Ringostat affiliate program for CRM systems integrators

Use Ringostat functionality for your clients' business and get commissions.
Ringostat features
What do partners get?
What is Ringostat?
Receive 50% for the first 6 months of your client's work with Ringostat and 20% from the 7th month and for the entire time the client works with Ringostat.

50% commission reward

Automate and boost your customers' sales with Ringostat. Get commissions, training prospects, and support for any issues.

Stronger together: what are the advantages of working with Ringostat

A number of Ringostat clients have not implemented CRM or are thinking about replacing the existing one. We recommend such clients to contact our partners.

Get leads from Ringostat

Technical support specialists will help you quickly understand the functionality and flexibility of Ringostat.

Training from Ringostat

Get answers as quickly as possible. The average response time to a user request is less than 4 minutes.

Prompt and competent technical support

Easily adapt to any business needs of your clients.

Flexible integrations

Use Ringostat products for your clients. Send any custom fields to CRM and flexibly change the settings in one click.

All in a one platform

Average check: $ 1 000
Your income*:

10 clients

5 clients

1 client

$ 4 200

$ 2 100

$ 420

Your estimated annual income in numbers

* Figures are given as an example. The final commission will depend on the personal settings of the project.

Average check: $ 100
Your income*:
Average check: $ 500 Your income*:

Accuracy of statistics 97%

Achieved by collecting data directly from Google Analytics. A system trusted by digital professionals around the world.

Detailed reports

Study and control the sales process by creating custom reports on 30+ parameters for all calls.
The main advantage for clients is marketing optimization and increased sales. Ringostat products make it possible to automate business processes, orienting them for sales. Making decisions based on complete data is a winning strategy for business.

Win-win-win: What do your clients get with Ringostat?

Redundant servers and directions ensure uninterrupted operation of the platform.


From the first days the department monitors the work of the project and advises how to use Ringostat more efficiently.

Customer success department

Increase in requests up to 10%
Reducing the number of missed calls up to 50%
Lowering the cost of customer acquisition up to 30%

Benefits of working with Ringostat for your clients in numbers

Such results with Ringostat were already achieved by



client companies

1 100

registered users

33 000

Ready to start making a profit with Ringostat?

Which are the benefits for the partner?

Define all essential settings yourself in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Participate in the affiliate program, get rewards.

Get leads from Ringostat. 75% of our clients do not yet have CRM, or have implemented it incorrectly.

Be helpful to your customers and build trust in you.

Easy settings

Commission reward

More leads

Satisfied customer

Customize integrations for the client. Use the integration designer to customize the sending of the required parameters. Everything is autonomous, fast, and custom.

Integration options with CRM

Customize integrations the way your client needs. Promptly and without the involvement of a programming staff.

Flexible integrations for any specific business

Convenient configuration of integration scenarios

In a couple of clicks, set the conditions for creating deals, contacts and tasks. Change the conditions just as easily if the need arises.
Assign what information you want to transfer and into which CRM field.

Configure sending 30+ Ringostat parameters to any CRM fields and entities.

Transfer any custom parameters to any fields in CRM

Get all the benefits of partnership with Ringostat now.
1. How to become a Ringostat partner?
To become a Ringostat partner, it is enough either to register on our website as a partner or write to the chat on the right. After that, our manager will contact you and proceed with the next steps.
2. How does an integrator benefit from Ringostat tools?
Sooner or later, the client has a need not only for telephony but also for analytics. It's good if these solutions are available in one service. With Ringostat, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by providing all the tools in one convenient ecosystem.
3. What is the benefit of the Ringostat affiliate program for an integrator?
The main advantages of participating in the Ringostat affiliate program – are:

1. The ability to receive leads from Ringostat. 75% of our clients do not yet have CRM, or it is not implemented correctly. We recommend such clients contact our partners.

2. Commission. Receive 50% commission for the first 6 months of your client's work and 20% from the 7th month and for the entire time the client works with Ringostat.

3. Unified ecosystem. Using Ringostat products, you will receive tools for three main areas at once: analytics, communication, and sales. And all this in one platform.

4. Simple setup. Customize 90% of the functionality yourself and without the involvement of a programmer.
4. Is there a sales plan?
No, Ringostat does not require sales plans from partners. We are interested in cooperation and the exchange of leads. An integrator can transfer leads to his partner manager, and then agree on a model of engagement in communication with the client. Thus, the integrator will be able to either participate in further communication and monitor the client's project, or Ringostat will communicate directly.
5. In what period of time the client has to connect?
There is no fixed connection time for the client. The free trial period starts not from the moment of registration, but from the moment of setting up and launching the service in trial mode.
6. How is the commission charged?
Ringostat charges the client every day and debits as much money as he has spent. From this volume, a commission is charged in the integrator's personal account. Here you can always see the current balance of funds and dispose of them as you wish. For example, replenish your clients' projects and get rid of the unnecessary operational work of transferring client funds.
7. Is it possible to customize Ringostat products without involving technical specialists?
90% of the functionality can be configured independently, but you can always contact our technical support specialists. Use the convenient configuration of integration scenarios and pass any custom parameters to any CRM fields. Change the settings as needed in just a couple of clicks thanks to the integration builder. Customize integrations the way your client needs.
8. I have not found an answer to my question.
It's a shame, but it also happens :( Just write your question in any of the chats on the right and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.
Important: Ringostat reserves the right to change the terms of the Affiliate Program for CRM systems integrators unilaterally, with prior notice to customers. Questions related to the working conditions of the Affiliate Program are accepted by email: [email protected]