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Ringostat Business Phone

Business Phone (cloud-based call center solution) is telephony that works over the Internet (VoIP). It allows to quickly provide a reliable connection for a business of any size. It connects in a day, does not require additional investments in equipment, and it is suitable for any working conditions of the sales department.

What tasks does Business Phone solve?

Fast connection

Our tech support will help you connect and configure telephony in just a day according to the tasks and needs of your business.

Automation and simplification of work

Integrate Business Phone with popular messengers and CRM systems. Automate your routine, and work with calls and messages in one window.

Sales department control

Monitor the number of missed calls and listen to the recordings of conversations. Know how sales reps communicate with customers and improve service quality.
Even if a sales department or a call center works remotely

What does Business Phone consist of?

Must-have business telephony tools for companies of all sizes. Your sales reps will always be in touch even working from the office, home, another city, or even country.
Easy-to-use browser extension. It allows to make calls in one click from any page and instantly go to the CRM. It saves time and simplifies the work of a sales rep.
In fact, it is a virtual analytical assistant for a sales rep. It gives valuable insights on the customer at the time of the call — what request brought him, how often he visits the site, and what he was looking for.
A multiwidget that allows customers to text you directly from the site in a convenient messenger and the sales rep can process all these messages in one window.

Three main advantages of Ringostat Business Phone


You can customize inbound and outbound connection for the current tasks and needs of your business. Set the rules from which numbers/operators will be made outbound calls. Set up different call forwarding schemes for weekdays and weekends.

Valuable insights for sales reps

Your sales reps clearly understand the needs of the customer, increasing their chances for a successful deal or upsell. At the moment of the call, Ringostat Insider will show the request that brought a customer and pages that he viewed before making a call.

Simplicity of usage

Sales reps can save time on routine and spend it on closing deals. Ringostat Smart Phone extension allows to make and receive calls in one click right in your browser and instantly switch to CRM. It is easier and more convenient to use it than a regular smartphone.
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Solve basic tasks of the telephony

Telephony for a business should provide comfortable communication with clients and between employees. Ringostat Business Phone allows to go deeper and solve the issue, going beyond the usual understanding of telephony.

Creation of a single phone system for a company

It doesn't matter where your employees are located: in the office, at home, in another city or even country. Connect them to a single phone network for comfortable communication with customers and among each other.
Connect numbers of any cities, regions, countries, toll-free, etc. to the Business Phone. The main thing that they have to be in SIP format.

Statistics of all calls of the company

Get a full picture of the work with calls in your company. Use the standard Ringostat reporting or create your own reports based on the parameters you need.

Automatic recording and listening of calls

Listen to conversations to understand how sales reps communicate with customers and process inbound requests.

Combining voice and text communication

Communicate with clients by phone and in messengers using the single interface of the Ringostat Business Phone without switching between different windows and programs.

Decreasing the number of missed calls

A missed call is a generous gift to your competitors. Customize the call queue, forwarding schemes, and notifications by email or SMS. Thus, you won't miss a single request from the customer.

Connection of any numbers in SIP format

Call log that is comfy to use

A must-have tool for the daily work of a sales or marketing department.

Customize the report as you like. Just drag the columns so that you see the data you need first. Listen to the recording of the conversation in one click, or go to the call card with more detailed information on it. You will see the advertising source of the call, its duration, waiting time, and the name of the employee who spoke with the customer. The sales rep can leave a comment on the call there, select the category, and set the value.


Ringostat cloud telephony integrates with popular messengers and CRM systems just in a few clicks. This will allow to automate routine processes and communicate with customers wherever it is convenient for them. Thus, you combine voice and text communication in a single window.

Usage of backup destinations and providers

There is no service that can insure against breakdowns. Thus, it is important that they do not affect your business. If one of the providers fails, the calls will go via the backup directions. And your customers won't even notice something.

Communication stability and security

Reliability is an important quality of business telephony. If you remain without connection even for several hours, you send your customers to the competitors and pay for ads in vain. Therefore, Ringostat has done everything to ensure that you all the time stay in touch and can protect yourself as much as possible.

Banning outbound calls from a specific SIP account

Be sure that the sales rep will not make calls to regions or countries that he does not need for work. For example, he can't call his grandmother to Cuba using our Business Phone, so he will have to do that with his own phone.

Prompt technical support

One of the advantages of the Ringostat Business Phone is the truly prompt and professional technical support that will answer any of your requests within 4 minutes.

A limited number of simultaneously open directions

Protect yourself from fraudulent activities and calls. Limit the maximum number of simultaneously open directions.

Calls segmentation

Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your call categories and tag them manually or semi-automatically.


Add specific numbers to the blacklist so that they can't reach the company and bother your sales reps.

Rules creation for calls distribution

Make sure that customers can reach you even during peak hours. Customize your call forwarding schemes, set the rules for requests directed to a group of employees, and use the call queue.
The work with calls is different for each business. And it doesn't matter how you build processes as Ringostat Business Phone functionality will allow to solve urgent tasks and consider all your business's peculiarities.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Provide the best experience for customers who call you. Set up a multi-level voice menu. Thus, they can immediately contact the desired department or sales representative.

Voice mail

Make sure about the company's image and customers' comfort. Use voice messages instead of standard beeps.

Select a number for each direction

Choose the number that your sales reps will use to call for each direction. Thus, customers will see the familiar number of their provider or region, and you will save on communication fees.

Solve call management tasks

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Ringostat Smart Phone — extension for Google Chrome

Accept, make and forward calls
Make a call in 1 click from any browser page
Customer's name displays at the moment of the incoming call
Push-notification at the moment of the incoming call
Send SMS right from the extension
Communication in messengers
Transfer to the CRM in 1 click
Insights on customers to boost sales and the average check size
Intelligent assistant for a sales representative

You can accept and make calls using:

SIP phone
Extension for a browser
Mobile phone
Third party mobile phone application
This is a solution to a standard difficulty when sales reps work outside the office. Just give the employee a special SIM card that he can use as usual one. Meanwhile, all conversations will be recorded in a Business Phone.

FMC service connection

This is a solution to a standard difficulty when sales reps work outside the office. Just give the employee a special SIM card that he can use as usual one. Meanwhile, all conversations will be recorded in a Business Phone.
FMC service connection

Reports for any business needs

Use default Ringostat reports or create custom ones based on more than 30 parameters. Track metrics that are relevant to your business.

Solve reporting tasks

The most interested customers are the ones who call you. It is so crucial to always keep under control of what is happening with calls in your company. It is easy and comfortable to do so, using reports from Ringostat Business Phone.

Report on calls distribution by day of the week and time of day

Discover the time when your sales department is the most loaded and optimize your sales reps' schedule. Thus, there will be no missed requests.

Report on the sales rep effectiveness

Promptly get the information on the calls that a sales rep processed, missed, and how successful the conversations were. This way, you will always know the results of a team.

Custom reports creation

Create completely customized reports for your business needs. Make import in a convenient format or easily share data with your colleagues by simply copying the link.

Report on missed and unprocessed calls

Take advantage of this comfy tool to quickly identify missed calls that have not yet been processed and fix that situation.

Download reports in needed format

Upload reports in a format that is convenient for you. For example, to calculate KPI in Google Sheets, create a monthly report, or analyze the dynamics by the number of calls for a certain period.

Client stories

Dmytro Kapustin

Head of Business Development
Netpeak Software
«We use the extension for the browser Ringostat Smart Phone, and it's super comfy. Among its features, an automatic data transfer from amoCRM is especially useful for us. The extension instantly shows the client who is calling, and we already know his name»
Andrew Kononenko
«We use Ringostat Business Phone for more than a year. We have eight accounts connected to Ringostat Smart Phone. The app is good, features and interface are user-friendly. Tech support is always ready to solve our issues. The company itself is very cool, treats its clients well, customer success manager is always ready to help»
Julia Zalihovska
Sales Lead
Inweb digital agency
«Ringostat Smart Phone allows us to immediately see all the information about the client who calls the agency: we already know what service he is interested in. This opportunity is highly valuable for the sales department. I also want to mention the work of technical support. They are always ready to answer our questions»

Our clients

1. What tasks can I solve using Ringostat Business Phone?
First of all, Ringostat Business Phone solves the global issue of providing the company with a reliable connection. You can also solve some related tasks by doing the work with calls in your company transparent, comfortable, and efficient:

- easy to manage calls: set up different call forwarding schemes, use the call queue during peak hours, set up call forwarding to specific sales reps based on user's behavior on the site before the call;
- reduce the number of missed calls: identify and eliminate the reasons for missed calls, set up notifications on missed calls by email and SMS, etc.;
- control everything that happens with calls in your company, using default or custom reports;
- automate the routine by integrating Business Phone with your CRM system. Just in a few minutes, you can flexibly customize the integration: select triggers and conditions that will automatically create deals, contacts, and tasks;
- simplify the work of sales reps, and increase the chances for a successfully closed deal or upselling, using Ringostat Smart Phone, the virtual in-browser assistant;
- bring voice and text communication into a single window and contact clients where it is convenient for them, without switching between different systems.
2. What do I need to connect and set up a Business Phone?
There is only your desire and a computer with Internet access required. In order to connect Business Phone, you do not need to buy expensive equipment. As for the setup, our tech support will help you with all settings. Everything happens in just 24 hours according to the current tasks and peculiarities of your business.
3. Is Wi-Fi suitable for using a Business Phone?
Yes, but there may be difficulties with the signal strength, lines load, and router when you use Wi-Fi. These factors can negatively affect the quality of the connection. Cable Internet provides a higher and more uninterrupted connection quality. That's why it is better to use it with a Business Phone.
    4. How long will it take to set up a Business Phone?
    On average, the connection and configuration of a Business Phone, regardless of the business's size, doesn't take more than one business day. It may be longer if you need to solve complex difficulties or make many non-standard settings while connecting.
    5. What phone numbers do I need for connection?
    You need SIP numbers to connect to a Business Phone. These are numbers in the Internet format. If you already have them, then you can instantly connect to Ringostat Business Phone. If not, we will help you to purchase or rent them directly from the provider.
    6. What is Ringostat Smart Phone?
    Ringostat Smart Phone is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that helps improve the sales department's efficiency.

    Opportunities that offers the extension:
    1. Accept and make calls directly in the browser.
    2. Make calls from any browser page or deal card in the CRM.
    3. Comfy calls processing: put on hold, turn off the microphone, and make attended and blind call transfer.
    4. In one click, go to contact or deal card in the CRM.
    5. Send SMS right from the browser — during the conversation or just after it.
    6. Valuable insights on a calling customer: what is the key request that brought him, how often he visits your site, which pages he has viewed, etc.
      7. Is it possible to control employees' conversations if they work remotely, using Business Phone?
      Yes, and there are even several options.
      1. If your employees simply work from home or they are located in another city, you can always use Ringostat reports to see how many calls they made, received, and missed, track how many customers are waiting on hold and listen to conversations to understand how sales reps are processing calls.
      2. If the specifics of your business involves working out of the office, in other words, if your sales reps are often on the road and do not take a laptop, then the FMC service will help to control their work. By activating it, you simply give an employee a phone number that he has to use for work. Calls made and accepted from this number go directly to the Ringostat Business Phone. The call log collects detailed information on each call: date, status, caller's number, the audio recording of the conversation.
      8. There was no answer to my question :(
      We are sorry, but it also happens :( Send your question to any of the chats on the right, and our specialist will answer it as soon as possible.
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