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More than 100 property developers rely on Ringostat Real Estate Solution to grow their business.
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What includes Ringostat Real Estate Solution?
By studying the unique processes of developers work, we have created a special solution for such companies. Ringostat Real Estate Solution will allow you to solve issues related to telephony, analytics and sales automation.
Increase the number of requests without extra investment
Website conversion growth
Control the work of sales reps and make wise decisions
Provide sales teams with connection in just one day
Find out ads that drive calls from customers
Control the success of ad campaigns
Multifunctional telephony
Workflow management
Discover in 20 minutes how Ringostat will solve your tasks

New opportunities for developers

A business has provide comfortable communication with customers, as well as between employees. Ringostat Real Estate Solution solves this problem by creating a unified telephony.

Connection of any numbers in SIP format

Connect numbers of any cities, regions, countries, toll-free, etc. to the virtual PBX. The main thing that they have to be in SIP format.

Full coverage of work with calls

Get a full picture of the work with calls in your company. Use the standard Ringostat reporting or create your own reports based on the parameters you need.

Combining voice and text communication

Communicate with clients by phone and in messengers using the single interface of the Ringostat virtual PBX without switching between different windows and programs.

Decreasing the number of missed calls

A missed call is a generous gift to your competitors. Customize the call queue, forwarding schemes, and notifications by email or SMS. Thus, you won't miss a single request from the customer.

Telephony for progressive sales departments

Control of calls is the control of your revenue

A must-have tool for the daily work of a sales or marketing department. Reports on calls from real estate platforms:

and other system that you are used to.

Customize the report as you like:

- Simply select and move the columns, so that you see the data you need first.
- Listen to the recording of the conversation in one click, or go to the call card with more detailed information on it.
Discover in 20 minutes how Ringostat will solve your tasks

Manage the work of sales reps even when they are working outside the office

Just give the employee a special SIM card that he can use as usual one. Meanwhile, all conversations will be recorded. Lately you can listen to them and evaluate the effectiveness of the employee. Check the scheme below to better understand how it works:

Receive reports on the effectiveness of employees

Track the success of the department and each sales rep, in particular, using clear and transparent metrics
Discover the number of calls that a certain sales rep processed during the specified period.
Find out how many users reached the company for the first time.
Get an understanding of the average request processing speed from each sales rep.
Make sure that sales reps talk to customers rather than using work time on solving personal issues.
Find out how long it takes on average to talk to one customer for your business.
Estimate the speed of response to inbound requests by finding out the average waiting time on the line.

More requests and less investments

Motivate website visitors to start the dialogue with the company. You can also increase the number of requests by an average of 30% — proven by the cases of our clients.
    Create a wow effect on your customers and build trust in the company. After all, you promised to call back in 30 seconds, and you did it.
    Increase the speed of processing applications. Sales reps do not need to waste time to process requests from the form one by one, as the connection is automatic.

    Full transparency of real estate marketing

    Boost your marketing and get more closed deals with the same budget. Ringostat has everything you need to solve this issue as efficiently as possible.

    Adapt your marketing for sales

    Build your marketing strategy based on sales and income but not intermediate conversions like requests and calls. Identify and focus on the channels with the highest cost recovery.

    Defining the source of the call up to the keyword

    Ringostat reports will show where the caller came from. It gives an understanding of advertising campaigns and keywords that are the most effective, so you can focus on them.

    97% accuracy of the system

    Achieves by collecting statistics directly from Google Analytics. This is the top analytics system trusted by digital marketers around the world.

    Marketing effectiveness in terms of profit

    Find out how each advertising channel performed and how much revenue it brought. Thus, you can measure the effectiveness of an ad based on ROI.

    Evaluate marketing performance

    Client: LEV Development

    Case study: Increase of the number of targeted calls by 36%

    The developer uses both static and dynamic call tracking types for different projects
    When a customer calls, a lead, tasks and a deal are automatically created in the developer's CRM
    Virtual PBX 2.0
    To control the sales department and understand the effectiveness of employees

    To determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Google Ads
    Transferring call tracking data to the CRM after a call
    Stable connection and recording of phone conversations in high quality

    What was done to achieve these goals?

    What Ringostat products were integrated for this case?

    What were the issues that had to be solved?

    The client tracked missed calls and analyzed the work of a sales department using the calls recording feature
    Recording calls from / to numbers of a mobile connection provider in a virtual PBX

    What is the cost of Ringostat?

    According to our data, the platform cost on average is not more than 7% of the developer's marketing budget per month.
    You get a product for optimizing advertising campaigns for only 4.5% of the cost of one square meter in your residential complex.
    Included in the price:
    Decrease of missed calls
    $ 49*
    for 30 days
    Included in the price:
    $ 74*

    You get products for optimizing advertising campaigns for only 6% of the cost of one square meter in your residential complex.
    Included in the price:
    $ 66*
    for 30 days
    for 30 days
    You get a platform to boost analytics and communication for only 7% of the cost of one square meter in your residential complex.
    Understanding how employees process requests
    Integration with the CRM
    Providing the company with connection without purchasing additional equipment
    Control of sales reps who work outside the office
    + Everything included to the "Studio" plan
    + Everything included to the "Studio" and "Triplex" plans
    Decrease of marketing costs
    Try Ringostat 14 days for free
    * The price is for a one-time license purchase for 360 days. While paying for a shorter period, the price must be recalculated and it will differ from the previous one. The final cost of the license will depend on the custom settings of the project.