Call Center Solution

A specialised call center solution that will provide smooth communication for companies of any size. Ringostat can be set up in 24 hours. It works without any additional tools.

What goals can Ringostat Business Phone help to achieve

even if the call center works remotely

Quick telephony setup

Our attentive support team will quickly set up a connection for your call center employees, so you can start processing requests immediately.

Automation and comfortable working conditions

Connect cloud PBX with the most popular messengers and CRM systems. Put call processing for call center operators on a stream.

Operator performance monitoring

Track how many calls employees miss and listen to call recordings. Monitor how managers communicate with customers.

Call and chat in one app

User-friendly call software that fits perfectly with your CRM. Get a whole new comfortable call experience.

The most popular features of the Ringostat Smart Phone app
Make and receive calls
Call forwarding
One-click dialing
SMS / text messages
The app is already available on  MacOS and Windows
Coming soon to iOS and Android

Benefits of cloud communication for call center from Ringostat

All-in-one solution for your call center

Super-flexible settings for incoming and outgoing calls. Choose your own rules — from which numbers and mobile operators calls will be made. Create as many separate call forwarding schemes as you like for working and non-working days and hours.

Useful information for operators

Employees will be able to accurately "guess" the goals and objectives of the client, and this will increase the success of closing a deal or consultation. At the moment of the call, Ringostat Insider will demonstrate the request that led the user, what interested him on the website and what prompted him to make a call.


Employees spend less time on manual work and more on closing deals. With Ringostat Smart Phone, you can receive and make calls with one click directly in app. From there, you can get to the CRM in a second. It's simpler and easier to use than a standard mobile phone.

To solve global challenges

The main goal of communication in a call center is to provide convenience for both customers and employees. Ringostat IP telephony for a call center will allow you to achieve this more efficiently than using basic communication tools.

Creating a unified telephone network for business

It doesn't matter where your employees work. They can be connected to a single network to communicate comfortably within the company and with customers.

Connecting virtual numbers

You can use numbers of any locality, region, country, 0800 numbers, etc. for your call center. The main thing is that the number must be virtual (in SIP format).

Data on all calls to your company

Analyse reports of calls. You can view the ones already available in Ringostat or create your own to suit your department's needs.

Combining calls and emails in one place

Provide employees with the ability to talk to customers on the phone and send them emails in one window.

Listening to employee calls

Listen to the calls of operators to see if they are really communicating with callers correctly and are motivated to solve customer problems.

Reducing the number of lost calls

Use call queues, call forwarding schemes, and set up email alerts for important events.

User-friendly call log

Key statistics that a call center works with on a daily basis.

Set it up in a way that fits your needs. With one click, you can start recording a call or access the call card to learn more about the customer. There you can find statistics about the source of the call, the time of the call, the duration of the wait, and the name of the person who received the call. There, the operator can set the value of the call and comment on it.


Reliable and stable performance

Reliability is the most essential quality of communication for business. Ringostat has many features to ensure that you can always stay in touch.

Adding backup destinations and operators

If the telecom provider experiences a malfunction, calls will be routed through the "backup" destinations. Neither the caller nor the answering manager will even notice the difference.

Block calls from a specific SIP account

Know for sure that your employees will not be able to make calls to cities and countries that you do not work with.

Fast technical support

Ringostat customers always praise the competence and speed of our technical support. Our specialists usually respond within a maximum of four minutes.

Limited number of simultaneously open lines

Be sure that fraudsters won't harm you — set how many lines you can have open for calls at the same time.

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Solving call management tasks

Each call center has its own way of handling calls. But no matter how you work, Ringostat cloud PBX will overcome all challenges, taking into account the smallest features of your business processes.

Calls Segmentation

Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize your categories and tag them manually or semi-automatically

Multi-level voice menu

Provide customers with a fast and convenient way to communicate. The multi-level voice menu will save time for the customer and other operators, who will not be distracted.

Spam protection

Add to the blacklist the numbers of sellers of concert tickets, office lunch deliveries, etc. — they won't be able to call you and won't distract your employees.


Make sure about the company's image and customers' comfort. Use voice messages instead of standard beeps.

Create call distribution rules

Give your customers the opportunity to get through even during peak hours. Create your own call-forwarding schemes and rules for directing calls to a department or group of operators.

Selecting a phone number for each direction

Choose which number employees will call at each destination. Customers will be shown the number of the relevant region or operator when receiving incoming calls.

Detailed reports

The most motivated users are the ones who call you. Therefore, it is always important to control everything related to calls in your business. This is easy and handy to do with Ringostat virtual PBX reports.

Reports for the needs of each call center

Analyse the reports available in the standard platform or create your own using 30+ metrics. Keep track of the metrics that matter to your call center.

Calls Distribution

Discover the time when your sales department is the most loaded and optimize your sales reps' schedule.

Sales Agent Effectiveness

Promptly get the information on the calls that a sales rep processed and missed and how successful the conversations were. This way, you will always know the results of a team.

Custom Reporting

Create reports for your business needs. Make imports in a convenient format or easily share data with your colleagues by simply copying the link.

Missed and Unprocessed Calls

Take advantage of this comfy tool to quickly identify missed calls that have not yet been processed and fix that situation.

Report Downloading

Download reports in a format that is convenient for you. For example, to calculate KPI in Google Sheets or to create a custom monthly report.

Customer reviews

Netpeak Software

«We process leads through Ringostat Smart Phone on a daily basis, and we are very comfortable with it. We especially appreciate the fact that useful information is pulled directly from our amoCRM. In Ringostat Smart Phone, you can instantly see who is calling, and we understand how to address the user by name».

Dmytro Kapustin
Head of Business Development

«During my work at Novatek-Electro, we have used the services of 4 partners, but Ringostat has provided the best quality and uninterrupted communication. Compared to the technical support of other partners, Ringostat has a higher level of expertise».

Dmytro Bondarenko
Head of Sales Development
Inweb Digital Agency

«With the application, we can immediately see all the statistics of a user who visits Inweb: we instantly understand what service they need. It helps our salespeople a lot. Special thanks to the support team — they always respond quickly and help with everything we ask».

Julia Zalihovska
Sales Lead

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What is the Ringostat Call Center Solution?


Ringostat offers a specialized call center solution that ensures seamless communication for companies of all sizes. It can be set up in 24 hours and works without additional tools.


How does the Ringostat Business Phone System help you achieve your Call Center goals?


Ringostat virtual PBX offers a fast setup with attentive support, automation, comfortable working conditions for employees, and tools to monitor and improve the performance of call agents.


What products does Ringostat offer for Call Center telephony?


Ringostat offers Virtual PBX, an important communication tool for companies of all sizes, and Ringostat Smart Phone, which simplifies the work of a call center operator.


What are the advantages of the Ringostat Cloud Business Phone System for Call Centers?


Ringostat Cloud Communication offers flexible settings for incoming and outgoing calls, improved control over the quality of customer service, and increased employee productivity


How does Ringostat help improve customer service in call centers?


Ringostat offers integration with CRM systems, automatic call recording, and advanced reporting for analyzing call center performance, which helps to improve customer service.

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