Ringostat loyalty program

Коллтрекинг Ringostat
Receive bonuses and save up to 20% of the Ringostat license cost.

The loyalty program allows you to save your budget and direct it to other tools for making a profit. Connection takes less than five minutes.

How the loyalty program works

The longer the period for which you automatically pay with your card, the greater the bonus.
It applies to such payments:
Детализированные отчеты коллтрекинга Ringostat
- if the subscription is configured to 30 days renewal, then each time after such payment 1% will be added to the already accumulated percentage of bonuses;
- when prolonged by 90 days, 3% will be added;
- upon prolongation for 180 days — 6%;
- upon prolongation for 360 days — 12%;
And so on up to a maximum bonus of 20%

Bonuses cannot be withdrawn from the Ringostat account. You can use them solely to reduce the cost of the platform in the future.

Why is it profitable to connect a loyalty program

No additional steps are required to connect. The program works in the background, allowing you to save your budget and time. Just repeat the simple steps, which will take no more than five minutes.

Budget saving

You can get up to a 20% bonus on Ringostat payment.

No «surprises»

We will notify you of all auto-prolongations in advance.

Time saving

Convenient bonuses viewing

All accumulated bonuses can be easily seen in your personal account.
Just set up a regular prolongation of the service with a bank card. It will take less than 5 minutes.

How to participate in the loyalty program

The longer the subscription period, the greater the savings. The maximum discount is 20%.

Pay by credit card "Visa / Mastercard"

Further on, when the auto-renewal of the project is activated, bonuses will be assessed and written off automatically.
Every client who has any Ringostat product connected can participate.
Select the auto-renewal period of the project
Log in to your Ringostat account
Quick connection and control of the loyalty program in your Ringostat account.

How it works in practice

Example 1

John connected Ringostat and extended it for 30 days 10 times in a row.
The loyalty program cannot be combined with bonuses from long-term payments. If the subscription is extended for a long period, the highest bonus of the two will be applied ("loyalty program bonus" or "long-term payment bonus").
The project was extended for a short period.
A loyalty program bonus will be
applied to John.

License cost for his next eleventh payment will decrease by 10%.

Example 2

John connected Ringostat and extended it for 90 days 3 times in a row.
The project was extended for a long period.
A long-term payment bonus will be applied to John.
License cost for his next fourth payment will decrease by 15%.
Закажите демо коллтрекинга от Ringostat
Ready to spend 5 minutes on 20% savings?

When loyalty program bonuses nullifies

Important: Ringostat reserves the right to change the Loyalty Program terms unilaterally, with prior notice to clients. Questions related to the policy of the Loyalty Program are accepted by email.
In the project all bank cards for subscription were disabled or deleted.
In the project all products were disabled and it was sent to the archive.