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Easy to set up and manage
Connect numbers and CRM integration in two clicks.
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Backup servers and directions insure every call.
To solve any task that you have.
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2 min is the average response time of the support team.
Ringostat Smart Phone

Call and chat in one app

User-friendly call software that fits perfectly with your CRM. Get a whole new comfortable call experience.

Make and receive calls
Call forwarding
One-click dialing
SMS / text messages
The app is already available on MacOS and Windows
Coming soon to iOS and Android
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Ringostat is a business phone solution for

Sales Team

Equip your reps to generate new customers and maximize revenue.

Remote Team

Lets remote employees stay connected no matter where they work.

Support Team

Supercharge your support team to reply to a customer with maximum speed.

Call Centers

Make it easier for agents to accept incoming calls and make outbound calls.
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Most popular features

Any number is available

Connect local, international and toll-free numbers for your business — even if your team works a continent away. Port your numbers in SIP format. You'll always stay in touch with your customers.


Easy set up, customize as you go

Automatically sync call details to your CRM to save time and avoid switching back and forth between systems. You’ll be able to review call recordings; check the history of each account, lead, or contact; and see the full context around every conversation.


Connect any integration you want

Ringostat integrates with CRM, messengers etc.

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Easily keep an eye on any metrics

Use default reports or create custom ones based on more than 30 parameters. Promptly get the information on the calls that a sales rep processed, missed, and how successful the conversations were. This way, you will always know the results of a team.


Check all Ringostat Business Phone features. You'll find features to fit all your needs and tasks.

Call recording
Ringostat can automatically make a recording of all calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime.
Click to Call
Dial any phone number on the web with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team's productivity.
Interactive Response
Create your multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) menu to guide the caller through different options. Make sure they are always directed to the correct department, agent etc.
Call queuing
Create customized call queues. Inbound calls are sorted in call queues based on predefined rules and steered to available agents within the right group.
Business hours
Define your business hours when you are available to receive calls. Outside these hours, you can choose a special personalized absence message or redirect calls to a different phone number or IVR.
Missed calls detection
A missed call is a generous gift to your competitors. Customize the call queue, forwarding schemes, and notifications by email or SMS. Thus, you won't miss a single request from the customer.
Calls segmentation
Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your call categories and tag them manually or semi-automatically.
Add specific numbers to the blacklist so they can't reach the company and bother your sales reps.
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Do you have questions? Check them below

If you don't find an answer to your question, please, fill free to contact us

1. What tasks can I solve using Ringostat Business Phone?
First of all, Ringostat Business Phone solves the global issue of providing the company with a reliable connection. You can also solve some related tasks by doing the work with calls in your company transparent, comfortable, and efficient:
- easy to manage calls: set up different call forwarding schemes, use the call queue during peak hours, set up call forwarding to specific sales reps based on user's behavior on the site before the call;
- reduce the number of missed calls: identify and eliminate the reasons for missed calls, set up notifications on missed calls by email and SMS, etc.;
- control everything that happens with calls in your company, using default or custom reports;
- automate the routine by integrating Business Phone with your CRM system.

Just in a few minutes, you can flexibly customize the integration: select triggers and conditions that will automatically create deals, contacts, and tasks;
- simplify the work of sales reps, and increase the chances for a successfully closed deal or upselling, using Ringostat Smart Phone, the virtual in-browser assistant;
- bring voice and text communication into a single window and contact clients where it is convenient for them, without switching between different systems.
2. What do I need to connect and set up a Business Phone?
There is only your desire and a computer with Internet access required. In order to connect Business Phone, you do not need to buy expensive equipment. As for the setup, our tech support will help you with all settings. Everything happens in just 24 hours according to the current tasks and peculiarities of your business.
3. Is Wi-Fi suitable for using a Business Phone?
Yes, but there may be difficulties with the signal strength, lines load, and router when you use Wi-Fi. These factors can negatively affect the quality of the connection. Cable Internet provides a higher and more uninterrupted connection quality. That's why it is better to use it with a Business Phone.
4. How long will it take to set up a Business Phone?
On average, the connection and configuration of a Business Phone, regardless of the business's size, doesn't take more than one business day. It may be longer if you need to solve complex difficulties or make many non-standard settings while connecting.
5. What phone numbers do I need for connection?
You need SIP numbers to connect to a Business Phone. These are numbers in the Internet format. If you already have them, then you can instantly connect to Ringostat Business Phone. If not, we will help you to purchase or rent them directly from the provider.
6. What is Ringostat Smart Phone?
Ringostat Smart Phone is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that helps improve the sales department's efficiency.

Opportunities that offers the extension:
1. Accept and make calls directly in the browser.
2. Make calls from any browser page or deal card in the CRM.
3. Comfy calls processing: put on hold, turn off the microphone, and make attended and blind call transfer.
4. In one click, go to contact or deal card in the CRM.
5. Send SMS right from the browser — during the conversation or just after it.
6. Valuable insights on a calling customer: what is the key request that brought him, how often he visits your site, which pages he has viewed, etc.
7. Is it possible to control employees' conversations if they work remotely, using Business Phone?
Yes, and there are even several options.

1. If your employees simply work from home or they are located in another city, you can always use Ringostat reports to see how many calls they made, received, and missed, track how many customers are waiting on hold and listen to conversations to understand how sales reps are processing calls.

2. If the specifics of your business involves working out of the office, in other words, if your sales reps are often on the road and do not take a laptop, then the FMC service will help to control their work. By activating it, you simply give an employee a phone number that he has to use for work. Calls made and accepted from this number go directly to the Ringostat Business Phone. The call log collects detailed information on each call: date, status, caller's number, the audio recording of the conversation.
8. There was no answer to my question :(
We are sorry, but it also happens :( Send your question to any of the chats on the right, and our specialist will answer it as soon as possible.

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