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Commission fee

Your estimated annual income in figures

Calculated in USD for example

Commission fee
Your income:
≈ $360
Ringostat Silver
*Average check: $100
Commission fee
Your income:
≈ $480
Ringostat Gold
*Average check: $100
Commission fee
Your income:
≈ $600
Ringostat Platinum
*Average check: $100
*An average check size for a 1 client was taken for the calculations. All the numbers above were used to set an example. The final reward would depend on a specific project settings.
program conditions

Terms and conditions of cooperation with Ringostat

Ringostat Silver
Total MRR Netto*, USD ≤ 1K
Free use of Ringostat service for a partner
  • Mystery shopper service
  • Trainings for partners
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Ringostat Gold
Total MRR Netto*, USD 1K-3K
Free use of Ringostat service for a partner
  • Special offers for partner clients
    Joint marketing activities**.
  • Lead generation
    Mystery shopper service
    Trainings for partners
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Ringostat Platinum
Total MRR Netto*, USD > 3K
Free use of Ringostat service for a partner
  • Special offers for partner clients
    Joint marketing activities**.
  • Lead generation
    Mystery shopper service
    Trainings for partners
    Виділений менеджер
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* Total MRR Netto — the amount of write-offs for the Ringostat license received from partner projects for the reporting month. It is calculated considering the bonuses for long-term payments. The fee is charged for the entire amount of the pricing plan (including the bonus for long-term payments).
** Cooperative marketing activities — writing case studies with Ringostat; participation in events organized by Ringostat; organization of common events and info partnership.

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types of partnership

Why is it easy to work with us?

Choose the most convenient option for cooperation

Offer Ringostat products to your customers (on your own)

Control all the work made with project.
You have an impact on the project launch and aware about all changes made to the project.
You have to spend your time on communication with a client and cooperation with Ringostat.
You will have to deeply understand Ringostat products and sell them on your own to your clients.

Transfer your clients to supportive Ringostat team (without loosing your comission fee)

You don't spend time on communication with a client concerning the project launch.
Evade your responsibility from selling or launching the project.
The partner does not participate in a process of cooperation with a client.
The use of a third party to the communication with a client.
program benefits

Stronger together: what are the benefits of partnership with Ringostat

By joining the affiliate program, you will receive a reward and Ringostat's recommendations. Find new clients due to cooperative events and participation in the ratings of PPC agencies.

Comission fee

Receive a commission fee on every payment for Ringostat products by your clients. The higher is the amount of payments, the higher is the percentage of the reward.

Get leads from Ringostat

Ringostat clients are often looking for online promotion services. We recommend these clients to contact our partners.

Participate in ratings of digital agencies

Ringostat regularly provides ratings of digital advertisement agencies. It's a great opportunity for you to show your brand and find new clients.

Cooperative marketing activities with Ringostat

Publish case studies on Ringostat blog (50K visitors per month), or make cooperative events and activities with the marketing department.

Transparency of digital agency work

Calls and revenue are more understandable indicators of advertising performance for a business, rather than clicks or CTR.

Prove the quality of the agency's work

The agency can always provide the client a report in 1 click. That's how you answer all the questions about the work quality.

ringostat products

What is Ringostat and what tasks does it solve

Call Tracking

Find out the ads that drive calls to your clients

End-to-end analytics

Discover the cost recovery of each advertising channel


Quickly connect site visitors with a company's representative

Business Phone

Use a telephony that is launched for a specific business

Ringostat Smart Phone

Make your client free from the routine and save his time

Ringostat Messenger & Insider

Unify communication for business and use valuable customer insights to increase the average check.

What is Ringostat
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Partner stories

We have been cooperating with Ringostat since 2017. Both we and our clients are very satisfied with the promptness of resolving issues and the customer focus of all departments, especially the support team.

Vladimir Yuzhakov
Vladimir Yuzhakov

I like an affiliate program where everything is clear. It is also great that the manager assigned to us as an agency is constantly in touch; he helps us to resolve issues quickly, and communicates pleasantly.

Alexander Omelyanenko
Alexander Omelyanenko
Chief Executive Officer,

Our agency Aweb has been cooperating with Ringostat as a partner for several years. We are happy to recommend Ringostat products to our customers! I also have to notice the operational support, that is always ready to help.

Anna Zhurba
Anna Zhurba
Partnership Manager,
partner cases

Ringostat features in partners case studies

Learn about the functionality of Ringostat products with our partners case studies. Here you can check hints and useful insights on using Ringostat in your work.

Case study #1. No calls, the agency is not working

Client: online lending and insurance portal

total number of call
requests via callback
total requests via phone
What issues required a solution from the partner?
There were no calls from ads, only the ones from irrelevant regions.
The client was convinced that the ad was launched incorrectly and thought that there was no issue with the work of the sales department.
What Ringostat products did the partner integrate in this case?
To determine the effectiveness of advertising sources of customer's requests.
To increase the conversion from traffic to calls.
What features did the partner use to achieve the goals?
Specialists listened to calls brought by paid ads and did not find unrelevant ones.
The specialists have set up a categorization of calls in order to analyze calls by specific topics.

Case study #2. It is not clear which ad works and the call cost is high

Client: car dealer

decrease of the cost per call
targeted calls
total requests via phone
What issues required a solution from the partner?
It's unclear which campaigns are driving calls. At the same time, the call cost is high.
Scale advertising campaigns and drive more targeted traffic to the site.
What Ringostat products did the partner integrate in this case?
Business Phone
‍For setting up the voice menu and call forwarding schemes.
Call tracking
To determine the effectiveness of advertising sources of customer's requests.
What features did the partner use to achieve the goals?
After listening to the recordings of the calls, the partner gave recommendations to both sales and service departments.
Having data on online conversions and calls, experts could determine campaigns that are more expensive or cheaper.

Common questions

1. How to become a Ringostat partner?
To become a Ringostat partner, it is enough to either register on our website as a partner or write in any of the chats in the right corner of the screen. After that, our partnership manager will contact you and tell you more about further actions.
2. Is there any profit for a partner from Ringostat products?
You no longer have to convince the client about the decisions you made. Track your performance and prove the effectiveness of ads you launch. Improve your customers' sales with detailed reports and complete data.
3. What are the benefits of the Ringostat affiliate program for the agency?
The main advantages of participating in the Ringostat affiliate program are:

1. The ability to receive leads from Ringostat. Ringostat customers are often looking for online promotion contractors. We recommend such clients contact our partners.

2. Commission fee.

3. Participation in Ratings of PPC agencies. Ringostat makes annual ratings of agencies.

4. Joint marketing activities with Ringostat.
4. Is there a sales plan?
No, Ringostat does not require sales plans from partners. We are interested in cooperation and the exchange of leads. The agency can transfer leads to its partnership manager and then agree on a model of engagement in communication with the client. Thus, the agency will be able to either participate in further communication and monitor the client's project, or Ringostat will communicate with the client directly.
5. Is there any time limit for the client's project connection?
There is no fixed connection time for the client. The free trial period starts from the moment of setting up and launching the service in a trial mode.
6. How can I get the commission fee?
Ringostat charges the client every day and writes off as much money as he spent. Considering this volume, a commission fee is charged to your account. You can always see there the current balance and allocate your funds as soon as you wish. For example, you can use them to replenish your clients' projects.
7. Is it possible to launch Ringostat products without technical specialists?
90% of the functionality can be customized, including access levels to project sections for different employees. If you still have any questions about the settings, then you can always contact our technical support specialists.
8. I have not found an answer to my question.
We are sorry, but it also happens :( Just write your question in any of the chats on the right and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.