Partnership agreement
Partnership agreement is concluded between Ringostat LTD, juridical person, registered at: Suite 1, Second floor, Sound Vision house, Francais Rachel Str, Victoria Mahe, SEJŠELI, and acting on behalf of and in the interests of the Service "Ringostat" (next – "Company"), and natural person or juridical person (despite stateless persons and natural person under 18 years old) (next – "Referral Partner"), collectively referred to as "Parties", separately – "Party", concluded this Agreement (hereinafter the – "Agreement") as follows:

The agreement is considered concluded from the moment of putting a mark ("tick") in the graph (checkbox): "You confirm your agreement with the terms of the partnership agreement" and clicking the "Login" button, and is valid until the Parties will fully fulfill their obligations.

*Текст Партнерского соглашения также доступен на русском языке.
1. Terminology
"Client" – a juridical person or a natural person that made a purchase of the Service on the basis of certain agreements with the Company.
"Referral partner" – a juridical person or a natural person that registered on the page, created an account on the website and uses a referral link, having rights and obligations in accordance with this Agreement and other agreements with the Company.
"Referral program" is a combination of software and marketing components that document the fulfillment of the obligations of the Referral Partner under the Agreement and a further payment of rewards to the Referral Partner.
"Service" is a software product "RINGOSTAT", available for use as a remote self-service service via the Internet.
"Service Payment" is a daily automatic write-off from the Client's account of a certain cost for using features of the Service.
2. General regulations
Under this Agreement, the Referral Partner, on its own behalf, at the own expense, but in the interests of the Company, makes actions focused on the research and involvement of Clients for further cooperation of Clients with the Company, and the Company undertakes to pay the Referral Partner a reward in the amount and under the procedure provided by this Agreement.
The Referral Partner is not the owner of the Service but serves as an intermediary agent between the Company and the Clients.
The Referral Partner can undertake the activities and represent himself in relations with third parties only as a Referral Partner of the Company and not in any other role.
3. Parties rights and obligations
Obligations of the Referral Partner:

3.1.1. The Referral Partner undertakes to ensure compliance of the carried out activities with the legislation of the country of residence and/or registration.

3.1.2. In the case of claims from third parties to the Company connected with the activities of the Referral Partner, the Referral Partner must independently and at the own expense settle the claims of these persons.

3.1.3. The Referral Partner is obliged to strictly save its data (login and password) to access the account that is based on the website and create the necessary conditions to protect this information.

3.1.4. In case of situations or persons that violate the legal rights of the Company or engaged in activities in order to impair the interests of the Company, notify the Company and provide reasonable cooperation to protect the Company.

3.1.5. The Referral Partner itself, as well as its close relatives, can't be the Client invited by the Referral Partner. The company has the right not to pay the referral partner the reward, in the event of a violation of this paragraph, and to terminate the Agreement unilaterally.

3.1.6. The referral partner undertakes not to take any actions that affect the work of the referral program and the Company's Service. Such actions are understood as attempts to technically affect the functionality of the Company's Service servers, attempts to crack security mechanisms, usage of bugs, trojans, and other malicious software for any of personal purposes. The usage of brut force attacks, DoS (DdoS) attacks, spam, usage of links and any other processes.

3.1.7. The Referral Partner is obliged to act conscientiously and exclusively in the interests of the Company, and under no circumstances to violate the obligations assigned to a Partner by this Agreement.
The Referral Partner has a right to:

3.2.1. Search for Clients, inform potential Clients about the area of activity of the Company and the Service provided by the Company.

3.2.2. Introduce the official website to Clients of the Company by providing Partner's referral link.

3.2.3. Help to increase the trust level of potential Clients and other persons to the Company and Company's Service.

3.2.4. Receive rewards from the Company in accordance with the conditions of this Agreement.

3.2.5. The Referral Partner has other rights provided by terms of this Agreement and the current legislation of the country of registration of the Company.

3.2.6. The Referral Partner has the right to have only one account, based on the website An account is created one for one natural person or one for one juridical person. If a natural person has official duties in the state or for a juridical person that has an account in the referral program, then it is prohibited by this Agreement to create a personal account of a natural person to perform the official duties for this juridical person.
The Referral Partner is not allowed to:

3.3.1. Undertake activities that conflict with the legislation of the country of residence and/or registration of the Referral Partner, as well as the legislation of the country of registration of the Company and the legislation of Ukraine.

3.3.2. Be a partner in the agency program of the Company. The Company checks the Referral Partner and, in case of violation of this term of the Agreement, has the right not to pay the Referral Partner the reward, as well as terminate the Agreement unilaterally.

3.3.3. Use the referral link in paid advertisements or advertisements for any other type of reward.

3.3.4. Use the keywords "Ringostat" and "Рингостат" in contextual advertising and/or any other type of advertisements, without obtaining the Company's prior approval.

3.3.5. Use "self-referral" – pay for Referral Partner (own) account on the Company's Service using its own referral link, or create several accounts by offering secondary account(s) with a primary one, with the main goal of obtaining cost compensation. Including situations when payments by referral link are made from one IP address ("one IP address" means a situation in which two or more users have ever used the Service from the same IP address). In this case, the reward is not accrued to the Referral Partner.

3.3.6. Share the referral link using the "SPAM" method (including spamming via newsletters, posting spam on forums and communities, etc.).

3.3.7. Post a referral link on coupon aggregator websites and/or any other services that have the distribution of discounts, coupons, promotional codes, etc. as the main activity.

3.3.8. Use and indicate irrelevant, biased and false information while referring or mentioning the Company's Service. This includes reliable data on current marketing offers (promotions). Indication of inaccurate or irrelevant data may be the basis for the suspension of cooperation with the Referral Partner.

3.3.9. Undertake actions that could damage the existing image and reputation of the Company, reduce the trust level to the Service or mislead potential Clients regarding the activities of the Company.

3.3.10. Undertake actions that could entail the appearance of any obligations between the Company and third parties that are not Clients of the Company.

3.3.11. The Referral Partner does not have the right to promote on websites that contain information that violates human rights, propagate violence, racial discrimination, drugs, the slave trade, or contain pornographic materials.
The Company is obliged to:

3.4.1. Pay the Referral Partner on time the reward contemplated by the terms of this Agreement.

3.4.2. Provide the Referral Partner with instructions and recommendations on the performance of duties that are the subject of this Agreement.

3.4.3. Comply with other duties contemplated by this Agreement.
The Company has a right to:

3.5.1. Undertake control over the activities of the Referral Partner in the implementation of its partner functions contemplated by this Agreement.

3.5.2. The company has a right to terminate the contract unilaterally in case of violation or non-compliance by the Referral partner of the terms of this Agreement, as well as in the following cases: The use of advertising methods that force the Client and/or visitor to pay for the Service by fraud, blackmail or any other actions that violate the freedom of choice; The actions of the Referral Partner that adversely affect the business image and reputation of the Company;

3.5.3. In cases of violation by the Referral Partner of the terms of this Agreement, block the account of the Referral Partner with accrued reward.

3.5.4. The company has other rights provided for by the terms of this Agreement and current legislation.
4. Definition of reward and chargeback
The Company pays Referral Partner a reward, the amount of which is established in this Agreement.
Besides the proper reward, the Referral Partner doesn't have a right for reimbursement for the usage of third-party services, programs or services, even if expenses were related to the activities for searching and involving Clients as part of the referral program.
The Referral Partner has the right to receive the reward subject to the following conditions:

4.3.1. As a result of the activities of the Referral Partner, under the referral program, a deal was concluded between the Company and the invited Client;

4.3.2. The deal was brought to the full financial settlement of the Client with the Company and confirmed by the Company's Service software and data from the account of the Referral Partner, based on the website;

4.3.3. The referral partner has not violated the terms of this Agreement.
Payment of the reward is carried out on request of the Referral Partner using an account based on the website;

4.4.1. The reward is paid to the details of the Referral Partner by transferring the sum to the PayPal or Stripe e-wallet of the Referral Partner according to the conditions of the website and after the Company approves the calculation of the reward.

4.4.2. Each request of the Referral Partner is checked for compliance with the conditions of the referral program. The Company reserves the right not to assess or cancel payments to the Referral Partner in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement.
Payments by the referral link of the Referral Partner take place during the whole year of activity of the involved Client. Each Service Payment during the year by the involved Client will bring the Referral Partner a reward in the appropriate amount.

4.5.1. If the Client stops being active during the year and ceases cooperation with the Company, the reward is not accrued to the Referral Partner.

4.5.2. If the Client resumes cooperation with the Company, the Referral Partner receives the right to accrue the reward under the conditions specified in the Agreement.
Calculation and payment of the reward take place not often than every 30 calendar days.
A payment is considered as made, and the Company's obligations to pay the Referral Partner's reward are considered as fulfilled, from the moment the funds (amount of reward) were debited from the Company's current account.
The sum of the reward on the account of the Referral Partner in the referral program does not accrue interest, regardless of the payment term.
The calculation is made only in US dollars. Currency exchange within the system is not possible.
5. Amount of the Partner's reward
The company pays the reward to the Referral Partner:

5.1.1. in the amount of 15% from each Service Payment by involved Clients during the year;

5.1.2. in the amount of 20% from each Service Payment by involved Clients, subject to the total payment by the Clients for the first 30 days of the Service usage in the amount of over 1,000 USD.
6. Privacy
Confidentiality rules of the Referral program do not contradict and fully comply with the Privacy Policy of the Company.
7. Liability and limitation of liability
Parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations in accordance with the Agreement.
The company is not responsible for technical flaws, failures, technical features and changes in algorithms and actions, decisions of owners or administrators of search engines, programs, and systems, services, Internet services, including the website, as well as the Internet and telecommunication systems, communication systems that can be used when the Referral Partner fulfills the obligations under the Agreement, as well as for any violations of such obligations arising as a result of the specified circumstances.
The liability of each of the Parties is limited to compensation for real damage that will be determined by the participants or by a court decision.
8. The term of the agreement
This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. The Referral Partner may terminate the Agreement by deleting the account based on the website or by writing a letter to the support service of the Company.
If the Referral Partner has a sum of unpaid reward in the account, then it will be paid to the count specified earlier by the Referral Partner in the account in the next term of payment formation.
All transactions completed by the time of termination of the Agreement will be processed as a matter of course.
9. Final provisions
The Company reserves the right to change the provisions of this Agreement at any time if these changes do not affect the main provisions of this Agreement. Notification about changes is sent by email 5 (five) days prior to the entry into force of the relevant changes.
If the Referral Partner does not submit written objections to the changes within 5 (five) days from the moment the Referral Partner received them via the email address, the changes enter into effect.
If the Referral Partner objects to the changes, then the Agreement is considered terminated from the moment the Company receives the corresponding objection in the written form.
Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be referred to and finally resolved in accordance with the Rules for Expedited Arbitration of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.
Invalidation of any part of the Agreement (terms, conditions, paragraph, etc.) in accordance with a court decision that has entered into legal force, or in accordance with the requirements of the law, does not entail the invalidity of other parts of the Agreement, as well as the Agreement as a whole, and the legal relations of the Parties that were settled by such a recognized as invalid part of the Agreement have to be replaced by another one, the closest by the meaning and purpose.
This Agreement may be terminated at the initiative of the Company unilaterally, in case of violation by the Referral Partner of the obligations specified in this Agreement. The Agreement is considered terminated due to the circumstances specified in this paragraph, 24 hours after, starting from the date of sending an email with a notification of termination to the email address of the Referral Partner, the fact of reception and reading of the notification of termination of the Agreement by the Referral Partner, in this case, does not matter.
This Agreement may be revoked by the Company unilaterally without prior coordination with the Referral Partner. In this case, the Company notifies the Referral Partner, by sending an e-mail, about the termination of the Agreement and cooperation in general. The Company pays the Referral Partner the remainder of the unpaid reward, if there is any left and if it is displayed in the Referral Partner's account. Such payment will be sent to the invoice specified by the Referral Partner earlier in his account at the next term of the payment formation.
** In case of any inaccuracy or possible questions relatively the translation, we request you to consider the Russian equivalent of this Agreement as an original and credible one.