KeepinCRM and Ringostat integration

Optimize business processes and simplify the work of the sales department

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Saves time for the sales department and automates call handling. The integration relieves employees by automatically generating deals and leads after calls from customers.
  • 2
    Increased service quality. The integration transfers the history of calls and their audio recordings from Ringostat to Keeping CRM, by which it is easy to control managers.

KeepinCRM and Ringostat integration allows to:

Put call processing on stream

KeepinCRM — a Ukrainian system specifically designed for small and medium businesses. In addition to CRM, it includes solutions for managing a warehouse, documents, finances, documents, SMS-mailing, etc. The integration of Ringostat and KeepinCRM saves the department from routine processes that can be easily automated. After an incoming call from a client, a deal and lead are created in the system immediately. And when the call ends, a push notification will appear, allowing you to quickly move to a lead/deal.

Analyze and store customer communication history

Each deal has all the calls on it attached to it. If a manager missed a call - this will also be recorded in the CRM. Thus the sales manager can easily understand how the work on the deal is progressing, and whether the employee ignores the customer calls. If you listen to audio recordings of calls that are transmitted to the CRM, you can understand how the manager communicates with the client. It will also help to establish the true reason for losing a deal, and whether the employee is at fault.

How KeepinCRM and Ringostat integration works

Enable the integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Statistics of your calls are displayed in KeepinCRM

How to set up integration

  • Go to Integration — Ringostat API in your personal Ringostat cabinet and copy your project ID and Auth-key.
  • Enter KeepinCRM and enable the Ringostat widget in the section Settings — Integrations, pasting your project ID and Auth-key.
  • Specify SIP numbers and logins of the employees that will work with Ringostat in the widget settings in KeepinCRM.
  • Configure triggers, by means of which deals and leads will be created in the system for incoming and outgoing calls. To do this, request instructions from Ringostat technical support.
  • Turn on Push-notifications according to the instructions of this CRM.
  • Our tech support will also help you set up five Webhooks in Ringostat.

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