Ringostat for agencies

Prove the results of your advertising’s effectiveness for your customers.

Call tracking is necessary for your clients if:

Why agencies need call tracking

Prove the efficiency of your advertising efforts

Provide clients with comprehensive data on how advertising campaigns drive phone calls

Create successful advertising campaigns

Improve the quality of your services by optimizing the advertising based on the data on call sources

Get an additional channel of revenue

Join our affiliate program and get partner’s commission and bonuses

Terms and conditions of working with us

Conditions Youngling Padawan Jedi Master Grandmaster
MRR Netto*, USD 0 - 200 200 - 3K 3K - 6K 6K - 9K > 9K
The commission*, % 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
Free 14 days trial of one, several or all Ringostat products
Ringostat script on your website (free)
The number of case studies together with Ringostat 1 2 3 3
Guaranteed publication of client’s use case on popular online media
Participation in Ringostat events
Mutually organized events and content partnership
Recommendations to Ringostat’s partners
Access to the Ringostat Partner Chat private community
Online/offline trainings for agency experts
Automated workflow and convenient commission withdrawal

* Total MRR Netto — the amount of write-offs for the Ringostat license received from partner projects for the reporting month. It is calculated considering the bonuses for long-term payments. The fee is charged for the entire amount of the pricing plan (including the bonus for long-term payments).

Our partners

With Ringostat you can:

  • Prove the efficiency of your advertising efforts. If customers call from PPC campaigns, but call agents don’t answer, the data on missed calls is saved in the Ringostat reports. Thus, you may demonstrate that your advertising is performing effectively.
  • Focus on advertising that delivers more calls to your clients. Call analytics shows which ad channels bring the target traffic. Your client boosts sales and you get long-term cooperation.
  • Earn additional revenue. Recommend Ringostat to your clients and obtain an agent’s commission and bonuses. Terms of cooperation are transparent. You can see the information about all company’s projects and turnover in a Ringostat account.