Analytic Tools

Get deeper analytics insight to improve marketing efficiency. Report call data to your analytics tools.


Ringostat for Google Analytics

Get in-depth analytics. Analyze online conversions and calls all in one system.

Key features

Get data on calls.

Google Analytics is a web analytics system designed to analyze online conversions. However, it doesn't analyze calls. Ringostat remedies these problems. Calls from the website are automatically transferred to Google Analytics as specific events. Call status in Ringostat call log corresponds to goal in Google Analytics. Set up different call statuses: missed, unique, repeated and others.

Track goal completion.

Calls are tracked as goals in Google Analytics. In reports you can view data on targeted calls, first unique calls and calls via callback widget. You can set up goals for each call category on your own.

Analyze the efficiency of ad campaigns.

You can view how website traffic converts into calls. Determine which ad campaigns and keywords generate the most calls from customers.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Google Analytics integration

  • Ringostat is a service confirmed by Google and official app of Google Apps Gallery.
  • Tracking leads from the first website visit to call and purchase.
  • Detailed analytics: which keywords and campaigns get customers call and make purchases.

Ringostat for Facebook Pixel

Discover how ads work and optimize campaigns.

Key features

Consider calls while working with ads on Facebook.

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that helps measure the effectiveness of ads and discover people's actions on the site. Due to the integration with Ringostat, Pixel receives data on calls made by users who were driven from Facebook and Instagram ads. They get there as a standard event with the "Contact" category. The more users actions you track, the more accurate is your statistics, and the more likely you are to run successful ads.

Create and combine audiences for more clear targeting considering data on calls.

Data on calls will help focus on the most motivated users. After all, a call most often means a warm lead that is close to a purchase. Due to the integration, you can, for example, select a segment from people who visited the site in the last 30 days and also made a call. You can configure retargeting for this audience as these users are already interested in buying. Thus, you can increase the conversion of ads without additional investments.

Form the audience for the look-alike campaign.

The look-alike tool allows you to select audiences that are similar in their interests and behavior. The integration will allow creating such audiences based on data about callers. You can show ads to people who are similar in behavior and other parameters to those who usually call you. This allows you to describe a product or service to those who are more likely to be interested in it.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Facebook Pixel integration

  • Getting a full picture of the effectiveness of ads on the social network. Ringostat will complement data on online conversions with information on calls from users.
  • The opportunity to increase the effectiveness of ads. By knowing users who call most often, you can more clearly set your audiences and optimize campaigns.

Ringostat for OwoxBI

Construct an omnichannel analytics considering calls.

Key features

Transfer call data to Google BigQuery.

OWOX BI Pipeline is a tool for combining data from different sources such as Google Analytics, CRM and others. OWOX BI Pipeline collects data, transfers them to Google BigQuery and helps analyze in detail. Through integration analytics is supplemented by information on calls (proper, missed etc).

Use comprehensive data to optimize advertising costs.

Learning about sources of phone calls, make a conclusion about the contribution of every ad campaign to sales. Use data on cost per call and advertising expenses for budget allocation and increasing ROI.

Connect calls with closed deals.

Learn how sessions and calls convert to sales and how profitable advertising investments really are. Generate different reports and visualize them for analysis.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and OwoxBI integration

  • Integrating information on calls with data from other services.
  • Organizing and analyzing large amounts of data including information on calls.

Ringostat for Kissmetrics

Learn more about the behavior of your prospects including online conversions and calls.

Key features

Send call tracking data from Ringostat and gather it into Kissmetrics reports.

Kissmetrics is a customer analytics platform. When somebody calls your company, call tracking transfers to Kissmetrics the information about the phone number of the caller, call status, waiting time and duration of the call. You can choose the key metrics for calls and always have them in one place.

Calculate ROMI based on comprehensive data.

Thanks to associated information about online conversions and calls, you can determine the profitability of different advertising channels. Visualize results in the form of reports. Use visualizations to process large amounts of information and compare different metrics.

Analyze the behaviour of your website visitors.

Segment your callers and compare their behavior with other users. Create efficient advertising campaigns to convert website visitors into clients.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Kissmetrics integration

  • Find out how your customers interact with your website before and after the call. Track real-time activities of your customers.
  • See how your paid advertising, organic search and referral links perform and convert into calls.
  • Use the broaden opportunities of SEO testing, work with statistics, data visualization and cohort segmentation.

Ringostat for Woopra

Boost sales tracking phone calls and seeing the real-time call activity of each customer.

Key features

Сreate customized reports with your call tracking data.

Woopra is an analytics service for creating reports about customer behavior. It tracks who are your customers, where they come from, how they interact with your website etc. Ringostat adds these reports with call data such as the phone number of a client, status of call, call length. Choose key metrics and pin call reports to the Woopra Live Dashboard.

Check the call activity of customers in their personal profiles.

Analyze reports on callers. Learn about the number of phone calls, their frequency, status, geolocation and much more. Create a detailed buyer persona and segment customers based on call data.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and Woopra integration

  • Send call reports to Woopra dashboard. Ringostat is the only call tracking integrated with Woopra.
  • Track your website’s key events such as phone calls.
  • See the call activity of clients in their personal profiles.