Ringostat takes care of your data

Main points

Data security

Users' data protection is Ringostat's main priority. The platform processes and stores information in compliance with encryption standards, redundancy requirements, and GDPR, as with users from the EU. Take care of analytics, meanwhile, Ringostat will protect your data.

Data encryption

Ringostat encrypts all data using SSL technology. This security certificate ensures the privacy of information that is transferred between the user's browser and servers. Moreover, Ringostat additionally encrypts data that is transferred between its own servers.


Ringostat fixes any changes in the project. It helps to connect the actions of specific users with activity in the account so that events can be restored. If it's needed Ringostat clients can request such information and the service will provide it.

Backup directions for calls

Always be connected. In case if a provider has some system malfunctions, Ringostat offers backup servers that redirect calls. The service can also do the same via backup providers. Call forwarding is imperceptible for both callers. Moreover, it doesn't influence the connection quality.

Quick access to data

Each client has his login to access the platform. All Ringostat pricings provide an unlimited number of users and different levels of access. Choose the information that will see a certain employee. Based on this give him a status: admin, analyst, representative, employee. Provide access to sensitive data only if necessary.