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United Phone System

Connect employees from all offices, cities and countries to a single phone network for comfortable communication with customers and among each other.

Toll-Free Numbers

Use toll-free numbers to increase the number of incoming calls. After all, it will be free for your customers.

International & Local Numbers

Connect numbers of any cities, countries, etc. The main thing is that they have to be in SIP format.

Connecting Existing Numbers

Use your existing SIP numbers. Just port them to Ringostat for free.

Call Routing

Direct calls to the correct teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Provide the best experience for customers. Set up a multi-level voice menu. Thus, they can immediately contact the desired department or person.


Provide clients with an additional communication channel. A customer will be able to leave a voice message if he or she calls after hours or if all employees are busy.

Business Hours

Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.

Non-working hours

Don't lose customers. Set a special message or redirect calls to a different phone number when you are out of the office.

After-Call Work

After every call automatically ask customer how the service was. It will help you to keep the best customer relationships.

Mini CRM

Store all customer contacts in a user-friendly interface and take action with them with a single click.

Call Recording

Review call recordings to understand how sales reps communicate with customers and process inbound requests.

Call Log

It's very comfy to use. Customize it as you want. Get detailed information on calls: duration, waiting time etc.

Blocklist Numbers

Add specific numbers to the blocklist so they can't reach the company and bother your sales reps.

Personalized Greetings & Music

Create special greetings. Make communication with customers more pleasant and personalized.

Call Queuing

Make sure that customers can reach you even during peak hours. Customize your call queue schemes, and set the rules for calls.

Power Dialer

Avoid the necessity of searching for the next contact in the database and manually dialing the number. Spend less time on each call by launching automatic dialing from the database.

Parallel Calls

Put your current conversation on hold and immediately start a separate call with a third party.

Direct Transfer

Just transfer the call to another employee. It doesn't matter if it's a web phone or mobile.

Warm Transfer

First, contact the employee and then transfer the call. At this time, the client will listen to pleasant music.


Assign everyone on the team a personalized three-digit extension their colleagues can quickly dial.

Ring Groups

Route calls not to a direct person but to a team. The first available employee will pick up the phone and be ready to talk to a customer.

Call Commenting

Leave a comment on any call, so you'll always know what the issue was with this call.

Call Tagging

Tag calls to know how many calls were about sales, support, spam etc. Provide this data to marketing to perform better.

Calls Segmentation

Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your categories and tag them manually or semi-automatically.

Text-to-speech Feature

Read the text of conversations instead of spending hours listening to audio dialogs with customers.


Call Summary

Find out in 10 seconds what the call was about and what the sales rep and customer came to during the conversation.


Mood of a Sales Rep and Customer Feature

Always be aware of whether the customer is happy with the interaction with your staff and how friendly and professional they are.


Recommendations for Further Steps

Know what actions to take once you've finished the dialog to close the deal as soon as possible.


Desktop Application

It's a very comfy desktop application that brings an absolutely new customer experience working on calls.

Single Window

It allows you to work with calls, messages and CRM as in a single window.

Desktop Notifications

When an incoming call comes in, we will automatically alert you with a notification to instantly know who is calling.

Click to Call

Make a call in 1 click from any webpage, even from CRM.

Click to CRM

Go from app to deal with the customer in CRM in one click.

Caller ID

See customer's name during incoming call. Of course, if this customer is already named in your CRM.

Real-Time Customer Card

Get all data about customers via their previous calls. You’ll better understand how to speak to a customer before you pick up a phone.

Insight Card

See more context behind every inbound call via data about customer's behaviour. It will let you sale more.

Active Customers on a Website

See users who are currently on your site and have previously called you. Call them right now. It will cause a wow effect and increase the possibility of a purchase.

Real-Time Modifications

Change whatever you want in settings. All updates will apply immediately.

Smart Detection of Missed Calls

Customize the call queue, forwarding schemes, and notifications by email or SMS. Thus, you will get all requests from the customers.

SMS Text Messaging

Send your customers messages about the final order sum, delivery date etc.

Messengers Text Messaging

Receive and operate incoming requests from customers via messengers. Communicate with customers in channels they prefer.

CRM Integrations

Easily set up integration with worldwide most popular CRMs. Please contact us if you didn’t find your CRM or you have a custom solution.

One-Click Set Up

Just in one click, without the participation of programmers, change any settings to fit your current business processes.


Use API to set the integration with any other system you need.


Use webhooks for the more complicated or custom task you need to solve.

Call Statistics

Use default Ringostat reports or create custom ones based on more than 30 parameters. Track metrics that are relevant to your business.

Call Center Analytics

Keep track of all your call center metrics – such as wait time, missed call rate, and call volume – in one place.

Supervisor’s Reporting

Use Ringostat supervisor’s reporting to control all calls and efficiently track ways to increase productivity and fix mistakes.

Sales Agent Effectiveness

Promptly get the information on the calls that a sales rep processed and missed and how successful the conversations were. This way, you will always know the results of a team.

Calls Distribution

Discover the time when your sales department is the most loaded and optimize your sales reps' schedule.

Missed and Unprocessed Calls

Take advantage of this comfy tool to quickly identify missed calls that have not yet been processed and fix that situation.

Custom Filters

Customize reports as you want. Fast filters will help you to create the most suitable reporting.

Custom Reporting

Create reports for your business needs. Make import in a convenient format or easily share data with your colleagues by simply copying the link.

Report downloading

Download reports in a format that is convenient for you. For example, to calculate KPI in Google Sheets or to create a custom monthly report.


Keep your data and calls safe. Everything is stored in modern servers with vigilant monitoring.

Backup Destinations

If one of the providers fails, the calls will go via the backup directions. And your customers won't even notice something.

Banning Outbound Calls

Be sure the sales rep will not make calls to regions or countries he does not need for work. Keep your spending safe.

Limited Open Directions

Protect yourself from fraudulent activities and calls. Limit the maximum number of simultaneously open directions.

East-to-use Web Admin

User-oriented and flexible web admin panel allows you to have a good customer experience while using Ringostat.

OAuth Authorization

User OAuth Authorization to have faster and easier access to your account.

Prompt Technical Support

The truly prompt and professional technical support will answer any of your requests within 4 minutes.

Proactive Customer Success

The customer Success team will take care of your project from the first day and help you avoid all risks and issues.

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