AI-Driven Call Recommendations

Enhance productivity and improve customer communication with AI-powered recommendations.

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High-quality communication

Be aware of the actions to take after a conversation with customers to address all their needs and improve your interaction.

Sales boost

Get valuable guidance on the steps needed to finalize the deal promptly.

Effortless supervision and training

Review all customer agreements quickly and build employee training programmes based on AI recommendations.

Focus on what matters

Never miss important information again. Always keep track of follow-up actions and commitments to clients.


Expedite sales and raise customer satisfaction levels

Ringostat's artificial intelligence analyzes the context of customer phone calls and provides managers with actionable next steps. These steps can include calling back in a few days, sending an invoice, or sharing a product benefits presentation. Since a department manager can't make such recommendations after every call, it's best to let AI handle it.


Gain detailed control over your employees' performance, ensuring everything is noticed

Managers can quickly review the next employee's actions for each conversation, overseeing the entire deal journey until its closing, empowered by complete knowledge of customer agreements and AI-recommended actions.

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What is AI-driven call recommendation?


AI-driven call Recommendations is an artificial intelligence solution that analyses the content of a call and makes recommendations for the next steps, helping agents improve communication efficiency and salespeople close sales.

What are the benefits of using AI-Driven Call Recommendations?


Thanks to the recommendations provided by Ringostat's artificial intelligence, managers' efficiency and workflow optimization increased. Employees know exactly what next steps to take to improve customer interactions and simplify and accelerate the closing of deals.

How do AI-driven call recommendations improve the customer experience?


The AI-powered solution understands the call's content and gives managers practical advice on continuing to communicate and collaborate. For example, prepare and send documents, schedule a meeting, transfer a request to the appropriate department, etc. AI recommendations help to quickly resolve customer issues and provide the necessary support, which helps to build trust and loyalty.

Which departments and agents can benefit from AI-driven call recommendations?


Artificial intelligence will be instrumental in the work of departments that handle phone calls, such as call centers, hotline staff, sales and technical support departments, etc.

Which industries can profit from AI-Driven Call Recommendations?


Legal and consulting offices, medical institutions, car dealerships, real estate agencies, and other businesses in Ukraine that require efficient interaction and impeccable phone service will appreciate AI recommendations that will help managers provide timely and high-quality support to customers.