Brainify and Ringostat integration

Sales department automation for developers.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Transfer call data to CRM. After receiving a phone call from the customer, call data such as call length, waiting time on line, phone number of the caller are transferred to CRM system.
  • 2
    Track sales department and improve the level of service. Listen to call recording in the CRM interface and increase managers’ performance.
  • 3
    Track the advertising source of each phone call.

Brainify and Ringostat integration allows to:

Automate sales department.

Brainify is the solution for automation of developers’ sales departments. Data on call status (answered/missed/targeted), call length, time of waiting on line, phone number of caller etc. Thus, integration saves managers’ time and lets them focus on sales.

Track sales department.

Call recordings are transferred to CRM system. You can listen to them in Brainify account. That allows to evaluate the work of managers and improve customer service.

Analyze advertising sources of calls in CRM.

The information on advertising source which brought client is transferred to Brainify. That allows to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and understand which ones waste budget.

How Brainify and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Analyze calls in Brainify

How to set up integration

  • Go to Settings — IP phone system in Brainify account and choose Ringostat in the list of providers.
  • Copy unique URL of your project and press the button Save and move to the next stage.
  • Go to your project settings in Ringostat account: Integration — Brainify.
  • Insert the URL into the appropriate field, activate integration and press the button Save.
  • Сopy the value of the fields Project ID and Token.
  • Insert copied data into the fields Login and key and press the button Save.

Any questions?

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