the dialogue. Due to this, you will be able to check how well your employees handle phone calls and increase customer service.

Call summary

Know what about is a call without listening to it

Previously you had to listen to many calls to check how employees handled calls and provided customer service. Now you can spot the red flags simply by checking the call log. A summary of every call will indicate what was happening in the conversation. Dive deeply only in those calls which look suspicious.

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See the mood of the conversation

In every call, you see the mood of the customer and your employee. So you’ll know how well your employee has treated the customer and customer reacted. Now you have fast access to building world-class customer service.


Help your team to perform better

The key goal of Ringostat AI is to make your and your employees' work more accessible and productive. Use AI's advice to bring the following conversation with the customer closer to the won deal.

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