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Call tracking for analyzing traffic efficiency

Undoubtedly, call tracking is a very useful tool for analyzing traffic efficiency. Thanks to the enrichment of call data with information about further actions of users, we managed to "close" the entire chain of interactions of site visitors. As a result, we were able to determine not only the fact of the call as a result of online activities, but also the result of the call - "Order", "Make an appointment for a consultation", "Call the master", etc.

Roman Chernysh
Business analyst, PROMODO
It is better to test it and see everything for yourself

Ringostat is cool! There is number substitution, there is callback, statistics of all calls (even if you missed the call - you will not lose the client, because you can call him back, understanding at the same time what request he came to your site), knowledge of the channels from which people come to the site, the effectiveness of key queries in advertising campaigns. In general, rather than asking what is useful in Ringostat, it is better to test it and see everything for yourself!

Zarina Shaimakhanova
Marketing Specialist, DIGIS AV
We optimize advertising campaigns

I am incredibly grateful to the Ringostat team! They helped to set everything up, and the call tracking service solved two issues: 1. The problem of "no calls" disappeared. Statistics for the first month showed that employees answered only 57%, for the second month - 71%. I hope we will reach 100% of received calls :) 2. We see what words were used in the calls, we optimize advertising campaigns and word costs according to call analytics.

Yulia Kurylova
The entire telephone system of the company is based on Ringostat

The entire telephone system of the company is based on Ringostat. Automation of telephone processes, statistics collection, full data accounting, quick access to any necessary information is the basis of the company's well-established business processes. Ringostat is responsible for our telephony process and we are very happy about it!)

Oleksandr Beznosenko
CCO, Netpeak
We were able to improve customer service

We were able not only to analyze our advertising activities, but also to improve customer service. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of telephony, technical support and Ringostat service in general.
Gadgets and accessories
We are no longer pay for unprofitable sources

I recommend this service. For a month of work we have filtered the sources of transitions to our site and no longer pay for unprofitable ones.

Products for home improvements and recreation
This technology is innovative for our market

We are very pleased to cooperate with Ringostat. This technology is innovative for our market, and we are successfully offering advanced web analytics capabilities to our customers in the form of call accounting in a very user-friendly interface.
SEM marketing agency
Ringostat helped us to solve the main task

Ringostat helped us to solve the main task - to understand where the calls come from. After 2 months, we already had the share of each channel in the total number of calls during constant advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, we continue to use the service both to record customer satisfaction and service quality, and to evaluate advertising channels.
Online mobile device store
More reliable data about orders and calls

For me, Ringostat is an indicator of what I am striving for with my team. Thanks to the platform, we get more reliable data on orders and calls. I am also pleased that the manager assigned to us as a client is constantly in touch, helps to resolve issues promptly, and communicates pleasantly.

Oleksandr Omelianenko

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