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Преимущества Ringostat, чем платформа Ringostat лучше аналогичных сервисов
Преимущества Ringostat, чем платформа Ringostat лучше аналогичных сервисов
Преимущества Ringostat, чем платформа Ringostat лучше аналогичных сервисов
Преимущества Ringostat, чем платформа Ringostat лучше аналогичных сервисов
Find out why Ringostat platform is better than similar services.

Ringostat Benefits

Super accurate statistics up to 97%

Ringostat, unlike similar platforms, receives the same information as Google Analytics. Due to this, our platform's data is as close as possible to the information from the system trusted by digital marketers all over the planet.

In addition, Ringostat has provided functionality that will improve the accuracy of statistics even if you want to solve the most complex and non-standard tasks.

What are the benefits for the client


In Ringostat, you see conversion data based on Google Analytics statistics, trusted by marketers around the world


You will be able to analyze in Google Analytics more than 10 types of events that are driven by Ringostat

Accuracy of statistics even for the most complex and non-standard tasks

With Ringostat you can also transfer page views to this system

Solve complex problems, increase the efficiency of call tracking, and get even more accurate data.

Advanced features of numbers substitution

Call forwarding based on visitor behavior
For example, employee who is responsible for a particular category is contacted with a client who viewed that specific category.
Cross domain tracking
This is an option for a business that has two or more websites. Check data for all your sites using a single Ringostat account.
Numbers substitution by GEO
Website visitors will see the most appropriate phone number. The dual algorithm detects where the user's location and provides the most accurate number substitution to the phone of the relevant city and country.

Facebook Pixel integration

This integration allows you to show ads to the people who are the most motivated to buy your products. As they are similar to the ones who always contact your company by phone.
At the same time, settings are very simple, so you do not need to change the website code. Everything is configured in your Ringostat account.

What are the opportunities of Ringostat and Facebook Pixel integration?


Considering data on calls, the social network optimizes ads so you can get more leads.

Thus, you can launch targeted ads on this popular social network.


Ringostat will help you collect audiences from those who have called you before.


Manage settings on your own

Everything is customized. Anytime, anytime and for any process. Ringostat, as a constructor, will adjust to solve any of your tasks.

Self-service: solution builder in your hands

You can easily change project settings without involving coders. Other platforms often require the help of technical support. To make it easy for you, we update our knowledge base every month.

For example, the platform has a simple way to set up number substitution. It is enough there to enter a number. Our platform itself will find the phone on the website, and it will replace it.
Accuracy of statistics for solving even very complex and non-standard tasks.

Connection setup

Custom reports

Flexible configuration of incoming and outgoing calls

Configure the numbers and operators for outgoing calls.

Create a multi-level voice menu, so that the caller immediately selects the required department.

Choose the logic of inbound calls distribution by numbers, managers and answering machine.

Set up a call queue with various scenarios based on calls that will be sent to sales reps.

Create any combinations of dozens parameters

Create any reports by 30+ parameters available at Ringostat. You can easily adjust them for your needs. It may be a selection of calls from specific requests. For example, the one where the client waited a long time for an answer, etc.
The "Analytics" report builder that includes 10 default reports — quickly evaluate the success of ads.

Call log that includes 6 default selections — analyze each call and its advertising source in convenient reports.

Report "Distribution of calls by day of the week and time of day" — know when it is better to involve more sales reps and increase bids to boost sales.

The "Missed unprocessed calls" report will help you easily find out missed calls that were not processed by employees. Thus, you can promptly fix this situation.
With Ringostat reports you will find the answer to the questions related to your business.

No malfunctions that will affect your work

Any software might have breakdowns. Thus, it is important for a user that this does not affect telephony. And this is highly crucial when it comes to communication with the buyer. If the phone does not work, then how can you call the person to close the deal?

Ringostat, unlike many other services, has envisaged that telephony works reliably and failures do not affect its operation.

Ringostat has backup servers and destinations that insure every call.

Backup servers and destinations

Operators backup

Ringostat has 2-3 backup operators for each region. If for some reason the main operator is not available, the reserve one will be used.

We maintain a public log of issues that is updated almost in real time. Barely any of Ringostat competitors does the same thing.

Public log of issues

Get an online presentation and learn more about Ringostat opportunities for your business


Super fast support

Dealing with any technical product might be challenging. Thus, we invest a huge resource to ensure that our support team solves your needs simply and quickly.

In the first month of working with Ringostat, you will understand that we have one of the best support teams that you have ever had to interact with.

requests were processed by our technical support in 2021

More than 10K

1,15 min

average response time of the support team

97% customers

rate our support team as "Good" or "Excellent"

Hi, I'm Flash! And this is the fastest customer support on Earth

Customer Success is your own superhero in Ringostat

This is your person in Ringostat who will solve any issues and report the non-standard situation directly to the platform managers.

What are the skills of Customer Success Managers?

I'm here to help you!

Customer Success analyzes your project and gives you advises on how to work more efficiently or fix bugs.

Analyzes your project

Customer Success can give advice on how to improve the sales department and advertising activities.

Gives advice on optimization

Customer Success notices in advance situations which can then develop into difficulties, and informs clients about them.

Reaction to issues

Integrations with CRM that are created for your business

Ringostat organically integrates with your CRM and helps sales managers close deals better and faster. Customize integrations for your unique business processes and, if necessary, change settings in just 1 click without involving programmers.
You set the conditions and integration scenarios. Select entities in CRM and circumstances that will be created automatically. You can do it simply in a convenient matrix. It won't take you more than a minute. Moreover, you won't involve integrators or any other technical specialists.

Flexible integration in a few clicks

Now you do not have to link your site with CRM. You can do so with Ringostat.
When the client enters his data in the application form, this information is recorded in CRM. It will also contain data about the source of the transfer to your site. It won't take you more than 10 minutes to enable this option, and there will no need in coding skills.

Deals creation in CRM after filling out the form on the site


Take your sales to the next level

Ringostat creates the most comfortable environment for the work of a sales representative. Calls, messages and work with CRM now take place in one window of the Google Chrome browser. Moreover, with Ringostat a sales rep knows how to increase the bill and surprise clients.
This is a product that will become an indispensable assistant to sales reps. You will be able to close deals faster and increase the average check size by making an upselling. All these things are available due to the Ringostat Smart Phone extension.

Ringostat Smart Phone:
extension for Google Chrome

Chat with leads from different messengers in one window. Communicate with customers where it is most convenient for them.

Ringostat Messenger

Messages from different messengers in a single interface.

The name of the buyer and the history of communication for inbound calls.

Summary analytics for customers.

Ringostat integrates with the most popular messengers

Virtual analytical assistant for the sales rep. Get valuable information about the client even before you pick up the phone or start exchanging messages.

Ringostat Insider

Summary analytics on the client.

Advertising source, data about the location of the client and his movement on the site.

Display of the clients who previously called the company and are now on the site.

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