Odoo and Ringostat integration

Simplify the work of your sales department and customize the flow of processing customer requests.

Benefits of integration:

  • 1
    Transfer of call data to the CRM system. Integration takes over routine actions so that managers can focus on sales.
  • 2
    Tracking the quality of the sales department. The entire history of communication with customers by phone is transferred to CRM — including audio recordings of calls and missed calls.
  • 3
    Information about which advertisement the buyer came from. From Ringostat, the source, channel, campaign and keyword are pulled into the CRM deal card.

Odoo and Ringostat integration allows to:

Automate sales department and work with deals

Odoo is a set of software tools for business management. It includes, for example, ERP, CRM, modules for e-commerce, invoicing, accounting, warehouse, etc. Integration will save managers from manual work — because in CRM Odoo leads and/or deals (opportunities) will be created without their intervention.

Improve the quality of service and productivity of the sales department

Integration allows you to understand how sales managers work and communicate with customers. The head of the department can listen to the audio recording of the deal call to track how the lead moves through the sales funnel. It will also help to understand the reasons for lost deals and whether the manager is to blame. Based on audio recordings of calls, you can find mistakes in the work of employees, improve their professionalism and train new employees.

Analyze whether advertising brings sales

On request, Ringostat technical support can set up the transfer of utm tags to CRM Odoo. So you will understand whether the effect of investing in a particular advertisement — up to the keyword in contextual advertising. With this information, you can assess how investments in each promotion channel pay off and make an informed choice — what is worth allocating a budget for. Also, the marketer will be able to track how the sales department processes applications received from a specific advertisement.

How Odoo and Ringostat integration works

Enable integration

Automatically send call data from Ringostat

Analytics of your calls are displayed in Odoo

How to set up integration

  • To enable the integration, you need "Administrator" access in Odoo.
  • The integration is set up by Ringostat technical support at your request. To do this, please provide our support with the data below.
  • Which employees are involved in the integration?
  • What should be created after a call by default: deals (opportunities) and/or leads.
  • Do I need to create entities only for incoming calls or for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Whether it is necessary to transfer utm-tags.

  • Any questions?

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