Bid management

Integrate Ringostat with 150+ apps without the help of a web developer.


Ringostat for ApixDrive

Integrate Ringostat with 150+ services without involving a developer.

Key features

In 5 minutes create a connection of Ringostat with the required service and instantly start using it.

ApiX-Drive is a designer of services integrations that allows connecting them without any extra effort. It already contains ready-made connectors that allow you to integrate systems without the help of a programmer. By following understandable instructions, you can easily link Ringostat and ApiX-Drive, and then set what data you want to transfer to the required service.

Use data on calls to automate business processes.

The integration will allow you to transfer data on calls and their ad sources to other services. Or, for example, automatically start a specific process after a customer call. Let's say, you can send him a message with the number of the order using Gmail. You can transfer the following data from Ringostat:

  • caller ID;
  • destination ID;
  • date;
  • call duration;
  • timeout and others depending on settings.


Learn more about the benefits of Ringostat and ApixDrive integration

  • Setting up your own integration within minutes. You do not need a specialist or technical skills to do so.
  • An opportunity to easily connect Ringostat with 150+ platforms. There are CRM systems, landing page designers, marketplaces, and others among them. Moreover, this number is constantly growing.
  • Transferring data on calls to the required service — choose what information you need. Use it to build reports, automate sales departments, simplify business processes, etc.