Infobip and Ringostat integration

Send messages directly from your browser.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Ringostat Smart Phone extension for Google Chrome allows sending messages right from the browser.
  • 2
    Opportunity to send messages during the conversation or after it.

Infobip and Ringostat integration allows to:

Send messages to customers from the browser

Infobip is an international platform for sending messages. Its services are available in 50 countries and spread out in 6 data centers. Now, due to the integration, users can send messages to customers from Ringostat Smart Phone extension for Google Chrome.

Send messages in two clicks during the conversation or after it

Choose the time for sending a message to a customer. Now you don’t have to wait till the end of the conversation. Open the widget tab during the call then enter the text and send it. The message will be sent to the person you are talking to. Messages can be also sent after the call. You only need to enter the phone number and the message itself.

How Infobip and Ringostat integration works

Turn on the integration

Setup the access

Send messages from Ringostat SmartPhone extension

How to set up integration

  • Create an Infobip account and follow this link. Find the personal URL on the page and copy it.
  • Open the Integration section in Ringostat account and choose Infobip.
  • Paste the personal link to the Base URL box and click to “Generate API key”.
  • Put your username and password from Infobip to the key generation window.
  • Click on “Create the key”. The Public API box will be automatically filled with the generated key.
  • Check the “Enable Integration” checkbox and click “Save”.

Any questions?

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