HubSpot and Ringostat integration

Automate the sales department due to CRM and call tracking connection.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Work with requests and deals automation. Employees are going to have more time to close deals.
  • 2
    Service quality improvement. The call is directly transferred to the responsible for the deal or contact sales rep.
  • 3
    Requests processing control. The sales rep’s conversation recording is automatically attached to the deal.

HubSpot and Ringostat integration allows to:

Automate the sales department work

HubSpot is the sales and marketing automation system. Ringostat transfers the client’s calls data to HubSpot, so the sales rep doesn’t have to enter it on his own. Deals, contacts, and tasks are automatically created for responsible sales reps based on this data. Information about the client: phone number, advertising source, etc. is also attached to the contact.

Improve service quality

Integration “smart” logic ensures that sales reps processed requests in time and don’t lose leads. In the case of the missed call, the system automatically creates the task “Call the client back” with a deadline. The system connects clients that already have an opened deal with the responsible sales rep. It’s not a secret that clients are usually wowed by this feature. A sales manager can always listen to calls recordings attached to each deal.

Understand the advertising budget allocation

Marketers can see the sources, ad campaigns, and keywords that are converted to calls and sales. This data is attached to each deal. Having this information, you can optimize advertising costs, reallocate the budget, and increase the efficacy.

How HubsSpot and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Automatically send calls data from Ringostat

Your calls analytics is shown in HubSpot

How to set up integration

  • Integration is in Open Beta Testing. Appeal to tech support, and we will help you to customize Ringostat and HubSpot integration.

Any questions?

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