Messenger and Ringostat integration

Communicate with customers from the social network in a single interface.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Work with requests in a single interface and time-saving. A sales rep answers customers in one window and doesn't switch between different communication channels.
  • 2
    Increase of the website conversion. A sales rep receives detailed information on the customer as the last one sends the request. It increased the probability to close the deal.
  • 3
    Understanding of ads that are converted to requests. Ringostat Messenger shows the information on the source that brought a lead, as well as the channel, campaign, and a keyword.

Messenger and Ringostat integration allows to:

Simplify the processing of inbound requests from customers.

Messenger is an app for instant messaging and video calls. Due to the integration with Ringostat, a widget for communication that includes Messenger appears on the website. Now, this integration is in beta. When a customer writes a message on Facebook, the sales rep sees a notification. An employee continues to communicate with the customer at Ringostat Messenger.

Stand out from your competitors with the service quality.

You shorten the customer's journey that he has while contacting the company's Facebook. Usually, this happens the following way: the SMM specialist sees the message, sends it to the sales rep who responds, etc. The integration allows you not to waste customer's time and immediately answer his questions. If several users wrote at the same time, the employee will see the number of dialogs in the queue. Thus, he will be able to process them one by one.

Have quick access to the information on customers.

Due to the integration, a sales rep can instantly go to the data on the customer with whom he is talking. For example, the request that brought him to the website, five pages that he looked most often, as well as when was his first visit, etc. There is access to information on all user sessions. The sales rep can also discover the communication history of open active dialogs that he is processing. Ringostat Messenger displays the name of the customer from the social network, and an employee can immediately call him by name.

How Messenger and Ringostat integration works

Create a Facebook page

Turn on the integration

Communicate with customers in Ringostat Messenger

How to set up integration

  • You must have a Facebook page, you have to create a Facebook for Developers application and connect it with the page.
  • Ask the tech support to set up the integration with Ringostat Messenger.

Any questions?

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