Flexible system

Ringostat modules are designed to easily respond to any needs

Our service helps marketers solve difficult tasks

  • Substitute phone numbers for different advertising channels. For example, for PPC advertising or specific campaigns.
  • Configure call tracking for complicated projects: if a website is situated on multiple domains or has subdomains.
  • Combine static and dynamic call tracking ways and get reports with the opportunity to segment the data.
  • Calculate conversion rates based on unique and targeted calls.

Decrease the number of missed calls

In Ringostat you may configure:

  • The priority of accepting incoming calls by sales reps. You can choose different call distribution schemes. It allows equally distributing call center volume and increases the performance of employees.
  • Who will accept incoming calls, if nobody answers.
  • Interactive voice response. Use your own or pre-made recordings for greeting, informing about promotions or working schedule.

Build omnichannel analytics

  • Ringostat has 10+ integrations with popular systems and services, which you can activate in only a few clicks.
  • If we don't have the integration with a certain service, you can use Ringostat API or Webhooks. The flexible settings allow transferring data on calls to any system. 32 parameters are available for export from call status up to the name of the advertising campaign or keyword.
Custom reports

Our service allows creating custom reports for any needs of your business

Create reports with more than 32 parameters

Ringostat has a detailed call log. There you may easily create any report for your business needs. Build a data set with 32 parameters. Filter a data set by different conditions, change the location of fields up to your convenience and get detailed reports. For example, you can learn about the advertising channels or campaigns which make your phone ring. Identify how many clients were waiting to answer more than 1 minute and gave up. Analyze how your call agents are processing the calls.

Download call statistics in a convenient format

You may work with data not only in the Ringostat interface. Export information in XLS or CVS format to other services. Automatically receive custom reports via email. Choose the frequency and timing of sending reports.

Prompt support

Comfort and success for clients

Ringostat clients get comprehensive help

We have two departments responsible for our clients. They are the Technical Support Team and Customer Success Department. This approach allows us both to resolve technical issues and help users achieve greater results in working with our service. These departments have different tasks. However, their common goal is to give our clients the opportunity to squeeze the maximum value from call analytics.

Technical Support Team

  • They solve different technical issues from project settings to eliminating problems.
  • The average response time is 5 minutes.
  • 95% of customers rate the work of this department as Excellent and Super.

Customer Success Department

  • From the very first days of activating the project, they track your work with Ringostat and recommend how to use the service effectively.
  • The customer success department shares practical information and teaches how to use Ringostat. Also, they respond to comments and resolve difficult issues.
  • The customer success department has a proactive approach. When configuring a project, they prevent the difficulties which a user may face in the future and recommend how to avoid them. For instance, the email and SMS notifications about missed calls aren’t turned on. The Customer Success Manager contacts a client and explains how to activate notifications and be informed about missed calls.

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