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e-commerce solution

Case: Ringostat telephony for Maxi.az – one of the top online stores in Azerbaijan

Client: online store
What problems needed to be solved?
  • To provide business with quality telephony and uniform load between operators.
  • Analyze various KPI's of the sales department.
  • Automate the sales process and unload operators.
Which Ringostat products were integrated in this case?
  • Business Phone. To solve the problem of poor quality communication and recording of employee conversations.
  • Ringostat Smart Phone. For making, receiving calls and automating routine processes.
What chips were used to achieve the goals?
  • Thanks to Ringostat telephony, the client solved the main problem – improving the quality of communication.
  • The client was able to monitor the work of operators using audio recordings of calls and Ringostat reports.
  • Convenient reception / making calls, transition to CRM in one click, with the help of Ringostat Smart Phone routine processes were optimized.