Automatic dialing
(Ringostat Power Dialer)

Autodialing is a powerful tool for outbound call centers. Do your managers make hundreds of calls every day? Automate this process and increase productivity without additional investment.


Remove routine processes from your agents' work and let them focus on calls.

Save time

Spend less time on each call by launching automatic dialing from the database.

Increase sales

Increase the amount of customers by calling more numbers in the same period of time as before.

Power dialer: How does it work and who should use it?

Power Dialer allows you to automatically dial numbers one by one, removing the manual dialing and searching for the next contact in the database.


Easy and simple mechanics for working with clients. All contacts are added and called automatically. If the client's number is in the contact database, his or her name will be displayed when you call. A user-friendly system for setting the pause between calls will allow you to optimize your time for tasks.


The auto-dialer system allows you to be sure that the numbers from the contact database will not be missed when dialing. And the fact that all calls are recorded in a convenient call log allows you to see the number and quality of processed contacts in real time.


Optimizing agent work will allow you to process more contacts in the same amount of time as before. This will increase the number of sales without additional investment, simply by using Ringostat smart business telephony.

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Advantages for your business

Ease of use

Power Dialer is available in the convenient Ringostat Smart Phone app. Manage your calls and go to deals in your CRM with just one click. Know the customer's name, contact details, and other important information as soon as RSP dial the number.

Advantages for your business

Call log and recording

All calls made from the auto-dialer are recorded and placed in a convenient call log. You can see: date, call recording, call success and duration, etc. Thus, you will always know the results of the team.

Advantages for your business

Integration with CRM

Power Dialer can be integrated with your CRM system. This will allow you to transfer customer contacts to Power Dialer and start auto-dialing directly from the CRM database.

Advantages for your business

Optimization of work with AI

It is difficult to control all the calls made during auto-dialing. Check the quality of hundreds of conversations without listening to each one. AI speech analytics will transcribe the call recording, draw conclusions, and give you tips on how to improve the result.

Use all the features of Power Dialer

Prioritize calls
Create different campaigns (groups of numbers), upload them to Power Dialer, and prioritize them. The first campaigns in the list will be called first.
Assign responsibility
You can select certain managers to work with Power Dialer, and their work will not affect other telephony users in the company.
Call segmentation
Ringostat automatically segments calls into basic categories. You can also customize categories and tag them manually.
Customer data
If you have CRM integration set up, or the number is already saved in your telephony, the manager will see the client's name when dialing.
The service settings allow you to set an automatic pause between calls and pause a call by a manager. It is important to note that it is the auto-dial function that is paused, not the active call.
Reject incoming calls
You can block the ability to reach outbound call managers so that they can do their job as efficiently as possible.
Dialing time
Set the optimal time for waiting for a customer to answer, so you can be sure that your manager doesn't spend unnecessary time waiting for a response.
Easy campaign creation
Quickly upload phone databases as a file in a convenient csv format or directly from your integrated CRM.

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