Submission forms

Increase conversion rates for forms on your website. Process all requests without losing interested customers - automatically contact users who have filled out the form.


Ringostat for conversion rate optimization

Increase the conversion of forms on the website.

Key features

Automatically contact a customer who filled the form on the website.

The sales rep receives an automatic call at the moment when the customer filled in the form and indicated his number. Such functionality can be customized for forms to call back, to leave contact info, to leave complaints and proposals. Connection with the customer takes several seconds. It is enough for a sales rep to be at the workplace and be ready for communication.

Process all requests while keeping potential customers.

Due to the integration, you exclude the situation where the customer left his contacts but sales rep forgot to contact him. Now, this process is automatic. A customer doesn’t have time to search for the same product in another company. A sales rep can answer all questions in time and increase the chances to close a deal.

Setup the feature on your own.

The functionality is added to the feedback form available on the website. You can choose in settings the way it will work. For example, you can make calls available during the working time only or 24/7. You can collect information for an automatic callback from every website page or several pages only.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and submission forms integration

  • The quickest possible response to customer requests. This may wow the potential customer who doesn’t expect a sales rep to call back instantly.
  • The visitor won’t have time to change his mind or go to a competitor’s website. This will increase your chances to close a deal.