Creatio and Ringostat integration

Take the manual work out of your sales department and free up more time for closing deals.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Automate workflows and negate the human factor. After the call the information about the call and the leaver is automatically fixed in Creatio — to avoid mistakes.
  • 2
    Increase of the service quality due to the sales department control. Audio record of the call is automatically sent to the CRM and can be listened to.
  • 3
    Display the history of all calls and their advertising sources. You can see how many calls there were on a deal and which ads brought in a lead.

Creatio and Ringostat integration allows to:

Optimize and simplify deal handling

Creatio is a complex SaaS platform, which integrates business process management and customer relationship management systems. It allows you to speed up deal closing, optimize marketing and service. By linking with Ringostat, Creatio creates a deal, lead, contact, company, etc. after a call. This way, employees will have less manual chores and more time directly spent on sales.

Get the perfect lead handling system

With integration, your sales department will have no room for chaos and customers lost due to employee forgetfulness. If a call is missed, a "Call Back" task with a deadline will be created on the employee in charge of the transaction. If the call is accepted, a contact will be created just for the responsible manager, etc. You can also choose at what status or stage of the funnel a deal or lead will be created after the call.

Analyze if there are sales from launched ads

In Creatio, you can transmit the advertising source, channel, campaign and keyword for each call. If you wish, you may not use this option. In the first case, utm tags are automatically transmitted in a note to the contact. This allows the marketer or manager to assess which ads are more likely to generate a profit, and which only waste the promotion budget.

How Creatio and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Your call analytics is displayed in Creatio

How to set up integration

  • To set up the integration, you need "Administrator" level accesses in Creatio.
  • Ringostat tech support will set up Ringostat and Creatio for you. To do this, tell us what is listed below.
  • The name of the employee in Creatio, who will be the "Senior Manager", i.e. he will be assigned entities for missed calls from new customers.
  • What to create after the call: deal, call, task, etc.
  • If a deal or lead, at what stage or status.
  • If you are planning to pass utm tags, in which fields of the CRM.

  • Any questions?

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