KeyCRM and Ringostat integration

Automate the work with calls and deals of your business

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Automatic transfer of call data to KeyCRM. For each new request in the system, you can immediately create a profile and order.
  • 2
    The convenience of communication with customers. An incoming call from a regular customer at once goes to the sales rep who already works with this deal.
  • 3
    Analysis of the sales department work. All call history and call records for each order are stored in the system indefinitely.

KeyCRM and Ringostat integration allows to:

Increase the productivity of the sales department.

KeyCRM automatically transfers data about each call: phone number, time, status, etc. Based on a new call, you can immediately create a "Customer" and "Order". This frees sales reps from manual work, avoids mistakes, and saves 2-3 hours daily.

Optimize communication with customers.

The built-in module for communication via Ringostat allows you to work with phone calls inside KeyCRM. You can make outgoing calls directly from CRM. Employees do not miss incoming calls. A noticeable call window is deployed on top of the working interface.

Monitor the progress of transactions and quality of service.

The manager can listen to calls directly in CRM to assess the professional level of the sales rep or analyze the movement of deals in the funnel. The sales rep can also use audio recordings to recall the details of agreements with the client.

How KeyCRM and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Analyze calls in KeyCRM

How to set up integration

  • Log in to your Ringostat personal account. In the Integration — Ringostat API section, copy the API key (Ringostat API Key) and project ID (Ringostat Project id).
  • Select Settings — Communications in your KeyCRM personal account. Select the “Telephony” tab and click “Add new service”.
  • Specify the integration name, for example, "Ringostat", and select Ringostat telephony from the drop-down list. Enter the API key and project ID data that you previously copied into your Ringostat personal account.
  • Decide whether to enable or disable the deep link. It depends on whether the outgoing call will go first to the SIP manager, and then to the client's number, or the client will be called immediately.
  • Create profiles of employees who have an account in KeyCRM. You can do it in your Ringostat personal account in the General settings — Employees section.
  • Choose the Integration — Webhooks section, and click the "+Add new integration" button. Then fill in all the fields and parameters of the webhook. For the correct configuration of webhooks, we recommend contacting Ringostat technical support for help.

  • Any questions?

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