Phone System Features

Discover basic features to optimize working with calls

United Phone System

Connect employees from all offices, cities, and countries to a single phone network for comfortable communication with customers and among each other.

what is it?

What is United Phone System?

It is a system that unites all company phones and makes it easy to control the team – wherever the employees are. It also allows sales reps to contact each other for free with a couple of clicks. A unified phone system will be especially useful for large companies with many departments and branches.

How does United Phone System help your business?

Call handling optimization
Simplify communication with customers and within your team, and easily transfer calls to colleagues.
Full control over communication
Statistics of all calls are collected in one interface along with audio recordings of dialogs.
The ideal solution for remote working
Employees can handle calls when they are in different countries or working away from the office.
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How it works?

How does United Phone System work?

The numbers of all departments or employees can be connected to Ringostat. The main thing is that the numbers must be virtual, i.e., in SIP format. If you don't have such numbers, Ringostat will help you get them from your operator. Employees can easily call each other if they use the Ringostat calling application. You can also connect mobile numbers to the system to monitor employees who sometimes work out of the office, communicating with customers over the phone. To do this, you need to connect the FMC service from lifecell and distribute special sim cards to the team.

Toll-Free Numbers

Use toll-free numbers to increase the number of incoming calls. After all, it will be free for your customers.

what is it?

What are Toll-Free Numbers?

These are numbers calls to which are free of charge for the caller. It doesn't matter where the customer is located and whether the call comes from a mobile or landline number. Toll-free numbers are ideal for hotlines, call centers, and any company that operates nationwide.

How do Toll-Free Numbers help your business?

Improving customer loyalty
The toll-free number shows that you care about the customer and want them to save money on communications.
Increasing the number of calls
Increasing the number of callsAccording to statistics, such numbers receive about one-third more calls than standard numbers.
Attracting clients from different regions
The 8800 number makes it clear that you operate nationwide, not just in a specific city.
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How it works?

How do Toll-Free Numbers actually work?

The customer dials a toll-free number like any standard number. However, once the call is made, it is not the customer who pays for the connection, but the business the customer called. The toll-free number can be called by dozens of customers at the same time, as it is a multichannel number.

International & Local Numbers

Connect numbers of any cities, countries, etc. The main thing is that they have to be in SIP format.

what is it?

What are International & Local Numbers?

International and local numbers used in virtual telephony must be in SIP format. This allows you to make and receive calls via the Internet. Virtual numbers are visually indistinguishable from standard numbers. Ringostat will help you to connect local international numbers (fixed) and mobile numbers.

How do International & Local Numbers help your business?

Increasing customer confidence
A customer will be more loyal to you after knowing that the company is nearby.
Expand your business to new markets
You can open branches in different countries and easily provide them with the right numbers.
More answers to calls
The customer sees the local number when the sales rep calls and is more likely to pick up the phone.
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How it works?

How do International & Local Numbers actually work?

Virtual international and local numbers can be placed on the website, in advertising, on business cards, etc. They can be used in the same way as standard numbers. Ringostat will help you connect international or local SIP numbers if you don't have any. To do this, just click “I don't have SIP numbers” in the personal cabinet of our platform and specify the numbers you need, country, etc. You will also need to clarify some details with the operator, and tech support will help with the connection.

Connecting Existing Numbers

Use your existing SIP numbers. Just port them to Ringostat for free.

what is it?

What is Connecting Existing Numbers?

Connecting existing numbers allows you to use SIP numbers that your company already has in your virtual PBX and Ringostat call tracking. These numbers are used for communication via the Internet and are required for cloud telephony.

How does Connecting Existing Numbers help your business?

Saving money
Avoids the cost of buying new numbers and connecting to a new system.
Retention of numbers
You won't lose customers who once wrote down old numbers.
Improved service
Ringostat AI understands all languages and converts them into text. Clicking on any phrase.
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How it works?

How the feature actually works

The procedure differs depending on whose numbers you connect to Ringostat. But it consists of approximately the same steps. Go to the personal cabinet of the operator or service that provided the virtual numbers and find the section with the same name. Specify that you will use an external server. In the Ringostat settings, find the “Connecting numbers” section, select a gateway, and enter your SIP number in the international format. After that, calls will start to go through Ringostat.

Call Routing

Direct calls to the correct teammates every time by customizing distribution and ring rules.

what is it?

What is Call Routing?

Call routing allows you to receive and distribute calls to your employees according to the rules you define. With its help, you can structure call handling in such a way that no call is missed and optimally balance the workload of your team.

How does Call Routing help your business?

Optimization of work with calls
Departments do not take calls chaotically, but according to a well-thought-out logic that improves response rates.
Improved quality of service
The customer is immediately directed to the right department or employee who is sure to help, and quickly gets an answer.
Ability to handle calls received after hours
Calls can be routed to any on-call number or voicemail.
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How it works?

How does Call Routing actually work?

You can customize routing in many ways, specifically tailored to your business needs. For example, you can route calls to the IVR, to all employees, or directly to the person responsible for the deal, alternately to certain departments and employees, virtual or landline numbers. You can set where calls will go after hours, etc.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Provide the best experience for customers. Set up a multi-level voice menu. Thus, they can immediately contact the desired department or person.

what is it?

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

This is a voice menu that allows the customer to directly contact the desired department. To do this, the IVR plays an audio recording, sounding out a list of departments and the numbers that correspond to them. For example: “To contact the call center press 1, to contact the service department press 2, to contact the secretary stay on the line”.

How does Interactive Voice Response (IVR) help your business?

Improved customer experience
The customer can immediately contact who they need without having to speak to a receptionist.
Saving employees'
The team doesn't have to be distracted just to transfer a call to another department.
Informs about important points
The IVR can also play the company schedule, news about promotions, etc.
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How it works?

How does Interactive Voice Response (IVR) actually work?

The customer hears an audio recording after the connection, listing the departments and the numbers that correspond to them. Having memorized the number of the required department, the customer dials it on the phone keypad. The IVR then immediately connects him or her to the required department. Similarly, it is possible to enter the internal number of a particular employee.


Provide clients with an additional communication channel. A customer will be able to leave a voice message if he or she calls after hours or if all employees are busy.

what is it?

What is Voicemail?

Voicemail allows customers to leave a message for your company if they reach out after hours. It can also be activated if all employees are busy and no one is available to answer the call.

How does Voicemail help your business?

Ability to receive requests after hours
This way, the business can handle all calls — whenever the customers reach out.
Informing customers
Voicemail can play an audio recording with work schedules, branch addresses, etc.
It's a plus to your brand’s image
An audio recording that includes the name of the business shows that the customer has contacted a serious company.
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How it works?

How does Voicemail actually work?

Voicemail is activated when there is no one to answer the phone. It plays a recording that the company is currently out of contact or all employees are busy, and offers to leave an audio message. The team receives a notification in the mail or SMS that a voicemail message has been received. There is a link in the notification to the audio recording, which can be listened to immediately.

Business Hours

Set customized schedules to confirm exactly when each of your numbers are available to receive calls.

what is it?

What are Business Hours for Calls?

Business Hours determine which numbers and departments will be on call during the day. You can specify who will receive calls and on what principle. This allows you to create a well-thought-out system for handling requests, when customers are not waiting on hold and departments make the most of their working hours.

How do Business Hours for Calls help your business?

Increased productivity
You can process more requests in a day by streamlining the process of communicating with customers.
Availability during working hours
Employees will always be able to respond to customers. Even if some of their colleagues are busy.
Competent organization of departments’ work
You determine by yourself which employees and in what order will take the calls.
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How it works?

How do Business Hours for Calls actually work?

You can configure the rules by which calls will be distributed during working hours. For example, a call can be directed first to the IVR or simultaneously to several employees, or to different workers and departments one by one, etc. You can set up a backup number, where the call will go if no one answers, etc.

Non-working hours

Don't lose customers. Set a special message or redirect calls to a different phone number when you are out of the office.

what is it?

What are Non-working hours for calls?

Non-working hours determines where calls will be received in the early morning, late evening, weekends, and holidays. This feature will ensure that customer calls are not missed, even if customers call when no one is in the office. You can set up different rules for after hours, depending on whether someone can receive calls at such time, and to which number.

How do Non-working hours for calls help your business?

An opportunity not to lose customers
Simply customize who and what numbers will receive calls during non-business days and hours.
Demonstration of customer care
The client will not hear a long beep, but an employee's response or a voicemail message.
Ability to be on duty outside the office
Direct after hours calls to employees' cell phones.
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How it works?

How do Non-working hours for call actually work?

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After-Call Work

After every call automatically ask customer how the service was. It will help you to keep the best customer relationships.

what is it?

What is After-Call Work?

After-Call Work is an opportunity to survey customers about how they were served by your team. Find out directly from clients how satisfied they are with the communication with operators. This will help to keep service at a high level.

How does After-Call Work help your business?

Improving the quality of customer service
Feedback will point out what is worth fixing in your communication with customers.
Automating the receipt of feedback
The team doesn't waste time calling the customer back to get their impression.
Ability to stay in touch with customers
Working after the call lets the customer know that you care about their comfort.
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How it works?

How does  After-Call Work feature actually work?

Contact our support and let us know that you want to implement this solution for yourself. You may also need the help of a specialist on your side. Ringostat support will help you connect integration with CRM and callback form. After that, you can upload customer contacts from CRM. And callback will automatically call them, asking them to evaluate the work of operators using the phone keypad. Ringostat will send the received data to the CRM.

Call Recording

Review call recordings to understand how sales reps communicate with customers and process inbound requests.

what is it?

What is Call Recording?

This is an automatic recording of a conversation that takes place using virtual telephony. Such recordings will be primarily useful for controlling the sales department and improving the quality of service. Audio of dialogs will allow you to understand how sales reps handle calls and how customers perceive your product, website, and much more.

How does Call Recording help your business?

Sales department control
Learn how sales reps serve customers and why deals fall through the cracks
Providing valuable insights
You can figure out by listening to the customer what to add to an advertisement or website, how to improve the product, etc.
Allows you to train new sales reps
Dialogues from experienced employees will show in practice how to close more deals.
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How it works?

How does Call Recording actually work?

When a dialog is completed, its audio is recorded in reports along with the date of the call, caller's number and other data. You can listen to the recording at normal speed or fast-forward, download it or share a link to it.

Call Log

It's very comfy to use. Customize it as you want. Get detailed information on calls: duration, waiting time etc.

what is it?

What is Call Log?

A Call Log is a report on all calls of your company: incoming and outgoing calls, missed calls, etc. Statistics in it are displayed in chronological order. You can see the date, status, who from the team received or made the call, how long the client waited in the line, how long the call lasted, etc. The call log also contains audio recordings of dialogs.

How does Call Log help your business?

Call handling control
You see the entire history of communication with customers and can improve the quality of service
Easy access to only the data you need
The call log contains quick filters that are enabled with a couple of clicks.
Ability to assemble reports “like a constructor”
You can create filters and views based on 40+ parameters.
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How it works?

How does Call Log actually work?

The log records information after each call. The call data is displayed as a graph at the top of the report. You can add/remove their graphical display by clicking on the parameters. For example, to see the dynamics of calls from customers who called for the first time and compare it with the dynamics of targeted calls. A table with call data is displayed below. Using quick filters, you can see only calls with certain characteristics. For example, calls that lasted 3 minutes or more.

Blocklist Numbers

Add specific numbers to the blocklist so they can't reach the company and bother your sales reps.

what is it?

What is Blocklist Numbers?

You can add to the blacklist the numbers whose owners bother your team for nothing. Due to this, they will no longer be able to call your company.

How does Blocklist Numbers help your business?

The team is not distracted for nothing
Your employees won't be bothered by spammers, pranksters, and scammers.
Blocking all numbers with a specific code
For example, if you don't work with certain countries and regions.
Improves security
Scammers can't trick new employee if they've already tried to call coworkers.
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How it works?

How does Blocklist Number actually work?

Copy the number of scammer, bot, or spammer who is distracting your sales team. Go into your virtual PBX settings and add the number to your blocklist. You can also add a comment so that colleagues can see that the number has been blocked justifiably. For example: “They want to sell office lunch delivery”.

Personalized Greetings & Music

Create special greetings. Make communication with customers more pleasant and personalized.

what is it?

What are Personalized Greetings & Music?

Personalized greetings and music can be played to potential customers when they call. This will increase the likelihood that your clients will remember your company and feel positive emotions.

How do Personalized Greetings & Music help your business?

Increasing brand awareness
Thoughtful audio will set you apart from the same-old recordings of other companies.
Getting to know your business
The customer hears the name of the company and knows they haven't gotten the wrong number.
An opportunity to emphasize your business area
Upload music that will evoke associations with the niche in which you operate.
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How it works?

How do Personalized Greetings & Music actually work?

Record a greeting that includes your company name and select music. If you pay Ringostat for 360 days or more, professional voice actors will record your greeting for free. Upload your audio recordings to your personal Ringostat account in the voice menu (IVR) settings. You can also choose when the recording will be played — before you enter the extension or after.

Mini CRM

Store all customer contacts in a user-friendly interface and take action with them with a single click.

what is it?

What is Mini CRM?

Mini CRM is part of Ringostat's easy-to-use softphone for calls and work with CRM. Mini CRM contains contacts of clients you have already communicated with and allows you to call or write them instantly, saving you time. There are no complicated settings, extra fees, and unnecessary features — everything is intuitive.

How does Mini CRM help your business?

Quick access to your contacts
They are always at your fingertips and alphabetized for easy access.
Fast communication
One click and you can call, text, view details, etc.
Work in one window
Store contacts, call, text without switching between tabs.
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How it works?

How does Mini CRM actually work?

Mini CRM is located in the Ringostat application for calling and working with CRM. To access it, open the Contact Book section of the application and go to the Clients tab. If you have integration with the standard CRM, your contacts will be automatically pulled from it to the Mini CRM. If the integration is not connected, you can add contacts yourself. For example, you can do it in the app during a dialog in Messenger, a call or in the Call History tab. You can also change or add information about clients in the Mini CRM.