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Easier than ever

Navigate calls and deals in one click.

Improve productivity

Integrations with the most popular CRMs and apps.

All in one app

Calls, messages, and caller details in one app.

Sell more

Useful insights for cross-selling and upselling.


Communicate with customers from anywhere with a mobile app.

Ringostat Smart Phone

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All in one click

Make and receive calls from any webpage. Go to the relevant deal in CRM from the app. View clients' details during the call. All these actions you can do with just a single click.

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Truly unified communications

Calls, messages, and useful insights in one app. Combine crystal-clear voice and text communication with your clients. No need to toggle between windows or tabs, no need to pay for multiple tools.

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Focus on what matters most – closing deals

Ringostat Smart Phone can be easily integrated into your current CRM. Don't waste employees’ time copying numbers and data to the CRM — everything will be done automatically.


Useful Insights for better performance

Tailor your communication with clients from the very beginning. With Insights you can see clients' details up to the ad and keyword that brought them before the call connects.

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Keep track of important details

Use a handy call log that is customized as you need it. Get detailed information on calls: duration, waiting time, missed calls, call records, etc.

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call status
call duration
missed calls
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Spend less time on routine

Get Ringostat Power Dialer. This is a powerful tool for outbound call centers that allows you to automatically dial numbers one by one, eliminating the need for a manager to search for the next contact in the database and manually dial the number.

power dilaer
outbound call
call centers
automated call dialing

Connect any integration you want

Ringostat integrates with CRM, messengers, analytics systems etc.
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Download Ringostat Smart Phone

Make, receive, and manage calls directly from your Mac or PC.

+1000 customers

Get a huge advantage over competitors with advanced features

Make and receive calls

Get absolutely new customer experience working on calls with a very comfy application.

Call transferring

Just transfer the call directly to another employee. Or contact the employee first and then transfer the call.


Dial any phone number on the web with a single click. Make calls instantly to boost your team's productivity.


When an incoming call comes in, we will automatically alert you with a notification to instantly know who is calling.

SMS/Text messages

Send your customers messages about the final order sum, delivery date, etc.

Messengers integration

Receive and operate incoming requests from customers via messengers. Communicate with customers in channels they prefer.

Active customers on a website

See users who are currently on your site and have previously called you. Call them right now. It will cause a wow effect and increase the possibility of a purchase.


See more context behind every inbound call via data about customers’ behavior. It will let you sell more.

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What is Ringostat Smart Phone?


Ringostat Smart Phone is a call application that allows you to communicate with customers as comfortably as possible and create a single entry point for all incoming leads. In fact, it is a "smart" virtual assistant for a sales manager, which allows you to:

1. Accept and make calls directly in the browser.
2. Make calls from any browser page or deal card in the CRM.
3. Comfy calls processing: put on hold, turn off the microphone, and make attended and blind call transfer.
4. In one click, go to contact or deal card in the CRM.
5. Send SMS right from the browser — during the conversation or just after it.
6. Valuable insights on a calling customer: what is the key request that brought him, how often he visits your site, which pages he has viewed, etc.

While marketers and business owners are racking their brains about their potential buyers, Ringostat Smart Phone shows it in real-time. Knowing what kind of customer is calling and what he wants - you are more likely to be able to close the deal.

Who needs Ringostat Smart Phone and what tasks does it solve?


Ringostat Smart Phone is needed for all companies whose clients call or write in messengers. The application allows you to significantly simplify such communication and make it more comfortable. It is much more convenient and faster to process all incoming calls in a single window, without switching between the program for calls and all corporate messengers. Besides, Ringostat Smart Phone allows you to solve many other tasks to improve the efficiency of the sales department:

1. Save time and optimize processes;
2. Increase the likelihood of a sale and the average check;
3. Increase and maintain a high level of customer loyalty;
4. Significantly reduce the number of missed calls and response time.

Read more about what tasks and how exactly Ringostat Smart Phone solves in an article on our blog.

Why do you need to integrate Ringostat Smart Phone and CRM system?


Integration with a CRM system opens up many additional opportunities for comfortable work and saving time. Even before answering the call, you will see who is calling you and will be able to call the client immediately by name. You can also go to a contact or deal in CRM with one click, right during the call. You don't need to open CRM and waste time looking for the right deal to refresh your memory or add new information.

How to process messages?


Ringostat Smart Phone has a multi widget for a website that allows customers to write to you in a messenger that is convenient for them, and you can see it all in a single window. Everything works very simply:

1. You connect the messengers you need to Ringostat Smart Phone (now Viber, Telegram and Facebook Messenger are available for connection)
2. They will be displayed on your website in the messenger selection widget. Everything connects very easily in a few minutes;
3. The client sees a multi widget on your website, chooses a convenient messenger for himself, and writes to you through it;
4. You can see all such messages in a single window of Ringostat Smart Phone.

Will the manager receive a message if the client writes directly through the messenger or the company's page on the social network?


Of course. The client does not have to go to your site to write you a message - he can do it directly through the messenger or a page on the social network. The manager will see all messages in the Ringostat Smart Phone interface.

How are incoming messages distributed between different managers?


All messages are displayed in the extension in the order they are received. At the same time, the manager does not see the message itself until he takes it to work. Thus, managers will process messages in the order of the queue, without choosing more "convenient" or beneficial for themselves.

How can I use Ringostat Insights?


Ringostat Insights will help the manager to understand who is calling and why even before answering the call. The manager will see which ad the client came from and for which keyword, how often he visiting the website, and which pages he viewed. This will allow you to better understand the client's need to satisfy it and make a sale, as well as make a competent upsell.

For example, a customer turns to an electronics store for advice on choosing a mobile phone. The manager sees which models the client has already looked at on the website and notices that he also viewed pages with headphones. Thus, the manager already knows which models and in which price segment the user is interested. And he can also mention in a conversation about the headphones that the client was looking at and offer favorable conditions for their purchase.

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