Kissmetrics and Ringostat integration

Learn more about the behavior of your prospects including online conversions and calls.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Find out how your customers interact with your website before and after the call. Track real-time activities of your customers.
  • 2
    See how your paid advertising, organic search and referral links perform and convert into calls.
  • 3
    Use the broaden opportunities of SEO testing, work with statistics, data visualization and cohort segmentation.

Kissmetrics and Ringostat integration allows to:

Send call tracking data from Ringostat and gather it into Kissmetrics reports.

Kissmetrics is a customer analytics platform. When somebody calls your company, call tracking transfers to Kissmetrics the information about the phone number of the caller, call status, waiting time and duration of the call. You can choose the key metrics for calls and always have them in one place.

Calculate ROMI based on comprehensive data.

Thanks to associated information about online conversions and calls, you can determine the profitability of different advertising channels. Visualize results in the form of reports. Use visualizations to process large amounts of information and compare different metrics.

Analyze the behaviour of your website visitors.

Segment your callers and compare their behavior with other users. Create efficient advertising campaigns to convert website visitors into clients.

How Kissmetrics and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically push your call data to Kissmetrics

Your reports become more insightful

How to set up integration

  • Enable integration in your Ringostat account.
  • Push the "Save" button.

Any questions?

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