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End-to-end analytics is a method of evaluating the effectiveness of advertising channels based on driven income. Without end-to-end analytics, you don't have a real picture of marketing's cost recovery, and you can only measure its effectiveness by intermediate metrics.
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What tasks Ringostat end-to-end analytics solves ?

Shows the effectiveness of ads

You will discover ads that are paying off and making you money, but not just leads and clicks.

Collects data in the same interface

Track the most important for your business metrics in one easy-to-understand report.

Eliminates blind spots of marketing

Get a complete picture of the customer journey, from clicking on a specific campaign link to making a purchase.

What includes the end-to-end analytics report?

Interactive charts
Detailed sources
Intermediate metrics
Costs by campaigns
Won deals
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What benefits does a marketer get?

Sales and revenue brought by marketing activities are the main KPI for marketers. End-to-end analytics allows you to focus on this KPI and conveniently track processes at different stages of the funnel.

Collect all data on the same interface

You no longer need to monitor several reports from different services and systems every day. View all key metrics in a single interface.

Instantly get any report

Simply select the metrics you need, and they will appear in the report. There is no need to download different reports and consolidate data in one table.

Unite marketing and sales funnels

Track how users move by the funnel: from the first touch to the purchase. Know what happens after a customer leaves a request or makes a call.

Deeply analyze data

End-to-end analytics provides a deep understanding of the cost recovery of advertising campaigns — right down to the keyword.

Adapt marketing for sales

Build your marketing strategy based on sales and income but not intermediate conversions like requests and calls. Identify and focus on the channels with the highest cost recovery.

Consider all costs

End-to-end analytics will automatically drive data on costs from ad accounts. You can also upload it manually, for example, data for SEO and offline advertising.

paid ads

Promptly manage paid advertising

Manage Google Ads bids directly from the Ringostat interface. Save time and increase the cost recovery of ads.

Ringostat recommends* bids based on a smart algorithm considering sales and conversion forecast. You don't need an analyst to combine disparate data and make conclusions. A couple of clicks and the ad campaign brings more targeted requests. Manage bids right from the end-to-end analytics reports. This is convenient as you can see in one window the performance of keywords and change your bids there.

*Ringostat only recommends how to change bids using the automatic algorithm of work with data and is not responsible for your actions. It's up to you whether to follow the recommendations or not.

What are the additional opportunities for marketers?

The work of a marketer includes a multitude of diverse tasks every day. Search for the best promotion channels, control of contractors, monitor metrics, consolidation of reports, etc.

Get insights and growth zones

End-to-end analytics will show all channels that are working and generating revenue, even the most unobvious ones. That's how you'll know which ones to focus on to get more sales with the same budget.

Save time and money

You set up end-to-end analytics just once, without buying additional services and involving tech specialists. Everything that is needed is already included in the feature.

Control contractors

In one report, you will see all spending on ads, cost recovery of investments, cost of a call per each channel. This will give you an understanding of how well the contractors are doing their job and will allow you to react if something goes wrong quickly.

Be free from tech specialists

You set up end-to-end analytics on your own. It's easy to do, just a few clicks. You do not need to choose a specialist, create a technical requirement, and take care of the system's smooth operation. All these things are on our side.

Protect your work

End-to-end analytics can help you determine if your campaigns are generating revenue and not just traffic and conversions. You do not need to build monthly reports manually. With end-to-end analytics, you will always have the most crucial data on the performance of your ads.

Get a stable system

Once you set up an integration of the CRM, advertising accounts, website, and call tracking in Ringostat, you can be sure of the system's stable work. There is no need to worry that something will break down or not drive, as if you were setting up such a connection manually.

Why is it profitable for a business owner to connect end-to-end analytics?

The owner is primarily interested in marketing to work effectively and ads to pay off and make a profit.

Transparence of marketing

You can always see how much was spent on ads, the cost recovery of investments, and profit brought by each channel.

Save money on marketing

Developing and maintaining custom solutions takes a lot of resources. At the same time, costs cannot always be predicted, and they increase in case of breakdowns.

Online reporting in a single window

One report in Google Analytics, the second one in Google Ads, the third one in the call tracking service, the fourth is consolidated in Google Sheets... With end-to-end analytics, everything is much easier — you can see all the data you need in one report.

Growth of marketers competencies

End-to-end analytics is a professional tool that will allow your marketer to grow professionally by revealing unobvious insights and growth points quickly.

What to consider while connecting end-to-end analytics


The work of the system must be stable, and technical support specialists respond as quickly as possible.

Data accuracy

The accuracy of the data determines how correct and ultimately profitable your decisions will be.

Data safety

Encryption and backups are the most important things to keep your data safe. Check this link to discover how Ringostat ensures your data safety.

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What tasks can be solved by Ringostat end-to-end analytics?


End-to-end analytics helps to solve one of the main business tasks — to get more closed deals with the same advertising budget:

— it will show you the cost recovery of investments in each advertising channel, automatically calculates the ROI of ad campaigns up to a keyword;
— it allows you to customize analytics according to the characteristics of your business: set any attribution model, time decay, and weights for different purposes;
— it will give key indicators and metrics in the form of ready-made reports. You don't need to manually create dashboards, collect, and consolidate data from different systems.

How can I implement end-to-end analytics data?


You will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of ads considering sales. Understand what to improve and in which direction to move:

1. You can adjust the bids taking into account the ROMI for each channel.
2. Reallocate the budget between different advertising channels in order to get more income, having a lower cost.
3. Create audiences for retargeting or remarketing.
4. Use look-alike audiences to serve ads to users who are similar to those who shop most often.

Do I need to involve a developer to build end-to-end analytics?


Yes, if you decide to build end-to-end analytics by yourself. You will need to write technical specifications, agree on the data and metrics that will be displayed, and how they will be counted, think over the logic of integrations, etc.

You also need to be prepared for the fact that the analyst might not drive you the correct data the first time so that the system won't count it correctly. You will have to manually double-check whether all the data was driven correctly and whether the metrics were calculated correctly.

You won't have these issues with Ringostat end-to-end analytics. You connect everything on your own (we will give you a detailed setup manual, and our technical support specialists will promptly answer any of your questions). Moreover, the data is driven automatically.

You set up end-to-end analytics only once, and then the data is driven automatically. The only thing is that if you use advertising systems that Ringostat does not have any integration with (other than Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram), or if you have offline ads launched, you will have to upload the costs for these channels manually. But don't worry, it's easy and can be done in just a couple of clicks.

How to connect Ringostat end-to-end analytics?


1. Create a Ringostat account. If you already have one, go directly to the second step;
2. Connect call tracking;
3. In your Ringostat account, activate integrations with the advertising accounts you need: Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, or import costs manually;
4. Activate the integration with your CRM system;
5. Done! You can check the "End-to-end analytics" report in the Analytics section.

What attribution model can Ringostat end-to-end analytics use?


Ringostat has developed its own attribution model — Event-Driven. It allows you to evaluate the contribution of a campaign to the final conversion, depending on the users' actions at each stage of the funnel. After a deal is closed, its amount is distributed among the channels, considering the funnel stage's weight. You can also assign value to certain user actions.

It is also possible to build absolutely any of the classic attribution models if it is more suitable for the specifics of your business.

Can I be sure of the data security?


For sure. The security of your data is our primary responsibility.

We use:
1. SSL data encryption. Ringostat also additionally encrypts data that is transferred between its servers.
2. Backup. Ringostat copies all data on servers so that information can be easily restored if needed.
3. Compliance with GDPR standards — General Data Protection Regulation. Read more about your data safety.

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