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Sarah Baker
Date: 11/25/2022
Source: Facebook
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healthcare solution

Case: increase of targeted calls and reduction in the cost of calls by 40%

Client: dental clinic
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What problems needed to be solved?
Accounting of all conversions for budget optimization.
Determining the effectiveness of campaigns and keywords.
Analytics of incoming requests from customers to assess the quality of traffic.
Which Ringostat products were integrated in this case?
To determine the effectiveness of the client's advertising call sources
Business Phone
To record employee conversations even when they work outside the office
To increase conversion from traffic to calls.
What chips were used to achieve the goals?
Thanks to call tracking, the client has a clear understanding of all conversions and makes decisions on budget optimization based on specific data.
Based on Ringostat data, the list of keywords was revised, ineffective ones were disabled, and the list of negative words was worked out.
The clinic plans the workload of administrators based on the Ringostat report on the distribution of incoming calls.