Telegram and Ringostat integration

Communicate with customers in a messenger that is convenient for them.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Requests processing in one window and time-saving. Employees chat with customers in a convenient interface and don't switch between different communication channels.
  • 2
    Boost of the website's conversion. A buyer can text a company in the messenger that he is used to and instantly receive a reply. It influences the loyalty to the company and the probability of a successful deal.
  • 3
    Understanding of ads that bring leads. The information on the session of a customer who made a request is driven to Ringostat Messenger. As well as the source of a transfer, channel, campaign, and a keyword.

Telegram and Ringostat integration allows to:

Simplify the processing of inbound requests from customers.

Telegram is a cross-platform messenger that allows sending messages and media files of different formats. Due to the integration, a widget for a connection that includes Telegram appears on the website. When a customer sends a message to the Telegram via this widget, a sales rep receives a notification about that. Then an employee text a customer right in Ringostat Messenger.

Increase service quality.

Due to the notifications, employees respond as quickly as possible. This works for loyalty to the company. Even if the browser is minimized, the information on the dialog in the queue will appear in Ringostat Messenger. A sales rep sees the number of dialogs in the queue if several customers are texting the company, and can process them on time. He won't forget about the request as in case if a user simply sent a message in Telegram, so a sales rep opened it but was distracted.

Get valuable insights on a customer.

During the conversation, a sales rep can see detailed information on a customer. Such information as all customer's sessions, an ad that brought him, website pages that he viewed more than others, whether he called, etc. is available to a sales rep. This will help to quickly understand what the potential buyer is interested in as well as get into his needs. An employee sees the log on all active dialogs, in other words, the ones that are not closed yet and the communication continues there. A sales rep instantly sees how a customer is registered in the Telegram, so he can instantly call him by name.

How Telegram and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Create a chatbot using a simple guidance

Communicate with customers in Ringostat Messenger

How to set up integration

  • Open the chat with TheBotFather and enter /start.
  • TheBotFather will send you the list of commands to manage chatbots. Select a command to create a new chatbot — /newbot.
  • Set the name and username of a chatbot but pay attention that it has to contain ‘bot’.
  • Receive the API token needed for the integration.
  • In your Ringostat account, go to the Messengers section — Telegram. Enter the API token, chatbot's username, and activate the integration.

Any questions?

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